A Poem – See Me

Excellent poem, excellent read, a poem with meaning and direction.

Ends and Beginnings

I am here, under the bridge, you know I exist

On this corner, with the cardboard sign, pass me by

Talking to myself, standing in the rain, my life in a plastic bag

Baking in the sun, shivering in the cold, wearing all I own

I breathe as you do, I am human as you are, flesh and blood

I want, I need, I hurt, I hope, my tears are real

Has the world over looked me, the world turns without me

I live in your shadow, cast by the perception of needs and wants

With familiar faces, you listen to Sunday verses, from holy text

Are the lessons lost, words simply sounds in a sacred box

Where is your Jesus on Monday, the Savior you worship

If I were the face of God could you see it, would you take my hand

You see me, I am here, don’t turn away, you…

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