The Murder of Peter Tosh

Renegade Expressions

On the night of September 11, 1987, the life of Winston Hubert McIntosh, more popularly known as Peter Tosh was snuffed out. Peter Tosh, The Murder of Peter Tosh, Who Killed Peter Tosh?Three men murdered ‘The Stepping Razor’, along with Jeff ‘Free I’ Dixon and Wilton ‘Doc’ Brown. Peter Tosh’s common law wife, Marlene Brown, Joy Dixon, Michael Robinson, and Carlton ‘Santa’ Davis survived the brutal attack. Two of the four survivors would later identify Dennis ‘Leppo’ Lobban as one of the men who brutally killed Tosh and two others that night. Leppo, who maintained his innocence from the start, actually took the stand to testify. However, with the testimonies of two of the survivors, he was found guilty and sentenced in one of the shortest jury deliberations [11 minutes] in Jamaican history. The other two assailants were never found.

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