Seven Short Parables Of King Solomon Of Israel

Seven Short Parables Of King Solomon Of Israel

Some of these can make a person just sit and think, some are written just to make you smile. Either way the seven combined should not take but about a minute to read. I hope you have a great day.


  1. Proverbs 25: 21-22      If your enemy is hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he is thirsty, give him water to drink: For you shall heap coal of fire upon his head, and the Lord will reward you.
  2. Proverbs 4:18     But the footpath of the just is as a shining light, it shines brighter and brighter unto that perfect day.
  3. Proverbs 13:22    A good man leaves and inheritance to his children’s children.
  4. Proverbs 14: 7     Leave the presence of a foolish man when you perceive there is no knowledge in his words.
  5. Proverbs 14:29   He that is slow to wrath is of great understanding: but he that is hasty of spirit exalts folly.
  6. Proverbs 16:3     Commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established.
  7. Proverbs 17:15    He that justifies the wicked and condemns the just, even they are both an abomination to the Lord.

“Islam may have bad stuff. But what about the crusades?!!”

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In most cases, whenever negative press and attention is drawn towards Islam, there are a variety of tactics utilized to divert attention. When questions are raised over the religion’s intentions and moral value, a common tactic used by the apologists of Islamic terrorism, including Barrack Hussein Obama, is to distract the audience, by bringing into discussion the Crusades. The Crusades are brought up so repetitively that an uneducated individual, with no meaningful knowledge of history, would be forgiven for believing that these events took place recently in the 20th century. However, despite Obama’s treacherous dialogue, the final Crusade ended in 1291, meaning that any modern attempts to use these events as evidence for violent teachings in Christianity, in an effort to discredit the dangers posed by Islam, is entirely disingenuous.

Let me be clear, I am happy to condemn the negative features of the Crusades, as well as the practices of radical Christianity, and its at times barbaric…

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Islamophobia, please consider reading this article I have forwarded to you here. Please just read, and think, this should only take about 2 or 3 minutes of your time. Thank You,

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I am sure we are all familiar with the cringeworthy, misleading, and deceptive slur known as Islamophobia. I have always looked upon the term with great distain, and the attempts made by the religion of permanent offence, to portray Muslims as the eternal victim.

But after recent readings, I know more about the actual origins of the phrase ‘Islamophobia’, and I am more hostile towards it than ever. ‘Islamophobia’, did not even exist until the 1990’s. It was developed by the International institution for Islamic thought, a self described ‘Islamic academic and cultural institution’. This organisation was formed by members of the Islamo-Supremacist Muslim Brotherhood. Abdur- Rahman Muhammed, a former member of the IIIT described the origins of Islamophobia, stating; “This loathsome term is nothing more than a thought-terminating cliche conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics”.

Fast track 20 years, and…

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Has President Erdogan Of Turkey Gotten His People Into A War With Everyone?


This past Wednesday a car bomb went off in the Capital of Turkey that was directed toward a passing bus of military personnel.  The death toll last I heard was at 28. On Thursday their President Mr. Erdogan was warning President Putin that (he) Turkey would hold Russia responsible for any acts of terrorism within Turkeys borders. On Friday a splinter group of a Kurdish fighting force claimed ‘credit’ for those people’s deaths. It seems that there are several different Kurdish fighting forces of which it seems President Erdogan is at war with all of them even though about 20% of the Turkish population are Kurdish. Today the Turkish Prime Minister Mr. Ahmet Davutoglu called on the U.S. for unconditional support against the Kurd’s in Turkey’s fight against terrorism. Both Turkey and the U.S. are members of NATO yet the reality is that the Kurdish people have endured heavy losses in their fight against ISIS even though Turkey and Russia have bombed their fighters. So, now a Kurdish group has unfortunately enraged at least 28 families in Turkey. Whom is it in the region that President Erdogan hasn’t ticked off? Syria, Iran, and Russia are at war with Turkey, ISIS, the Kurd’s and Shiite Islam, did I miss anyone? Sometimes it seems that President Erdogan is simply jealous of Russia’s President Putin and wants to get into a shoe-size measuring contest. Dictators, Kong size ego’s, and religion based murders can make a whole region go boom, big time. Why have war when we could all have peace, or, is it why have peace when you can have war? It is just my outside view looking in and I can only go by what I see and hear on the different news programs but it does seem that President Erdogan through his aggression policies are in the process of tearing the beautiful country of Turkey apart at her seams.


Why Is Telling The Truth Such An Unacceptable Thing To Do These Days?

Why Is Telling The Truth Such An Unacceptable Thing To Do These Days?


Does it bother you that so many people lie so easily today? Does it seem to you that there are people who go out of their way on an issue just so they can tell a lie instead of the truth? Which bothers you the most, when you are being lied to and you know it as the words are being spoken, or when you are lied to but don’t find out about it until later? How about when your own children lie to you, or how about when other people’s children do it to you? Then of course there is the reality of having a spouse whom will lie to you while looking you straight in the eyes, it’s always fun having a spouse like that. How about your neighbor, your boss, co-workers, politicians, or even the evening news anchors, do they ever lie to you/us? Do they lie to us daily? Or do they only lie when they open their mouth?


I have come across some folks in my life who had the opinion that if someone told them something and that answer turned out to be wrong then that meant they were lied to. Being wrong about something, even when you personally believe something to be true when you said it, does not mean that you lied when you spoke, it just means that you were wrong on that issue. How do we ever figure our what truth is when so many lie today using their lies as some kind of stupid childish game? It is easy to say that lairs have no integrity, but, do you ever lie on purpose? If you are a person whom says they are a moral, faithful person, a good Christian, do people know you to be a liar also? If we are a liar, are we really a good person, a faith filled person, a moral person or a real Christian? One of the biggest problems with Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is not that he is a liar, it is that he is a man who lies a lot, on purpose for the means to deceive, as he holds a Bible in his hand and calls himself a Christian. He is the type of “warm water” that Jesus spoke of in Revelation as it is this type of person that Mr. Cruz is that helps in giving all of Christianity, thus Jesus, a bad name.


Truth, or truthfulness by definition means the true actual state of a matter, in other words, 100% truth. Another good definition about truth is that it conforms with fact/reality, something that is verifiable. The word truth as an idiom: reality, fact, actually. When I went to look the word truth up in the index of my KJV Bible the sub-title reads “that which agrees with final reality”. In the Bible verse of John 14:6 Jesus is quoted as saying “I am the truth, and the life: no man can come to the Father but through me”. There is only one real truth and that is the pure truth according to Jesus for He is Truth. If my statements do not agree with the Truth that Jesus has given to all people of the Earth through the Holy Spirit inspired Word of God, then I am either incorrect, or I have lied to you. Personally I don’t think there is anything on this planet that is worth lying about. (I speak this as a broken down old man with few days left so earthly treasures mean little to me) Am I wrong sometimes, of course I am, I’m just a human. But, one thing I will never do is to lie to you here on this blog. What good is any blog that lies to people? What good is a blog that is about Truth, if I would ever mislead you on purpose? When you mislead someone on purpose that is a lie after all isn’t it? I hope for your own Souls sake that you just answered that question with a yes. I don’t remember exactly where I heard it at on the TV last week, but it was on some news program and the male commentator made the statement (I don’t know where or how he could have gotten this information though) that the average person (I believe that he was referring to Americans) lies on average 22 times a day! This is not a question that I had ever thought about so honestly I don’t know if that figure surprises me or not.

Pope Francis, Donald Trump, And Faith

Pope Francis, Donald Trump, And Faith

Back in February of 2016 when the Pope was in Mexico as an answer to a question about Mr. Trump and his being a Christian the Pope said that “Donald Trump is not a Christian”. The next day in response Mr. Trump said it was “disgusting” that the Pope would say such a thing as that. Folks think about what just happened for a moment, how would you feel if the Pope himself verbally said that about your faith to the media? I am not a Catholic, never have been, but I am a Christian. When I thought this question to myself the first thing I did was to let out a little chuckle, then the first word I thought of was ‘really’. After thinking about it for a few moments I concluded that if the Pope or any other famous person called me out like that concerning my faith I would demand (I know that wouldn’t mean anything to anyone) a face to face meeting. I looked in the index of my KJV Bible for the word faith and there were many many examples. My eyes wandered down the page to the word faithfulness which had the inscription “making faith a reality in one’s life”. So to be more up to date I checked into the dictionary to check to see what their version of the word faith/faithfulness is. It read under the word faith: Confidence or trust in a person or thing and, belief that is not based on proof. Under faithfulness it read: Strict or thorough in the performance of duty. True to ones word, promises, vows, etc…

So, is Donald Trump a Christian? Is the Pope a Christian? Gods representative on Earth? Does Mr. Trump live a God led life? Does any of us? Judging degrees of other people’s faith or lack there of is a slippery slope that I try to turn over to the one true Judge because I am personally not interested in being a Judge of anyone. When my old mind in my dreams remembers sins committed, long forgotten, buried deep in our minds, how many still remain? I am not worthy to judge, are you? Is Mr. Trump or the Pope? This post like in most of my post I am just trying to get folks to think a little bit about these issues. So, what do you personally think about this flap between the Pope and Mr. Trump? Personally, if I did give my opinion of if Mr. Trump had a clue about being a Christian or of my opinion of the Catholic Church it would only get a lot of folks up set so I will leave those thoughts for another article.

You know what, the heck with it, after all, these are only my opinions, it is not like I am handing down some final judgement on these issues or persons. I am actually quite happy not to be in some final judgement seat handing down edicts toward anyone, there is no way I would want such a responsibility toward anyone.

  1. For what little it is worth. No I don’t believe there is anything ‘Christian’ about Donald Trump! 2) I believe that Rome is the Babylon spoken of several times in the Book of Revelation. 3) I believe that the Catholic Church is the ‘Great Harlot’ of the Book of Revelation. On that note I bid you all a good night.

Hate And Fire Everywhere These Day’s It Seems

Hate And Fire Everywhere These Day’s It Seems

Folks are we really living in a time that is more dangerous than in any time in even our own personal past histories? Or, maybe these times are no different from any others, it only seems that way because of the more and better technology we have at our fingertips today? There is a lot of hate in the world today, but hasn’t this been so since the creation of us gentiles? It does appear that most of the worlds biggest conflicts have at least some religion base to it these days. Race is not the biggest issue in most wars today but there are the instances where a race ties themselves to a certain religion like we connect Muslim people as being Islamic because it seems to be a fit in most cases. That is not Islamophobe, it is a reality issue, if you meet a person who is from Mexico or Latin America do you not assume that their religion is Catholic? Are most people you meet here in America that are from India, don’t most folks tend to assume that they are of the Hindu faith? It seems that all over the globe there are wars and simmering conflicts. People do not tend to say in their own heart about the person they are getting ready to slaughter, O how I love you! As long as we have rampant hate, race toward race or religion toward religion, the fires will burn until they consume both us and those who come after us. This is true because true hate is a consuming fire even after all is under their command. Everyone on Earth has the God-given right to protect themselves and their families but absolutely no one on Earth has the right to be the aggressor. No aggressor, no need to defend, equals no more hate caused deaths or injuries. Yet it is a truth that some people believe in their own mind that they have ‘the right’ to rob, attack and or kill whom ever they so choose. As long as this mind-set exists innocent people are going to be butchered and as long as this mind-set exists there will be the need for people to be able to protect themselves, their families and their property.



China Warns Australia About The South China Sea



This post is my thoughts on an article I read this morning off of Reuters News line concerning an upcoming visit from Australia’s Foreign Minister Ms. Julie Bishop to Beijing China. The spokesman for China’s Foreign Minister, Mr. Hong Lei said he believes Australia “understands” China’s position on the South China Sea dispute with the government of the Philippines. Mr. Lei when speaking about Australia told the Australian government they “ought not avoid this reality”.


Are you paying any attention to the events going on concerning the territory ‘ownership’ of the South China Sea. I say this right now, the whole world ought to be paying close attention because it affects most everyone on the planet. The man-made islands that the Chinese government have ‘reclaimed’ in the South China Sea have now totaled more than 2,900 acres of land. Folks airport runways are already on the islands and missiles have been spotted on one of them already. (which China did not deny) Folks if you are not familiar with the situation, all nations on the globe have a 12 mile buffer-zone from the edge of their shores and after that you are then in international waters. These international waters are a free shipping zone, no country owns these waters. China’s government has made it plain what their goals and opinions are and that is exactly what they are going to do unless the worlds governments find a way to stop them. In case you weren’t aware of it, China claims all rights to the airways above the South China Seas as well. Over five-trillion dollars worth of trade go through those waters every year, China could stop that flow of goods or impose taxes on the whole world’s goods to be allowed to cross those waters.


The Philippines has filed a case against China at the Hague concerning China intruding on their sea borders. The government of China has forcefully denounced this case saying that they will not “recognize” it. There are many other nations in the region who have similar claims pending against China for the same reasons so it is not just the Philippines it is also Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam and Japan. China views the case that has been brought before the Hague as a “contravention of international law”. Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop this week was quoted as saying her government felt that the Philippines had the right to take their case to the Hague. It is this issue that got Ms. Bishop graced with China’s Regal chastisement. Isn’t it odd how such a thing as honesty can just tick some folks off?


American President Obama has also come under verbal ire from Beijing for sending American military aircraft and Naval ships near those islands. Is this an international game of chicken? No, honestly I don’t think so. The business, military and the very-low officials that I have ever met in my lifetime have all been very secretive, even of things that seemed to have no matter. I have never noticed the government of China to be a bluffer, have you? China has a very strong structured leadership, Russia’s top-tier leaders are strong, Americas government plays politics, may God help us all.


If You Will Negotiate With The Democrats: Then You Are Not A True Republican?


This does seem to be the battle cry of the ‘true’ Republicans this Presidential election cycle, that if a Candidate is willing to work with the Democrats to make deals and compromise, then that Candidate isn’t ‘a real Republican’. News flash for the folks like Mr. Jeb Bush, Mr. Ted Cruz and Mr. Rush Limbaugh, guys, the number one thing that the American people say that they are mad at Congress about is gridlock and now you say that you as a Political Party will only except as your Leader is a person that will only agree to more total gridlock?  Gridlock is destroying the very core and fiber of Our Country which exist because the two parties, mostly the Republican ‘leadership’. About 20% of the Republican Party is a Tea Party ‘Conservative Right Winger’ yet the Republican Party as a whole are to cowardice to stand up to them because the Country itself (the people) are more important than the Democratic or the Republican Parties.  The people of this Country are making it very plain in these early votes and polls that ‘we the people’ are fed up with ‘The Establishment’, folks you are the problem, because you cannot see past your own ego’s ‘Our Great Country’ will not continue to allow it to continue and it shows when Mr. Trump and Mr. Sanders are leading the two polls. To put it bluntly, the Republican Party, if you want to win at the Presidential level at this point in time it will be with a person who will negotiate and get Our Country out of the gridlock you ‘Establishment Folks’ have created.

Syria: The Perfect Storm To Ignite A Huge Chapter In This Current WW-3

Syria: The Perfect Storm To Ignite A Huge Chapter In This Current WW-3 


Today Syria is primed to be the location where the pot boils over and this World War that we are currently all living in gets a new very nasty twist in pure violence. The Syrian civil war has turned into a continuance of the 1,400 year old Islamic civil war between the Sunni and the Shiite. The president of Syria is a Shiite so he is an ally of the government of Iran who is the biggest Shiite player in the world. Also there is the fact that the country of Iraq is now led by a Shiite government and its geographical location is as the bumper between the two. First ISIS joins the fight as the major Sunni group against the Syrian government and now Russian president Putin has joined the fight on the side of Iran and Syria. Soon we see if our Nations Leaders are actual leaders, or idiots and fools.


Today I picked up off of CNN a story within an interview being done by reporter Ms. Amanpour with the Saudi Foreign Minister while he was in Munich Germany  yesterday. I am going to type out a couple of the Saudi Foreign Ministers quotes and then I am going to ask you a couple of questions to see the level of understanding we each have. Quotes—“The Syrian President must go. If the political process fails then force must be used”. Yet he says that the Saudi’s will only send troops into Syria if…”we are part of a multi-national force lead by the U.S.”.  There is another important quote of his on this matter, “Syria’s President will leave–have no doubt about it. He will either leave by a political process or he will be removed by force”.


I am looking at this from an American persons view, those of you reading this from other parts of the world may have different view points than I do or what most Americans may have as a view, if so, please leave comments.  The Saudi Foreign says that the Syrian President will leave “have no doubt about it”. Yet he say that the Saudi’s will only put boots on the ground in Syria if they are “part of a U.S. led force”. So, does he have some secret knowledge of an undercover deal with our President? Reality is that the only way the Syrian President gets removed is if he is assassinated or if the U.S. puts thousands of troops on the ground to fight against the Shiite side and for the Sunni side of this 1,400 year civil war. This Syrian conflict is indeed a Civil War but it is mostly a civil war between the Shiite and the Sunni. Russian President Putin has stuck his foot in up to his rear-end on the side of Iran and Syria if the U.S. puts boots on the ground they will be fighting on the side of the Sunni nations. There is this other absolute fact, all these people hate us and our military, they will applaud every time American and Russian blood is spilled on Syrian sand. The Saudi Foreign Minister did say one accurate quote when he said that “you can not take, then hold ground from the air alone”. The question now is whose boots will it be, whose blood will it be?