What Version Of The ‘Truth’ Is Actually ‘The Truth’?

What Version Of The ‘Truth’ Is Actually ‘The Truth’?


The online dictionary that I use is located at Thesaurus.com. It surprised me on two levels, first it says that the word truth is a noun. Second surprise was the amount of definitions, there were eleven under noun if I recall correctly, then it went into ‘truth as an Idiom’ : in truth, in reality; in fact, actually. Dang, that’s a bit complicated for an old man like me. You know that when there is a numbering system going on within a definition that #1 is more used than #2 and so on. So let’s get to those so we can finish up this technical stuff and get into Theory, thought and Theology. #1 Says the definition of truth is: The true or actual state of a matter. Then #2 says: Conformity with fact or reality; Verity. The dictionary also said that the origin of the word truth is from about the year 900 A.D. and is of the Middle English/Old English roots.

Now that we have dispersed with the Simon Says material, what do you personally feel the definition of the word ‘truth’ is? When someone you know very well tells you something, do you believe what they are telling you? Maybe a little of it, most of it? These days here in America most people are quite cynical, when we here a politician or a sales person open their mouths we tend to not believe any words they say. Truth, if I tell you a story that is %90 true, did I just tell you the truth? If I give you the Potomac Two-Step and tell you something with %1 truth and %99 B.S., have I told you the truth? Can I say I told the truth in that interview last evening as long as %1 of what I said was true? My wife likes the term ‘lying by omission’, she is a very observant person and I know that she is a lot smarter that I am so I don’t even try because she can read me like one of her soft back books.


Truth, is the only real truth a thing that is %100 pure real truth? But if so, exactly what is %100 real truth? Are we humans even capable of living a day out and about among the citizens of the world and not be lied to, sometimes straight to our face? I have come to the conclusion in my old age that most people could care less what the truth about anything is, as long as they are making good money off of something, they will say anything is the truth. I have for sometime now been trying to walk a Godly path each day within my life. I do seek to find what I call real truth, God’s version of truth because to me, this truth, God’s truth, God’s Word, is pure Truth. So anytime during the day that I find myself in deed’s or in conversation interacting with a person or people I try to slow down my thought process so that I speak more slowly, with thought attached to my words, hoping to speak only true things. I am very glad that we humans only have to honestly try our best to be perfect, to be totally honest in our dealings, which requires us to be truthful in all of our words and this is done by walking the talk which is when we seek only the truth first. Just my thoughts on the matter, what do you personally qualify the word truth to mean?

3 thoughts on “What Version Of The ‘Truth’ Is Actually ‘The Truth’?

  1. After reading “What Version Of The ‘Truth’ Is Actually ‘The Truth’?” it occurred to me that the dictionary is a poor resource for discovering TRUTH. Although it offers linguistic facts about the “noun” (a name word for a person, place, or thing) it leaves the majority of people to merely assume that it must be a “thing” – a philosophy – resulting from an analysis of an array of presented evidence. Because it boarders on ridiculousness to think of it as a “place” one could actually visit to find TRUTH, there is not much debate about that. But I have discovered that when I contemplate the idea of TRUTH as a “person”, that actually makes much more sense. Scripture declares truth, but never addresses that there are various versions or interpretations of it, but that TRUTH is Absolute – only if 100% – even the slightest deviation nullifies truth and therefore requires the use of another terms. The English translations have combined five different Hebrew words that literally mean “faithful, sure, certain, certain, established, equity, and balance – into one word = TRUTH. In Greek, extrapolations of the word “alethos” include the combined Hebrew thought and primarily assign relativity to the personal pronouns associated with God. Jesus Christ claimed, “I am the Way, the TRUTH, the Life.” TRUTH is a person – Jesus Christ Almighty God. Know Christ, know TRUTH – No Christ, no truth.


    1. Sir, that is an absolutely fantastic post you just made. I agree with you completely, this is why I say that the world hates the “Truth” more than anything else because the world rejects His words, His will. When we are not living our lives His way, then it is ourselves whom are wrong, not our Creator.


  2. A complex subject – I’m not sure if I’ve got it all sorted out in my head. I’m no expert in any field, a mere mortal nudging the seventies, capable of understanding only simple stuff.

    A story comes to my mind: A hunter is chasing a cow. The cow takes shelter in a rishi’s ashram (the living quarters of a sage, usually very spartan). The rishi continues with his meditation. The hunter reaches the ashram and asks the rishi if he had seen the animal come this way. The rishi points to him a wrong direction. And the hunter takes it. The rishi, it is said, did the right thing. Moral, we were told, that which harms is worse than a lie! While logic has trouble accepting it, intutively the mind does not reject this.

    Hope it is not irrelevant.


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