My 30 Day Challenge To Hamas And President Abbas: Demand 100% Stop To All Violence


I have a theory that I would like to see Hamas and the people of the Gaza Strip along with the leadership of President Abbas of the West Bank and the residents of your communities to try a 30 day total peace with Israel in every venue. I ask all the people of Israels neighbors, 30 days, please. A total stop to all forms of violence toward the State of Israel and toward any of their people for 30 days. What in effect that I am saying is ‘prove to the whole world’ that you only wish to be a non-violent neighbor of Israel, not Her enemy, prove it. The appropriate next question I think is “What about Israel”?


This same demand would then also be made of all the leaders of Israel and to all the citizens of Israel, prove you really just want to have peace with your Palestinian neighbors who live among you as well as all the residents in the Gaza Strip and in the West Bank. Prove it by committing no violence for a set 30 day truce. Neighbors, do not let your friends or neighbors commit these sins, prove you want peace.


Most people will say this will never happen and they will give many reasons, some good ones, some not so good. But now I bring up another question to you, the question of, what if? Just for the grins of it, dream that this 30 day, totally sanctioned peace occurred, now what? If you can control your hatred enough to allow a real peace in all of your lives for 30 consecutive days, then you have proven you can control yourself so now continue living in peace the rest of your days and of the days of your children and their children’s days.


To me Israel and the Palestinian people already have a Three State System if all the violence would stop between each other. Hamas Leaders, you have the easy choice of letting all of your people live in total peace from Israel, a major lifting of embargo’s against you and your people, and, you could end up with your own state. Or should the Gaza Strip and the West Bank be considered separate Palestinian States now? There can never be such a thing as a Palestinian State as long as they are proving themselves to be ‘far less than’ civil neighbors to Israel, Egypt, and the rest of the Middle-East.

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