China’s President Xi Jinping Tells Government Leaders They Must End Their ‘Special Privileges’



Privileges must end, Xi urges leading officials

PRESIDENT Xi Jinping told leading officials yesterday that they should practice strict self-discipline and eliminate special privileges.

Xi made the remarks at the opening session of a workshop on the Sixth Plenary Session of the 18th Communist Party of China Central Committee. The workshop was attended by senior provincial and ministerial officials.

Xi, who is also general secretary of the Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, said implementing the decisions of the plenum would have far-reaching and profound significance for both the Party and socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Xi urged leading cadres to “build a fence” against special privileges to prevent themselves and those around them from abusing power.

Leading officials should use their power “impartially, cautiously and legally,” Xi said.

The workshop was being held to help senior provincial and ministerial officials understand two documents — one on the norms of political life within the Party in the new era, and a regulation on intra-Party supervision — which were approved by last year’s plenum.

“Leading officials should strengthen their political capability, firm their political ideals, uphold political direction, be steadfast in their stance and strictly observe political rules,” Xi said, stressing that they should enrich their political experience and match their political capability with the positions they were holding.

Xi said upholding the authority of the Central Committee with strict observance of orders and rules was related to the future and fate of the Party and the nation as well as the fundamental interests of all people across the nation.

Xi called on all Party members to become more aware of the need to uphold political integrity, keep in mind the bigger picture, follow the Party as the core of the Chinese leadership, and act consistently with Central Committee policy.

Safeguarding the authority of the Central Committee and the centralized and unified leadership chimed with democratic centralism, Xi said.

The Party sets great store by intra-Party democracy, as all major decisions follow strict processes, and are informed by wide opinions and suggestions, Xi said.

Strengthening and regulating political life within the Party requires the correct political direction, and advancing with the times, said Xi, who also stressed principles of political life and its spirit of holding firmly to the truth and rectifying errors.

Self-development is the most distinctive characteristic of the Party, and its biggest advantage, because the Party has no interests except for those of the country, the nation and the people, Xi said.

Leading officials, especially those in senior roles, must strengthen their self-discipline, he said.

They should ensure their words and deeds are in line with the Party constitution, and embody the Party spirit in all they do.

Xi called for thorough study of the two documents, which were designed to address contradictions and problems within the Party.

Xi also said Party organizations must improve inspections and ensure accountability. He also stressed that high-raking cadres should take the lead in complying with the Party’s code of conduct.

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