Does Biblical Inerrancy Matter?

Lines of Lazarus


There is something undeniably different about the Bible compared to other books. It is both influential to people as well as controversial. Somehow it just seems vastly and deeply alive. Perhaps this is because it remains perpetually relevant to the human experience no matter how much time has passed.

It is simple enough that children can read it and understand, yet it is so hugely profound that scholars and critics can study it for centuries and still not grasp everything about it.

It is an incredible masterpiece, yet there are so many who try to look over the masterpiece with a microscope, investigating and searching for any tiny crack, error, or fly that may have gotten stuck in it.

With so many people studying it, analyzing it, scrutinizing it, and interpreting it over the course of human history, it is of some benefit to map out and consider one’s stance…

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