Why I’ll be voting to remain in the EU

The Earthbound Report

The world in the 21st century is smaller than it was. We are more connected than ever before, in so many ways. Just in the course of this morning, I have engaged with a host of international networks. Breakfast involved global trade, particularly the coffee from Ethiopia. Here I am working on a laptop made in China, logged into an blogging platform based out of San Francisco. A band from South Africa is playing through a Swedish music service that I subscribe to. I’ve encountered human networks too, dropping my son off at school alongside parents from Pakistan, Romania, Poland, France, Nigeria, and many other countries. Whatever my passport says, my life is not neatly contained within the nation-state of Great Britain.

We are all global citizens in this way. Even the staunchest of patriots wants the benefits of global trade, international tourism, the internet, and the movement of goods…

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