G20, with a bullet

Last Sunday in Toronto, my friend Cinders McLeod, a mother of two teenage children joined a few thousand others in a peaceful protest outside the G20 summit meeting.  Inexplicably the State Police turned on the crowd who were doing little more than standing around talking and chanting.  In the face of Police aggression, like many others, she understandably decided to go home.  As she and her children were making their way along a side street away from the violence, she was shot in the back with a rubber bullet.

You can read her full account here

Toronto is not alone.  The official media tells us that most of the violence was propagated by Anarchists (the “Black Bloc”), not only this year in Toronto, but also last year at the G20 in London, 2006 in Melbourne as well as in other host cities in other years.  Whilst it may be true that Anarchism is…

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