Do I Know You?

This is a wonderful piece of writing from a young ladies heart about her sister, it is a very up lifting peace of art from her heart.

Dreamspinner Extraordinaire

This is the last of our monthly blog post challenge. We have been doing this for more than a year now, albeit irregularly. But it has been a rewarding experience, sharing our thoughts about a common subject. I will miss this, surely.

So for the last time, here’s my take on Karenina‘s chosen topic. You may also check out Joval’s piece here.

In my twenty-four years of existence, I can say I’ve met a good deal of people from many walks of life. Some passed by and walked on without a backward glance. Some graced me with their fleeting presence and left a mark I can never erase. Some said goodbye too soon and crossed to another world before I got the chance to tell them how much they mattered. Some keep me company after all this time and we grow together into who we are now.  Some…

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