My Buddhist Professor Could Not ‘See’ Or Believe How I See The Soul And Body


To those of you who read this article I am writing tonight I am just writing some memories down for some of you to maybe enjoy. Way back when I was another person physically I was blessed to attend a great Junior College in the South-East and received my two-year degree. As things turned out the Associate degree didn’t do me any good at all as far as getting or keeping a job but what it did for me as a person, the experience was awesome but I worked my brain and body to exhaustion for a 2.7. Okay enough of a personal history lesson, this post is about a Gentleman Professor who was near his retirement date but I was blessed to have two classes with him. One of the classes, the second one was based on world religions I believe. If I remember correctly I received one ‘C’ and one ‘B’, which was about normal for me as you can see with that 2.7.


This post tonight is about a conversation with this very interesting man the last time I saw him the last day of my classes there. We had a short conversation with the subject matter being ‘the Soul’ of a person but also the concept of the Bibles ‘Holy Spirit’. I told my Professor that to understand the Holy Spirit you had to be able to understand exactly what ‘the Holy Spirit’ is. So I used the human being as my example. Any human being will do from any race on the globe. Look at the human as if you ‘your body’ is a house. This is with the knowledge that there is a good and there is a bad not only in human forms or in animals, fish, or bugs. I as a Christian do believe in a Spiritual World where there is also good, and bad. I believe that a person as we stand and look at our selves in the mirror we see ourselves, the body, the form, that is not the you I am talking about tonight though. You as a person, we are always talking through thought, to ourselves. You know this is so, how do you choose which way to go at the light when you have no directions? If you are ‘thinking’ you are speaking with yourself.


You do know the term’ me, myself and I,’ don’t you? How about for this example it is you in your own house/body all by yourself (I hope). In the ‘Spiritual Realm’ a true believer of Jesus Christ is given of the Holy Spirit of God Himself and this Spirit, The Lord’s Spirit, resides inside  of God’s believers. This is not so much that humans can go around doing signs and wonders, God’s Spirit is our protector from having a Demonic Spirit step inside our bodies with us because Evil cannot reside in the same home as the Spirit of God. The Fallen Angels still have their powers and they will until the day the Arch Angel Gabriel sounds God horn. So the result is that we humans are the battleground, God trying to protect our own personal Soul, and the Devil and his Angels trying to get us thrown into the fires of Hell with them. They know because they have already been judged and convicted to that eternity. Think how irate they must be that lowly humans will be in God’s glory forever, as they are burning in pain forever?  What my professor didn’t believe was that such ‘Spirits’ existed or could move in and or out of a ‘carrier’. There is good, there is evil, and there is the clueless in the middle. When the Spirit of God resides within a person, God is the ‘shield and the buckler’ of that persons ‘Soul’.

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