Shake it up.

Excellent material sir, thank you for your work and for posting the information for us other folks to study.

Rationalising The Universe

The other day there there was an Earthquake which could be felt through Oxfordshire (see the source here). I have actually been unwittingly forced into some geological studies through my new degree. My brother is a geologist at Manchester University and I often tell him the study isn’t exactly my cup of tea, so to be sat there with a hand lens on a Saturday looking at a lump of peridotite reeks of hypocrisy. Anyhow; as seemingly half the population say these days “it is what it is”. 

The little earthquake in the UK got me thinking, naturally about the frequency of such events. I know that when you are in a country like Japan little rumbles in the Earth aren’t anything to get excited about. Well when doing my research I found a wonderful and fairly complete resource from the British Geological Society, that lists all of…

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