Browsing through Brussels ..

Life as we see it..

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The most common theory of the origin of Brussels’ name is that it derives from the Old Dutch Broekzeleor Broeksel, meaning marsh (broek) and home (zele / sel) or “home in the marsh”. Most of the travellers opt for Bruges or Antwerp, while in Belgium, but we headed for Brussels as it was on our way from Amsterdam to Paris and basically we got a  cheaper transport. Read our unique story of travelling  to Bx from Amsterdam here .  Maybe I will go back for Bruges some day, but right now I am not regretting choosing Brussels .DSC07996DSC07995DSC07991DSC07997DSC07979 DSC07981DSC08188  DSC08199DSC08205 DSC08203DSC08202 IMG_0358

The best way to know a city is always  by walking , as I feel. We walked a lot through the financial district, and to the grand place. The square is dominated by the Flamboyant Town Hall, the Neo-Gothic Breadhouse and the Baroque guildhalls…

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