Why Does President Putin Have No Faith In Russia’s Athletes?


As almost all of the wired world knows, Russia had a huge contingent of their athletes banned from the Rio Olympics that are going on now because Russia was found guilty of wide-spread doping during the last Olympics that were held in Russia. Athletes have been known to cheat through drugs in almost every sport it seems, not just Olympic athletes. In America we had that scourge in Major League Baseball for many years and it ruined the bodies, careers, and reputations of many quality athletes. There was also the disgrace of American bicyclist Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France for all those years. To me when a person cheats they are telling the world several things, among them is the fact that they have no ethics, that they are crooks, thieves, cowards, and insecure in their own abilities. By reports I have been reading lately the IOC says that Russia has been involved in State sponsored doping at least since the 1984 Olympics. This is a disgrace to the integrity of the Russian Nation and their people. Well, maybe not their people but certainly against the integrity of the Russian government and as in any country the buck stops at the Presidency of the country. Why has President Putin allowed such a disgrace to go on in his country? Here in America we are led to believe that Mr. Putin rules Russia with an iron fist as his Kremlin controls all aspect of the people of Russia’s lives. Russia is a great country, the people of Russia are a great people, they can compete physically with the people of any nation, why is it that Mr. Putin doesn’t believe that? If a person, a team or a Government believe that they have the ability to compete and to win they do not show that by cheating, instead they show cowardliness and insecurity. I have to admit that I find it odd that I seem to have more faith in the Russian people than their own President seems to have.

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