Feeling of Being Alone…


Are you familiar with that ringing

sound in your ears? When everything

is too quiet, and there’s nobody

around, and you’re so lonely that you

get this high little buzz in your ear,

reminding you that there aren’t any

voices around for you to hear?

Have you ever been completely

surrounded by people, people who

are talking, and laughing, but

nobody even notices that you’re

there, and nobody talks with you or

laughs with you? And you know that

they won’t notice if you leave?

Have you ever watched people

walking around with their friends,

while you sit alone on a bench,

longing for someone, anyone, to be

sitting there beside you?

Have you ever been talking to

someone, when you see that they

aren’t really listening, that they don’t

really care what you’re saying, and

then you don’t think anyone does,

and so you slip back into silence

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