Do All 3 Abrahamic Religions Pray To The Same God? That Answer Is Simple: No!


Here in the U.S. I have heard people make the statement that all ‘these religions’ pray to the same God, they just call Him/Her by a different name, so why can’t they all just get along? This statement would be nice, if it were true, but it isn’t at all correct. Mostly the people I have heard say this nonsense have been the Hollywood types or talking heads from the NYC area. People who make this assumption tend to be people who have no knowledge of what the different religions teach and usually have no knowledge of even the teachings of one religion. I know that here in the U.S. that the majority of the population tend to say that they are Christians simply because they were brought up with their families who were or said they were. Here in the States there are a lot of different Christian religions. Religions where they say that Jesus Christ is whom they believe in, even if they have not stepped foot in any Church since they were children, or maybe even never. You hear the divisions of ‘Christ’s’ Church a lot here in the form of the questions like, are you a Christian or a Catholic? Or, Catholic or Protestant. As almost all of you know there are many divisions of Christian Churches like Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, Pentecostal and so on and on and on. Then there are the ‘Born Again’ Christians and groups like the Church of Christ, the Church of God and the Jehovah’s Witnesses, O, and let us not forget the Mormon Church. It is easy to see why people who have no religious upbringing or very little of it could think that all ‘Religions’ serve the same God. Even though the Catholic Church doesn’t teach exactly what I believe I honestly haven’t found a ‘Church group’ that does. Yet I am not going to stone any believers in Jesus Christ whether they are Protestant or Catholic. One of the many things I have never understood in life is how groups that believe that Jesus Christ is our Saviour and King can raise their weapons against another person who believes the same thing, in the name of Religion, in the name of Christ! This confusion isn’t just among Christian Churches, let God be the Judge, we are not qualified.


Now, let us go onto non-Christian Faiths for a moment. This article is about confusion and understanding, and hopefully, clarity. I know that this article is really going to upset some folks, that is not my intention. My intention is simply to speak the “Honestly Of God’s Truth” as I see it, understand it, and believe it, too you. The only real Truth is God’s Truth and His Truth is 100% pure Truth. Humans tend to dilute God’s Truth in an effort to make it fit what they want the Truth to be, that is why only God’s Truth is pure Truth, He doesn’t need to dilute anything.


I don’t know how much knowledge each person who is reading this has concerning Old Testament Scriptures so I will be as direct and short as I can in an effort to help people understand the connections. In the Old Testament (which was written as ‘The Law’ to the Hebrew/Jewish people) the first of the 3 ‘Founding Fathers’ of Israel was Abraham, then there was his son Isaac, and Isaac’s son Jacob. God would later change the name of Jacob to Israel. The 12 Tribes of Israel are named after Jacob’s/Israel’s 12 sons. Since the Book of Genesis but especially in the Books of Isaiah and Daniel the people of Israel are told of a Messiah/Christ/Redeemer/Saviour/Promised One, that will come and elevate Israel to the premier Nation on Earth and this Messiah/Christ will rule the Earth from a new Jerusalem that will come down from Heaven. It is believed that ‘The Christ’ will rule from His Throne upon The Temple Mount. I as a devout Christian believe this exact same thing. The big difference is that as a Christian I believe that the Hebrew/Jewish Messiah has already come in the form of Jesus (Yeshua) but the Jewish folks do not believe that Jesus was ‘The Christ’. You see, when Jesus came to the Earth in 4 B.C. to fulfill Scripture the Jewish people were looking for the ‘Messiah’ to come and remove the Roman Rulers from Israel and to set up His Kingdom then. When the people realised that Jesus was not here to do that many of the people turned on him. Jesus was simply here to fulfill what the Scriptures had to say about Him. Christians should not be at all mad at our Jewish brothers, sisters and friends for their ancestors killing Jesus as they did. First, God hardened their hearts so that they would do so and there is the reality that if Jesus had not done what He did and the people had not done what they did, none of us ‘Gentiles’ (anyone whom is not 100% of Hebrew blood) would have no chance of salvation at all. We would be no better than the dogs or pigs as far as salvation is concerned. (This is exactly what Islam does think of us Christians and Jews by the way.)


The Jewish faith and their beliefs are correct in that the Messiah will come from the skies and put an end to this corrupt and violent world that we all live in. Christians call this the ‘Second Advent of Christ’, in the Jewish faith they are looking for the Messiah to come for the first time. When Jesus comes for the Second time He will put an end to this sinful world and the ‘New Jerusalem’ will come down from Heaven and The Messiah will rule the whole World from the Temple Mount just as the Jewish people believe. The Jewish faith believes that all of us Christians are ‘lost’ and that we nor anyone else have any chance of salvation, only the Jewish people do. The Jewish faith does not believe that the ‘New Testament’ is the word of God. They believe in the Torah which are the first 5 books of the Old Testament that Moses authored and the rest of the Old Testament which is called the Books of the Prophets, some major Prophets, some minor.  The New Testament and the teachings of Jesus make it very plain that the ‘only way to the Father is through Him’ also that those who deny Him, deny the Father. As Christians we pray to The Father through Jesus and believe that this is the only way that our prayers have any chance of getting to the ears of The Father. Jewish folks do not believe in Jesus as the Messiah/Christ so they do not pray to Jesus and by New Testament teachings the Jewish people’s prayers have no chance of reaching The Father’s Ears. This would make the prayers of the non-believers of Christ worthless, just the same as someone who prays to Allah, Buddha or the Dali Lama, a dollar bill or as if a total atheist  prayed because they would have no faith in Jesus, nor do they believe in Him. Those statements are hard I know, but they are not meant to be hateful at all, they are just pointing out the honest differences. God has made it very plain that He will never ever abandon Israel nor His people. God is always looking out for the Nation of Israel and He always will. Salvation is to the Jew first, then to the Gentile. We as Christians as well as all other people of the Earth if they have any sense at all should always make sure to stand by Israel and Her people for they are sacred to God Himself.


The third of the Abrahamic Religions is the religion of Islam. As Abraham is the Father of the Jewish Nation and people he is also the Father of a boy called Ishmael through his Egyptian Servant woman Hagar. Abraham’s wife was barren until she was 100 years old so being Abraham had no heir his wife Sarah told him to lay with his Servant Hagar to obtain a son and heir. Not long after Ishmael was born God opened up the womb of Sarah and she had a son called Isaac. Sarah got jealous of Ishmael so she had Abraham chase him and his Mom away. Ishmael is the father of the Muslim people and he was of the loins of Abraham so yes, they are Abraham’s descendants. About 600 years after the death of Jesus in Jerusalem a man called Mohammad arose from the deserts of what is now Saudi Arabia and started a new religion in the cities of Medina and Mecca. Mohammad died in the city of Mecca in the year 632 A.D. but his teachings are the religion of Islam. The followers of Islam refer to God by the name of Allah. Do not be shocked that almost all religions other than Islam do not believe that the ‘Allah’ that they are praying to is actually ‘God’. Just as the Jewish believers believe that Christians are not praying to God when we pray to Jesus the Jewish people don’t believe that the Islamic people are praying to a ‘God’ when they are praying to Allah. Also, the Islamic believing people do not believe that the Christians or the Jews are praying to ‘God’ because they are not praying to Allah. Islam calls the Christian and Jewish people the ‘people of The Book’. In this they are correct, just as they know that Islam does not believe in the teachings of ‘The Book’ (The Bible). So folks, it is obvious that the people of the Islamic faith when they are praying to Allah that by the Christian and Jewish beliefs these people are just praying to the open air at best and at worst, they are praying to the Devil Himself. I am not trying to be hateful here in this article, I am just pointing out some very obvious truths between the three Abrahamic Religions where the issue is prayer.

14 thoughts on “Do All 3 Abrahamic Religions Pray To The Same God? That Answer Is Simple: No!

  1. Dear friend, with all due respect (and I do have a lot of respect for you!), please allow me to correct two statements in your article:
    1. Observant Jews do not believe that “all Christians are ‘lost’ and that they, nor anyone else, have any chance of salvation, only the Jewish people do.” There is no such concept in the Jewish faith! On the contrary, we believe that we have taken upon ourselves the obligation to abide by 613 commandments, whereas the non-Jews are only held to the Seven Noahide Laws. You can see them on, among many other sources. Once you read them, you will realize that any honest, law-abiding person observes them, thus this person is in the same exact position with regards to salvation as any observant Jew.
    2. We do not believe that Moses authored the Five Books of Law. We believe that he was given both the Written Law (The Tablets with the Ten Commandments) and the Oral Law (recorded in writing and expounded much later) on Mount Sinai by the A-mighty and entrusted to teach both to the people. That is why we call Moses Rabbeinu – Our Teacher.
    I hope I have not offended you by clarifying these points.


    1. You have not offended me at all. I very much appreciate your input. The material that I have learned has for the most part come from different Church Pulpits throughout the years. So, what I have ‘knowledge of’ on these issues have been from Christian Ministers, not from Synagogues or Rabbi’s. When I wrote this article I very much had you in mind, I was hoping that I wasn’t offending you. Also, as I was writing the article I was hoping that you would give me input (correcting) me on any of the Jewish issues (Teachings) that I was getting incorrect. You see, until I can learn Hebrew (if that is ever possible) (it is at the top of my bucket list) to where I can read God’s language for myself so that I am not losing anything in translation to the (Old English) then onto the (New English) I will never consider myself to be any kind of and expert on the issues, only a hopefully very humble student of God’s Word. My friend, please feel totally free to correct me on any issue where you feel that I am wrong, I will never get upset by being taught truth. Shalom my friend.—-Respectfully, ted

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      1. I am so glad you didn’t take offense! When you are saying Old English, which translation are you referring to? To the best of my knowledge, no complete translation of the Old Testament from Vulgata (Latin translation) into English has been made until the 19th century, and there is a significant difference between the Jewish translation and the traditional Christian one, the latter being based on a combination of Abbot Aelfric’s 11th century almost, but not quite complete translation and the King James Bible (17th century), which in itself is a compilation of the Great Bible of Henry VIII (we know what his agenda was!) and the Bishop’s Bible published at the beginning of Elizabeth’s reign, in order to strengthen her position as the Head of Church of England after her sister Mary’s lapse back to Catholicism. It is intertestamental and as such, contains commentaries and opinions politically beneficial to those who commissioned the translations. Unfortunately, neither the Old Testament, as a true text of G-d given Law, nor the canons of Jewish faith, are presented fully and comprehensively. I believe that those ministers you have heard are sincerely mistaken, based on 400 years of being mislead. I choose to believe in good will and kindness of all people! As to learning Hebrew, I’ve sent you some links – did you see them?


        1. Yep, I got the links, thank you for them. When I was referring to the ‘old English’ I was referring to the ‘King James’ Bible on 1608. As you most likely know there are a lot of ‘new world translations’ of the Bible which they say is an attempt to make it more ‘readable’ for people of today. These things were what I was referring to. Thank you very much for the comeback.—ted

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            1. And I agree with you on both of these issues. Here in the States I have only and always only heard of the KJV Version of the Bible being called ‘Old English’. You are correct about the ‘Middle English’ yet I have never heard that term from any pulpit. It is like hearing a word pronounced wrong for 50 years and before you know it you find yourself pronouncing that word wrong yourself.


              1. It just so happened that years ago I wrote a paper on Old English. It is pretty close to Old German, and without knowledge of German, completely unreadable. I remember the fun my Linguistics professor and I had over that paper which nobody else understood! Also, I did my Master Thesis (back in Russia) on Marlowe’s “Dr Faustus” which is quintessential Middle English. Most people wouldn’t know those distinctions, of course, so they are not to be blamed for spreading inaccurate information from pulpits. I hope you forgive them!


                    1. Well, your welcome, I was just trying to bring a smile to your eyes. I am a retired Grandpa of 7, ages 3-20. My youngest of four kids is 23, the oldest is 46. I am retired but it is because my body just gave out and I had no choice but to retire and go on disability back in June of 13. I do have to admit, it has been a very fast 3 1/2 years.

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                    2. You have succeeded! My older son is also 46, and the younger (adopted) is 31. The younger one has 4 kiddies, from 4 to 14, and they are just as mine as my biological granddaughter who looks and acts exactly like I did at 16.


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