Hillary Or Trump: The American People Lose Big


Hillary and Bill Clinton as well as Donald Trump have spent their lives trying to do one thing and one thing only and that is to make themselves richer. They are just like the Bush family and the Kennedy family in that regard. If you are a person that thinks that any of these people care one bit about you, your family, or your Constitutional rights it is my belief that you are being delusional. I have known of the Clinton’s since Bill’s second term as the Governor of Arkansas, he was known as Slick Willie to the people who knew him best and Hillary was known as nothing but a bitch. The only thing that has happened with either of them since then is that they are now worth hundreds of millions of dollars, at a minimum and that they have grown wiser and slicker with age. Hillary is the Queen of habitual liars and almost all Americans know that and yet the people who call themselves Democrats just anointed her for the most security sensitive job in our country. It is my personal belief that she is guilty of treason against America’s military and security agency personnel by giving away Americas secrets and for leaving four of our people behind to die without even trying to do anything to help them in Benghazi Libya. On these two issues alone she should be in solitary confinement at Fort Leavenworth Kansas till the day she dies and should never ever be allowed anywhere near the Oval Office. There are many reasons that people should look real hard at Bill’s partnerships with George H.W.Bush. From first hand experience I know well that their friendship started when Bill was Governor of Arkansas and all the financial aid that the city of Mena got during that courtship. Hillary and Bill are and have been bought and paid for since the 1980’s. Check her record about representing rapists when she was a DA in Arkansas and how she bragged about getting men she knew were guilty of rape off. She cares nothing about anyone but herself, if she is elected we the people are only going to lose even more of our Constitutional rights.


Now, about ‘the Donald’. After that scathing first paragraph many my think that I am for Mr. Trump or at the very least a Republican, you would be wrong on both those issues. Donald Trump has made a lifetime out of only caring about himself, his ego, and being a bully for the purpose of making himself richer at any cost. Mr. Trump should be in prison along with Hillary for the scam that was Trump University, it is very obvious that he is nothing but a fraud and a bully. He sill has no intentions of releasing his federal taxes for examination either. For a man who likes to brag constantly about how many billions of dollars he is worth he shows that he is a fraud and a liar. He tells people that he is worth over ten billion dollars yet when it comes to paying his taxes he claims that he is only worth about one billion. Mr. Trump talks about going after companies who take their jobs out of America and moving them overseas for lower tax rates and lower wages when he has made truckloads of extra profits doing exactly that himself.


Both of these people have proven without a doubt that they have no ethics and no morals throughout their adult lives. Thinking that either these two 70-year-old ‘ shyster’s and con-artists are going to be elected President and all of a sudden they are going to put the American people before their own self interests is delusional at best. Do you remember an old Richard Pryor movie called Brewster’s Millions? He had the best political motto of all time when he was running for the Mayor-ship of New York City called “none of the above”. The American people are going to be the biggest losers if either one of these two frauds become our next President. If either of them wins may God help us because neither the Democratic Party leaders nor the Republican Party leaders have any interest in protecting the American people or any of our hard-fought human rights.

4 thoughts on “Hillary Or Trump: The American People Lose Big

  1. Although I agree that both Clinton & Trump are poor choices for president, since you didn’t run, (I would have enjoyed hearing your campaign promises), we’re left with having to choice the lesser of two evils – but we must seek God’s guidance, especially in THAT choice. “None of the above” merely nullifies your vote by allowing votes for other candidates to win. NO vote accomplishes the same. We must be pro-active by actually asking God to guide us in this vote, & trust Him to lead us to the best choice.


    1. I agree with you, I was just sorta making a side joke about the Richard Pryor movie. My way of trying to make a little light about a very serious subject matter. I would never want that job even if I had a few billion dollars laying around so that I could afford to try for it. Besides my policy would be that we follow the Constitution to the letter and neither party would ever agree to that nor would many millions of our people. The Constitution is not a Republican nor a Democrat, it, like us, is an Independent.


      1. Indeed, we share mutual agreement – the Constitution MUST be upheld! Sadly, like Holy Scripture, too many loose interpretations of what the original authors intended exist. There are true Conservatives regardless of their political party affiliation who really understand the meaning of conservation – NOT related to environmental propaganda – but to conserving the original intent of the Constitution! Liberal Democratics have redefined the term ‘progressive’ to incorporate an attitude towards the Constitution that it is archaic & therefore must be changed, while Reps continue to drop anchor on the preservation of the need to align with existing Constitutional Law. Political ‘correctness’ appeals largely to the uneducated because they do not comprehend how those very principles are already ‘written in blood’ throughout the existing Constitution. Changing it will NOT guarantee equal rights – instead it will remove them completely! WAKE up America!


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