Morning Prayer 8.1.16, Joseph of Arimathaea, Guardian of Christ’s Body

Adverse Descend

Very true wisdom words to live by.

Colleen Kelbert


Even your own words, if prompting negativity, can consume you.

Even your own thoughts, if twined recklessly, can mar your soul.

Even your own steps, if taken without contemplation, can divide.

Even your own body, if fallen in quicksand, can steal your breath.

Even your own heart, if in failing to give, denies love’s passage’s.

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Why Should I Read | Entreleadership

Why Should I Read That: Blog

I used to be flat broke.

When I moved from Colorado to Texas at the beginning of September 2014, I had about $200 in my bank account, and wasn’t going to get paid a dime until the end of the month from the job I had just taken.

I remember walking down the aisle of Walmart in Temple, Texas and thinking to myself “If I buy supplies for PB&J I can eat that for a week for about $12.”

Dave Ramsey, the founder of Financial Peace University, starts his book, Entreleadership, with a similar situation that he found himself in during his early career, and from the first page of this book I thoroughly enjoyed it.

“Entreleadership” is a word coined by Ramsey as the mash-up of “Entrepreneur” and “Leader.” He states that a leader is a proven force within an organization and can either get results herself or…

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Over Man: The Temptation of Donald Trump

Mr. Trump is certainly an interesting person. He is not one that I like as a person personally yet with Hillary being the flip side of his coin his side must be less tarnished than hers.

The Burning Zone

Trump Photo

I missed it.  Over all the months, as I have been trying to argue people away from voting for Mr. Trump, I failed to understand what was really going on.  But since his speech at the convention, everything has become very, very clear.  I now believe that his election is inevitable.  Both as a candidate and a man, he is a force that we have never encountered in American Presidential politics.  He calls his following a “movement” and he is correct.  Progressives desperately struggle to place him into a category that they can understand and which will allow them to diminish his impact.     In their blind idealism, they cannot imagine that such a man could be elected.  Over and over they mumble that “America is better than that.”  No, America is not better than that and there are reasons why.

But conservatives make their own terrible mistake from the other…

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(This is a very interesting and intelligent man, please give him some of your time folks, he is a very good writer.)


My four-decade career as a daily newspaper editor based me in Ohio (three times), southern Indiana, upstate New York, the interior desert of Washington state, the Mississippi River stretch of Iowa,…

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Silent Sunday

Life: A Scot in Norway

A spot of sun A spot of sun on the mountainside.

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Following up on Viking Sails

Deep in the Heart of Textiles

Jens Erik Carl Rasmussen [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons  Back in 2013, I visited the Maritime Museum in San Diego, California, and aboard one of the historic ships I saw a huge storage area set aside for extra rigging and sails, and it got me thinking about the textile half of sailing ships.  As I said then:

I was amazed at the amount of canvas the ship had to have on hand for emergencies.  It really sparked my curiosity – what fiber are sails made from?  Does sailcloth require special looms or techniques?  Were sailcloth weavers specialized workers?  Or did regular weavers weave up some sailcloth every now and then?  When was the switch to mechanization made?

I actually researched for a year before I wrote this post about sails in the Mycenaean world, and then a post about Viking sails.  And in the two years since then, I…

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West Nile Virus Found In Dead Bird, Chickens In Oakley

The bird was found near Trenton Street and Oakley Road and the chickens were located near Rose Avenue and Main Street.

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A New Blog and a New Direction

The Tactical Hermit


I wanted to tell you guys I will be shutting down the HCS blog sometime in August and starting a new blog with a new direction and feel.

I really want to start offering more original and unique content to include more In-Depth Product reviews, More Original “Civilian Operator 101” articles and also some of my own short stories and I think starting fresh with a new blog is the best way to do that.

So Stay Tuned and Stay Dangerous, I think you guys are going to Like what I have Planned!!

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Adevarul despre daci – Române, spune lumii cine eşti! 9.000 de ani de istorie îţi cer asta.

Actualizat July 30th, 2016 9:17 AM Spiritul Dacic Renaste Române, spune lumii cine eşti! 9.000 de ani de istorie îţi cer asta. Aug 08, 2013  Articole  88 un articol de Valentin Roman Se î…

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