Misusing the Name of God!



Have you ever thought what it means to misuse the Name of God? I want to discuss what it really means to misuse God’s name and this may come as a big surprise to you.  I am almost positive the reader has already preempted what I want to say, however, my hope is that it will not only surprise you but deeply convict you as well, that is; “…If the shoe fits…” Obviously, the text I will be referring to comes out of Exodus 20:7.

But, before I get into that, let me just point out a few simple things: Now, immediately most people will think of blasphemy whereby people should not use God’s name in a conversation that ridicules or disdains God’s name. For example, a person may bump their toe, or even just simply have had a bad day at work and the next thing you know; out…

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