In the Philippines, August Is a Celebration of Buwan Ng Wika

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In the Philippines, August Is a Celebration of Buwan Ng Wika
By Kym Gordon Moore

Linguistics or the scientific study of language is greatly influenced by history, culture, social and political factors around the world. In the Philippines, the month of August is designated as Buwan ng Wika, which is celebrated to promote the national language. Buwan ng Wika was previously called Linggo ng Wika (the week of the Philippine language). It is a month-long celebration that was extended from the week’s observance of Linggo ng Wika.

According to historical accounts, Manuel L. Quezon, President of the Philippine Commonwealth Republic, pushed for establishing Tagalog as the Philippine’s national language. This occurred during a time when most educated individuals regarded the influence of the English language as the mark of sophistication and intelligence. If natives only spoke the languages of the Philippines, they were not regarded in such high standing.


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