My (Pillars) Of My Life: I Also Ask You, What Is Yours?


Earlier today I was reading some material from one of the folks I follow, I would tell you which blog it was but I honestly don’t remember as I read a lot of blogs and blog posts everyday. I do remember that this Author was from India and I read several of his posts, at least I think the person was a ‘He’, I could be wrong on that. One of the smaller pieces in their blog was a peace about their 4 pillars of life. From the articles I was reading, if my memory serves me correctly, this writer was a Hindu by faith. I am hoping that if this person reads this article that they will drop me a line with their website address and I will then make sure that they get credit for giving me the ideas about what I would call my ‘Pillars of life’. People get ideas from the strangest of things sometimes as an example, you see a pretty woman in a bright blue dress at a store downtown and you come home and write a story about ugly men who wear $5,000.00 three piece suits trying to hide the fact that they are ugly. Inspiration, you never know where it might come from during your day.


I believe the 4 Pillars spoken of above were Hindu Philosophy, and I have to admit that I agree with them as far as them being Pillars upon which are important for a person to build their life upon. The 4 Pillars were 1) Family 2) Kindness 3) Honesty 4) Humility, also was added the phrase “But the foundation is always: Love.” If this is the true order in which this Philosophy is meant to be, what do you think of them? Do you agree with them? Do you agree with the order they are written in? A person could write an article on each one if they were inclined to do so, even commenting on what each one means to you personally. Or, to play the Devil’s advocate, write an article on why each one does not mean anything to you and why so, I’m just saying…


For this article I am taking my own advice and have decided to add to the aforementioned ‘Pillars.’ When you have finished reading what I have posted please gather your thoughts on this ‘Pillars of Life’ and decide what you think of what I have written. Please feel free to comment if you wish. Comment on if you agree or disagree with what I have written, also, if you wish, write an article on what you believe your own personal ‘Pillars, foundations, of your life are.’


I have decided to put down a couple more ‘Rocks’ on which I have been trying daily to build my life upon, so here goes. 1) God 2) Country  3) Family 4) Honesty 5) Humility 6) Kindness. Well folks, what do you think? What are your foundations, your ‘Rocks, Pillars’ upon which you are trying to have as your own personal foundation to your ‘Being?’ Like a lot of articles that I write this article is simply designed to try to get each of you to think inside your own ‘Box, Self, Soul’, to examine your heart from the inside. I hope that it has helped to do exactly that for at least some of you. For now, good night, and I pray for God’s blessings to each one of you.

5 thoughts on “My (Pillars) Of My Life: I Also Ask You, What Is Yours?

  1. It says in The Ethics of Our Fathers that the world stands on three things: Torah (Faith), Avodah (service to G-d and to the community), and Derech Eretz (the kind, caring, and respectful way of going through life). Then it adds that Charity surpasses them all.
    I think that covers it, don’t you?


    1. Yes I do, beautiful input my friend, thank you. Nothing can be said better than what Yahweh says. Dolly, I have a question for you please, I know that in the original Hebrew that they did not use vowels, that it was hundreds of years later that they started using them (I have been told) that it was done to make the language easier for non scholars to be able to read G-d’s word. Is this the reason you choose to spell G-d the way you chose to do? In no way do I mean any offence to anyone on this subject matter, I am just trying to learn.—ted

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      1. This is not the reason. The reason is the commandment not to use His name in vain. Therefore, we prefer to use pronouns, whenever possible, abbreviate, or skip a letter when mentioning the A-mighty. No offense, of course! On the contrary, I truly appreciate your questions,


        1. Thank you for the information Dolly, I appreciate you very much. I agree with the ‘in vain’ issue totally. For me, the way I was brought up I was taught it is a sin if we use G-d’s name in vain but what that equated to was more about using His name when swearing like saying G– d– IT, OR Je–s Ch—t and to the best of my knowledge, I have never ever done that, it offends me greatly when I hear people use the L–ds name in ‘vain’. Actually it ‘ticks me off’ quite a bit when I hear it. I was brought up that doing this was ‘cursing’ using the L–ds in ‘vain’. I guess what you are using as ‘in vain’ is a good habit so that you don’t do it by mistake. Sort of like always using your signal light even when there is no Cop around, good habits. Thank you very much for your input, if you aren’t careful you just might make me into a wise person.—ted

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          1. I am quoting from “The Ethics of Our Fathers” again: “Who is wise? One who never stops learning.” Therefore, in my book, you are plenty wise, my friend! Are familiar with the concept of the Ineffable Name? Hebrew is a holy language; it does not have curses. The worst curse I heard a cab driver use when someone cut him off was “stubborn bull the son of a donkey.” In modern Hebrew, curse words are “borrowed” from other languages, mainly Russian and Arabic. The commandment not to use the Name in vain has to do with the power of the Ineffable Name, rather than cursing.


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