Lessons I Learned From My Depression….


Being vulnerable is the hardest choice one could make. Then again, it’s never a choice. You just happen to be vulnerable.

‘Anxiophobia’ – the fear and extreme condemnation of anxiety, hopelessness and fear – is not just in the people who suffer from it, but also in normal, healthy people who dread that somehow, the ‘depressive vibes’ of the sufferer would contaminate them too, if they go anywhere near them. As such there are specialised people with their fancy degrees, specifically trained for the purpose of handling ‘it’ – the so-called ‘madness of the depressed’. No healthy person ever approaches the ‘infected’ persons, out of fear that they too may get ‘infected’. It’s a slow, painful and lonely death.

It’s a disease you do not even want to disclose, because disclosing it often accentuates it. In place of sympathy and hope, all you get is the judgements and the accusing…

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