Teitsch Deitsch


The time has come, the ziegler said, to speak of many things, or perhaps just about Teitsch and Deitsch.

yiddish Yiddish borrowings — from Teitsch

Yiddish is a rendering of the German word Jewish — ‘Jüdisch‘.  This evening I took another look at it. A German might say ‘Such’ (but pronounce it ‘zook’) – ich suche einen neuen Look (I’m looking for a new look).

Where did you look, Bill? And, by the bye, we despise digression. And we’re easily unamused.

Among the less traveled crannies and nooks, under rocks or falling from trees. The usual haunts.

I’m the kind of person that spends moments thinking about the structure of German language — the gleanings of such squandered moments might help explain the resilience of languages based on German — things that Tiggers do best.


Here’s my tentative thesis: German is so god-awful complicated and rigid that it remains…

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2 thoughts on “Teitsch Deitsch

  1. It is genuine joy to join with this diverse blog. As the author of “Teitsch Deitsch” I am quite honored that many fellow travelers have liked it. Your response encourages me to write more. So glad to have struck a responsive chord. My gentle thanks to each 🙂


    1. You are welcome, I try to be a bit diverse in the articles that I reblog for folks as well as in articles that I write. I do this in the attempt to show diverse angles on different subject matter and not to just be ‘one sided’, my attempt is to get people to think outside their own box about different issues.

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