The Time Tunnel

In the 1960’s, there was a TV series about a talking horse called, “Mr. Ed”. I once heard someone wax nostalgically about how, “They just don’t make TV shows like Mr. Ed anymore”, to which I responded, in my vain attempt at humor, “Oh, they still make them. Haven’t you been watching the news lately?” But on the other hand, those people are jackasses, not horses!

The following are a few comparisons and contrasts which I’ve observed over the last year or two.

1. Horses sometimes participate in “races”. I once saw an episode of “Gunsmoke”, in which, Festus raced his jackass, “Ruth”, against a quarter horse and won!

2. Both horses and “jackasses”’ tend to leave HUGE dumps of crap for someone else to clean up.

3. Both Francis and Mr. Ed were made to APPEAR to talk, by someone tying fishing line to the insides of their  mouths…

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