Shall I Resist


Man showing stop gestureShall I resist to read the news

Of troubled people throughout this worldappreciate-happiness

Is there just no good out there today

Has happiness left, only sadness unfurled

So many in power predicting such doom

Can they not see a way to end all the strife

So many depend on their knowledge and power

Can they honestly bring us a safe happy life

Yes it’s time to resist sadness, to start anew

Please do tell all those who see no end

We have so much to be thankful for

Keep the light in your eyes and have love for a friend61010-excellentquotations-com-author-unknown

For if we lose faith, only see gloom and doom

Tomorrow will be lost, so please do fight

Look up, see the sky and the beautiful sun

Don’t listen to those who shadow your light

Now is the time  to say I have won

You have life, you have strength…

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