Is Islam The Devils Personal Poison Flower?

Is Islam The Devils Personal Poison Flower?


In the Middle-East there is a pretty flower that grows there, it is considered to be ‘the Devils flower’, this flower is called a Mandrake. Mandrake produces beautiful purple flowers but it is the root of the herb that produces a narcotic effect like unto marijuana. In Old Testament Scripture (Genesis 30:14-16) you can see that this plant was considered a good thing by the wives of Israel’s patriarch Jacob (Israel) as it was also considered a fertility aid in humans. Within the above mentioned Scripture it is a major role player in the birth of Jacobs fifth son Issachar. Remember that it is Jacob’s twelve sons that the twelve tribes of Israel are named after. For these type of reasons it is easy to see why the religion of Islam forbids the use of this plant/herb/flower. Records of this herb were also mentioned by the Roman historian Pliny, it is not just something that you find record of only within Scripture. The reason that I put this information first in my post today is so that you would know from where the idea for this title came from, after all, in the Islamic world this herb is referred to as “the Devils flower”.


By no means am I a person who is anti-Muslim people or anti-Persian people. All people are just people, equals, it is what is adsorbed between the ears that makes the person, not your birth place. I am a person who is anti-Islam because of its teaching of violence and mass murder. There are many good qualities within this religion but unfortunately much pure evil is integrated and saturated within its teachings. Islam as most folks know has the definition  of ‘submission’, total submission to Allah. Many Christian folks here in America as well as many people whom have no religious feelings or knowledge think that the word Allah is just another word for God, interchangeable with the Christian and Jewish version of God, that belief is 100% wrong folks. People of Islam know this fact, they do not consider us all to be worshiping/serving the same God, and they are correct about that.


The teachings of the Christian Bible, the Jewish Torah, and the Qu’ran can not be considered to be teaching the same things because they very much do not. Just as Jesus said He does not hate the person, the sinner, he only hates the sin for all humans sin regularly. The Qu’ran’s teachings are pushed down the throats of the people who are living in what the west refers to as the Muslim/Persian world. It is truly a world that is different from countries that are dominated with any other religion on Earth. Just as the Hindu and Buddhists religions teach totally different concepts of God than the teachings of Jesus their teachings also do not mirror the teachings of Islam either. I am going to ask each one of you this one question please. What ever religious affiliation that you yourself have, or no affiliation at all, if the structure you are being taught teaches that you have the obligation to hurt or kill other people, why is it that you think you are serving a ‘God’? Folks, if God wants a person or people dead He doesn’t need you or me to do the killing He is plenty capable to do it Himself. Please consider the concept that anyone who is worshiping in a religion that is telling ‘His’ people to kill and steal from those you kill (as spoils of war) that this Deity is not really ‘a God’, he is the Devil, not a God.


The Christian God of Scripture is a God of love and the teachings of the Bible tells us that if we are not worshiping God the Father through His Son Jesus the Messiah that we are simply worshiping idols (wood or stone), or we are worshiping nothing at all. (Deuteronomy 4:28) (Deuteronomy 28:64) (1 Corinthians 10:20-21). At the core of a religion that teaches that other people aren’t really a people, that it is your obligation to wipe the land clean of these infidels (non-believers) then you are going to be counted among the chafe at the second advent of Christ (the Messiah, the promised one). If you are a believer in a religion that teaches that basically all other people outside your geographic region are ‘not a people’, that they are less than you then it is you who are putting yourself and your household in danger of Hell’s fire after your death. If your religion teaches you that you are not to even eat at the same table as others not of your religion this is a sign that you are serving a ‘God’ that is not God.


We can all easily see that in the Islamic world that it is a religion of ‘no tolerance’. This is shown all over the Middle-East by the hatreds that exist within this religion. Simply look at the murdering of the Shiite against the Sunni and vice versa. Then of course the overt war of Islam against especially the Jewish believers and the Christian believers is no secret. Islam is a religion of pure hatred against everything and everyone on the planet. Look at the things that are okay within this religion, mass murder, rape, pedophilia, and slavery, baby brides. This list goes on and on, the pure evil that is ordained by the Qu’ran toward other religions. Folks it is my total belief that Islam is the Devils flower, His main venue of raw hate. Just pay some attention to the fundamentalists views on how they have butchered even their own people (old folks, men and women and children) if they dare not be perfect according to their ‘priests’. These horrible events are not ‘radical Islam’, every religion has core values and beliefs and these horrible things are the basics of Islamic Law. There is no putting and end to the terrorism that Islamic believers commit around the world until the people whom believe in Allah put and end to it themselves and folks, that just isn’t ever going to happen. Why is this? I will tell you why, it is because the ‘docile’ the ‘non-violent’ among the Islamic believers know very well that these teachings are at the very core of what Islam is all about. This is why Islam is a poison flower to all people on Earth, even to those whom believe in it and practice it.


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