Nepal – Kathmandu, The Prithivi Highway to Pokhara

Random Jottings Asia 2018

Kathmandu, Nepal, June 2016.  An early morning stomp to the Kantipath road for a 7 Am bus to Pokhara. Its a 6 hours bane shaking, white knuckle ride to the tourist hot spot – famous for having a scenic view of the western Himalayas, famous for having the counties prettiest lake and famed for having escaped the April 25th 2015 earthquake, unscathed! Given the places proximity to the quakes epicentre at Gorkha, Pokhara was very lucky to have  survived, Largely due to development being relatively new with construction standards significantly better than elsewhere in Nepal. Saturday April 25th 2015 was a day that changed a nation forever and a day that will stick in my mind as I was on my way to Pokhara, and just near the Gorkha area when the quake struck – a date that will live in infamy. There actually wasn’t much to effect us on the bus. traffic…

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