Saudi Arabia beheads abused and mentally ill migrant domestic worker

The Muslim Issue

Saudi Arabia condemned for beheading ‘mentally ill’ migrant worker who killed her employer… which campaigners say was an act of self defence

  • Siti Zainab was executed in holy city of Medina after 15 years on death row
  • Sentenced to death for stabbing to death an employer who ‘mistreated her’ 
  • Indonesia is furious its officials and her family weren’t notified beforehand  
  • Amnesty International says the beheading shows a ‘basic lack of humanity’

Saudi Arabia has been condemned for beheading an Indonesian domestic worker who was ‘suffering from mental illness’.

Her home country’s leadership is furious that Siti Zainab’s family was not notified before her execution this morning – and summoned Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to complain about her death.

While Amnesty International says her killing in the holy Islamic city of Media this morning ‘smacks of a basic lack of humanity’.

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