Podgorica, Montenegro

Beautiful pictures along with an excellent post, thank you for taking of your time to put this information out for the rest of us.

It is p e c u l i a r

27651826046_5aedbcd7a6_z View of Ribnica River/ Vista do Rio Ribnica

EN/  Podgorica is the capital of Montenegro, which is in the Adriatic Sea where we spent just one day before going to Croatia. When researching places to visit there, I noticed that it was little touristy despite the natural beauty of the Ribnica River which crosses the city. Getting there confirmed my impression of a half-empty city, but full of trees and small squares.

That one day was enough to create 3 blisters from walking and noted that the city is quite simple for a capital. I realized how much they are religious when entering the beautiful Basilica with the largest chandelier I ever saw in my life (photo below).

PT/  Podgorica é a capital de Montenegro, que fica no Mar Adriático onde passamos apenas um dia antes de ir pra Croácia. Quando pesquisava lugares para visitar lá, notei que era pouco turístico apesar da beleza natural do…

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