Is TSA Responsible for More Deaths than Terrorists?

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By Doug Newman – FacebookEmail me.

It takes someone smarter than I am to come up with these numbers. It has been estimated that because of the ritual humiliation endured by air travelers and the hands, if you will, of TSA, sizable numbers of people are traveling by car rather than by air. This may well result in 500 additional and totally needless auto fatalities per year, or 7500 in the 15 years since the 9/11 attacks.

TSA presumes you guilty and makes sexual molestation a condition of travel. Indeed, neither the Nazis nor any communist regime ever made a practice of feeling up their subjects. However, we do it here in Uh-merik-uh.

Does anyone have Lee Greenwood’s number?

And as the recent attacks in Orlando, Brussels and Paris show us, you don’t need to smuggle a bomb onto a plane in order to kill…

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