Voting For The Devil (Lucifer, i.e. Ted Cruz): No Free Speech Allowed Except Theirs


This week former Ohio Congressman and the Republican Speaker of The House of Representatives John Boehner referred to Texas Senator and Republican Presidential candidate ‘Lying Ted Cruz’ as “Lucifer in the flesh”. Late last year after the Pope visited America and Mr. Boehner whom is a Catholic got a few minutes with the Pope the next day announced that he was going to retire both from the Speaker-ship position and from the Congress. I believe that it was this same day that Mr. Boehner referred to Mr. Cruz as “the biggest asshole in the Congress”. It is in a sense the truth to say that they are from the same political party as Mr. Cruz is listed as a Republican as is Mr. Boehner yet that idea is really a fallacy because Mr. Cruz is really a member of ‘the Tea Party’ which constantly run their own candidates against sitting Republicans in the Republican primaries. I personally am a registered Independent voter who detest both of our country’s major political parties as being only self-serving and crooked to their core’s. During this Presidential election cycle both party’s have shown the world just how rigged both systems are toward any ‘outsider’ who would dare run for President against their party’s ‘establishment’ candidates.


The Republican primary debacle started with 17 people trying for their nomination with the vast majority of them being people who the ‘establishment’ could get behind. Now we are down to three men trying for that nomination. These three men, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Governor John Kasich of Ohio. The Republican Party hates the front-runner Mr. Trump with a passion mainly because he is not part of their ‘establishment’. Ted Cruz is loathed by basically every member of the Congress because quite frankly he is a lying fraud and a complete ‘asshole’ of a human being who dares to call himself a Christian when he is nothing but a hypocrite and the poster boy for Jesus’ term in Revelation of “luke warm water”. He is the type of person that is a disease toward Christianity as he tries to convince people that he is a good Christian example and that could not be further from the truth. The third candidate Mr. Kasich only has a chance to win the Republican nomination is if there is a contested convention this summer where the ‘Party’ refuses to give the nomination to the obvious people’s choice ‘via their vote’, Mr. Trump. The ‘delegates’ are freed up to vote for whomever they wish after the first vote if they reject Mr. Trump. Ted Cruz is under the ignorant belief that he then would win the nomination being he is second in line on that totem-pole. Folks, that will not happen, pretty much everyone at that convention and all of the Republican brass will shun this hate-filled hypocrite. This would mean that either ‘the Party’ will give the nod to Governor Kasich or even drag up old meat like Mitt Romney whom most of the party insiders can’t stand either. Any which way you choose to look at the issue, this ‘convention’ is going to get very nasty this summer.


The last part of this post is going to be about issues involving the Donald Trump campaign. Mr. Trump who has never been a politician has said a lot of things that he would like to do that even if he became our President will never be able to do. This is because the Congress, the Supreme Court, and our Nations Constitution will never allow them to happen. So, I personally am not as worried as some people are about Mr. Trumps rhetoric because it will not come to pass.


This is where I am going to come down hard on the people (mostly democratic leaning folks) who feel they have the right to riot anywhere Mr. Trump is scheduled to speak. These people just like all people in America are supposed to have the right of ‘free speech’. But what they nor anyone else have the right to do is to physically try to shut down Mr. Trumps rallies/speeches. Even if they hate the man and or hate some of his ideas that will never happen like ‘the wall’ along our Nations southern border with Mexico, they do not have the ‘right’ to stop his or anyone else right to speak. The case here is by far mostly applauded by leading Democrats like the poster girl for habitual liars, Hillary Clinton. Our Country’s main stream media is always very bias against anyone who doesn’t tow the mark for the Democrats leaderships wishes. People like Ms. Clinton and these hypocrites and thugs that obviously endorse these actions of ‘uncivil disobedience’ only agree with the term ‘free speech’ when it is they whom are doing the talking.

How crowded is the universe (Stanley Elkin’s The Franchiser)


“How crowded is the universe,” his godfather said and moved the plasma arm vaguely. “How stuffed to bursting with its cargo of crap. Consider, Ben. You could have been a pencil or the metal band that holds the eraser to the wood, the wire of lead that runs through it. The black N in ‘Number 2’ stamped along one of its six sides. Or one of its six sides. Or the thin paint on another. You might have been a vowel on a typewriter or a number on a telephone dial or a consonant in books. There are thousands of languages, millions of typewriters, billions of books. You might have been the oxygen I breathe or the air stirred by this sentence. It is a miracle that one is not one of these things, a miracle that one is not a thing at all, that one is animal rather than…

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Tavares native recognized by Navy

Shechaim's News of the Day

Thank you for your service (Bosn) Natali Enriquez

If they had Bosn’s

(Boatswain mate)


looking like this in the 60’s

all of my shipmates would still be aboard?


All joking aside, this is an extremely important part

of our military, sorely missing for a number of years,

too many years.

The families of veterans up in age,

need to know

and see that even in passing

they/we are not forgotten.

Natali Enriquez

Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Equipment)

2nd Class Natali Enriquez,

a Tavares native, was selected as Junior Sailor of

the Quarter by Commander, Navy Region Mid-Atlantic (CNRMA) in Norfolk, Virginia.

Saturday, April 30, 2016 6:00 am

By Jeffrey C. Doepp Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Public Affairs


Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Equipment) 2nd Class Natali Enriquez,

a Tavares native, was selected as Junior Sailor of the Quarter by Commander, Navy Region Mid-Atlantic (CNRMA) in Norfolk, Virginia.

The Junior Sailor…

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We Are Making Ebola Outbreaks Worse By Cutting Down Forests

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Source: We Are Making Ebola Outbreaks Worse By Cutting Down Forests

The Humble Never Crumble When God Is With Them

This man has an excellent Christian website he uses Scriptures to back up that which he puts forth on this site. If you would wish to a person could spend many enjoyable hours here.

This Day With God

As shared in the post He Answers Man’s Despairing Pleas with Plans, Moses knew his limits and was humble but Pharaoh would not take to heart the greatness of God. His stubbornness resulted in Egypt being cursed with plagues.

Even though Moses lacked confidence, there were aspects of his personality that God could use for a tremendous purpose. He humbly listened to God’s instructions and carried them out.

God can use you too and thinks you’re awesome! Just use the strengths He has given you, listen to His direction, be happy with who you are, and He will do the amazing part through you. Take encouragement from today’s video: Word of God Speak – MercyMe.

He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm. – Proverbs 12:20

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QASSETTES is another fine #startup (and yes i used them)

Wiesel legt Teilchenbeschleuniger LHC am Cern lahm

Wiesel legt Teilchenbeschleuniger LHC am Cern lahm

© 2016 DW.COM, Deutsche Welle

Wegen eines Kurzschlusses am weltgrößten Teilchenbeschleuniger LHC musste die Forschungsanlage heruntergefahren werden. Schuld war ein tierischer Saboteur.

Ein Wiesel hat einen Kurzschluss am weltgrößten Teilchenbeschleuniger LHC ausgelöst und damit für die Abschaltung der Forschungsanlage an der französisch-schweizerischen Grenze gesorgt. Es habe am Morgen um 5.30 Uhr eine “schwere Stromstörung” gegeben, erklärte die Europäische Organisation für Kernforschung (Cern), die den Teilchenbeschleuniger betreibt. …

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Schiffshebewerk Niederfinow

Tom. Fotoblog

Das Schiffshebewerk Niederfinow ist das älteste noch arbeitende Schiffshebewerk Deutschlands. Es wurde am 21. März 1934 in Betrieb genommen und liegt am östlichen Ende des Oder-Havel-Kanals in Niederfinow/Brandenburg.
„Die Höhe des Hebewerks beträgt 60 Meter, die Länge 94 Meter und die Breite 27 Meter. Zur Überwindung des Höhenunterschieds von 36 Metern benötigt der Trog fünf Minuten. Die Gesamtdauer einer Schleusung beträgt 20 Minuten. Das Schiffshebewerk besteht aus einer 14.000 Tonnen schweren und mit fünf Millionen Niete zusammengehaltenen Stahlkonstruktion, die auf Stahlpfeilern steht. Gegründet wurde das Bauwerk mit stahlbewehrtem Beton, der bis zu 22 Meter tief eingebracht wurde. Die Grundplatte ist vier Meter dick. Der Oder-Havel-Kanal wird mit einer ebenfalls genieteten Trogbrücke mit einer Masse von 4000 Tonnen an das Oberhaupt des Hebewerkes herangeführt. Der mit Wasserfüllung 4290 Tonnen schwere Trog ist 85 Meter lang, 12 Meter breit und hat eine Wassertiefe von 2,50 Metern. Er hängt hier an 256 Stahlseilen (Durchmesser 52 mm), die über Umlenkrollen (Durchmesser 3,50 Meter, Masse jeweils fünf Tonnen) geführt…

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Labour Day thought: investing in the future

The escape plan



When you’re out for a nice walk with your dog, minding your own business and you see a guy approaching you. You immediately assess the situation for the level of ‘stranger danger’ (breaking out those skills from elementary school.) and you realize it’s at the highest level of danger. You can tell by how the guy is walking that he’s worked up enough courage to hit on you. So you start going through your available escape routes.

1. Turn and start running with your dog in the other direction. This plan is a good one if you don’t mind getting sweaty but you came to the park in your exercise outfit that is way too cute to get all sweaty. You only chose to wear it to blend in with everyone else and make them believe your one of them, ‘the physical fit conscious type’.

2. Act like you are…

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