November 1st There Will Be 5 Presidential Candidates On The Ballot


As most of you know this Presidential election cycle here in America this year has been different to say the least. Many ‘norms’ for how candidates can act and speak have been blown out of the water, mostly by Mr. Trump on the Republican side. During the primaries on the Republican side there is no doubt that Mr. Trump has brought out many new voters as Senator Bernie Sanders has on the Democratic side. These two candidates seem to be polar opposites of each other though. I am personally disappointed in Senator Sanders fans though in that they were the ones who started the violence at the Trump rallies. I was hoping that he and his followers were better human beings than what a lot of Mr. Trumps supporters have also displayed. Even if you or I or they do not like what a candidate has to say no one has the right to silence another persons right to “freedom of speech.” On that thought of freedom of speech comes the matter of the Republican and Democratic establishment anger at the American voting public and how deeply crooked they (the political establishment) are. On the Democratic side is the unconstitutional factor of “super delegates” which make it almost impossible for anyone who is not “their” candidate to beat out “their” candidate. Why I say they are unconstitutional is that during the primaries a candidate that isn’t their favorite but is the people’s choice, these super delegates vote count for far more than your or my vote. On the Republican side the establishment Republicans who call themselves the “base” of their party cannot mentally except that the voters have told these folks that this “conservative base” is in fact not the real “base” of that party. There is also the fact that in a lot of states like the one that I live in will not allow registered Independent voters to vote at all during the primaries, yet come November these same anti-constitutional frauds actively seek our votes for their chosen candidates. Everyone Constitutionally has the right to cast their one vote for whom ever they please yet both the main party’s disallow us our Constitutional rights.


The Republican “establishment” has been freaking our that the American people chose someone other than one of “their” bought and paid for people. These people say that having Donald Trump as the Republican nominee in November will destroy their party, so these folks are going to find a way to have someone other than “the people’s choice”  as the head of their ticket. I believe that this will happen and I am guessing that they are going to find a way to make someone like Mitt Romney to head their ticket this November. Here is where the “5” candidates starts to come into play. Mr. Trump will still run for President whether he has the blessings of the Republican elite or not. This event will “I believe” then push Senator Sanders to run as the Independent that he really is anyway even though Mrs. Clinton has the nod from the Democratic establishment. So, this would make a situation come the November elections where we the citizens will have the following choices to vote for. 1) The Republican establishment candidate, probably Mr. Romney with a Republican establishment sweetheart like Jeb Bush as his VP. 2) Mr. Trump as an Independent 3) The Democratic establishment candidate Mrs. Clinton 4) Senator Sanders as an Independent. 5) The Libertarian candidate. Well, this is my thoughts and opinions on this matter, what do you think the situation will be come November 1st? There is also the possibility that Mrs. Clinton and/or Mr. Trump will be in a federal prison (where I personally believe they both belong) by November. There is also the possibility that one of these millions of people whom hate these two may well remove one or both of them from the land of the breathing by that time. I personally hope that does not happen because they also have the right to freedom of speech even if you or I happen to think they are both as crooked as a dogs hind leg. If such a thing is possible we may well see if one of these five people are worse for the world than the Shiite we have setting in the Oval Office now. May God have mercy on us all.

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