Is The Pope Actually As Ignorant As His Words Are Saying He Is?


I am not a Catholic, but I am a Christian. I do not believe that the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church is stupid nor ignorant, at least I hope that he isn’t. I know that as a ‘religious leader’ of a ‘Christ based’ faith the Pope is suppose to be kind, good, and welcoming to all people of the Earth. Peace and love are the hallmarks of God’s teachings so the Pope is correct in his inviting of all persons out of war torn countries and into country’s that are not ‘war torn’. But, at the same time you show wisdom in the protection of your family, your country, and the Church. In pretty much any other circumstance Pope Francis would be correct in welcoming the Muslim and Persian people from North Africa and the Middle-East into Europe and the rest of the civilized world as to not do so would be cruel and racists. But if the Pope does not understand the difference of this situation compared to, for example, free travel between members of EU country’s then he is quite ignorant.


I have stated my opinions on racism several times in articles that I have written here on this site throughout the years. I believe that any form of racism is evil and that evil will get a person condemned at their judgement before the Throne of Christ. If I, you, the Pope, or anyone else are anti-Muslim or Persian people, then we are being racist and this is a sin that will be held against our charge. I do not believe for even one moment that Pope Francis is a racist person. As I said earlier that in any other circumstance Pope Francis would be correct in trying to get all country’s on Earth to open their doors to these war refugees, but not in this case. If the Pope really thinks that what he is saying to the public is correct, then he is an idiot. If he does’t believe what he is saying, then he is being a liar. For anyone, especially a ‘Religious Leader’ to be a liar or an idiot is not a good thing. I will not judge the Pope on which one he is being, that is God’s job, not mine.


In both of the previous paragraphs I have referred to this particular circumstance as being different than any other circumstance. The reason that Pope Francis is wrong in his trying to get Europe and the rest of the world to allow in these refugees is not because they are Muslim people, Persian people, or even African people. The color of their skin has nothing at all to do with anything. The issue is what has saturated these people between their ears, and that issue is Islam! This ‘religion’ has been around for almost 1,400 years and for it’s whole existence including right from it’s inception it is and has always been a religion of hate, murder and conquest. Ever since their ‘prophet’ Mohammad was still alive he participated in the extermination of all people and all other faiths in every country this disease has spread to. As most of you know the word Islam means ‘submission’ as in total submission to the will of Allah. Any who will not submit are to be killed. Believers are ordered to infiltrate a country, grow strong from within, then attack and destroy until that country has only one faith, Islam. Any country who lets believers of this ‘faith’ in among their people are inviting their own murderers within their own homes. Some people, those who haven’t read or studied their scriptures or paid any attention to world history over the past 1,400 years, will say that I am being Islamophobic. I am telling you, wake up, read, and learn because it is you who are being ignorant. Read the Quran which is ‘the words’ of the prophet Mohammad, read the real Islamic holy book, the Hadith, which is ‘the actions’ of the prophet Mohammad. The play book for your destruction is laid out in black and white, it is you who are being ignorant and it will cost you your country, your way of life, and your life. So, is the Pope being ignorant? Read, learn, then make an intelligent decision instead of an un-knowledgeable one.

3 thoughts on “Is The Pope Actually As Ignorant As His Words Are Saying He Is?

  1. Do some YouTube homework on Islam, the creation of the Roman catholic Church. The “Church” became an evil entity in the early AD 300s.YouTube trace more of the infamy of the Roman Catholic Church, such as their infamous, past, present, and future (the one-world government of Antichrist.) The whole premise of this corruption of Christianity is the misinterpretation of Matthew 16:18 (KJV)
    “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” The “church” is Christ’s bride, NOT Peter’s. Peter doesn’t save, Christ does! Peter will not rapture the church, Christ will! Peter will not sit at the great white throne judgement, Christ will. Etc. Peter would be the second to deny he is the foundation of the church, Christ the first. Does John 3:16-17 refer to Peter? The Romanish Church, a reference made by martyrs, as well as calling the popes antichrists, before being tortured and murdered, were slain for their faith and love of Christ, not Peter. Most were dispatched for denying communion bread and wine is the literal body and blood of Christ. Folly! (A great read is Foxe’s Book of Martyrs! I don’t see how any “Catholic” upon reading this volume could remain with this religious farce!) This cult is nothing but infamy and blasphemy! And if one’s a problem with what I’ve posted, take it up the Word, both the written and living Word. Meaning, DON’T shake your fist in my face, shake it in God’s!


    1. Excellent reply, I see nothing in your words that I disagree with.—I know that I sometimes reblog other peoples articles even though I do not fully agree with them, sometimes I reblog other peoples articles that I don’t agree with pretty much anything they said, I do this in an attempt to get people to think, to look at more than one side of the coin. If we do not ever try to stretch our understanding of physical and Spiritual realities we are easily misled. Please keep reading and responding as I enjoy reading of your knowledge and your faith.


      1. You do a service in encouraging people to think, just an awakening is labor well exercised. Thank you for the kind words; I feel the same as to your comments and replies. Please consider the treatise noted. It’s available from I cannot praise nor champion the text enough. In Christ, Allen.


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