In the Natchez Cemetery

Tropical Affair


I thought I would share my adventures in cemetery wandering with you today. My husband could tell you that I would rather go roam through a cemetery than visit a park on some days, which is quite contradictory to how I feel about the entire ritual of funerals, etc. In no way do I desire to be “laid to rest” beneath the stone, preferring to be cremated and my remains returned to the earth. However, the mystery and intense history that lies within the solemn confines of a cemetery intrigue me, not for what state its residents may currently be in, but rather what their lives meant to those they loved and who loved them while they walked in the world.

I have visited many cemeteries, from small, nearly hidden nooks in unheard of towns to large famous and semi-famous grounds.  At any moment I might be awed, amused or…

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