Are Ted Cruz And Donald Trump ‘Nasty Boys’ Mr. Limbaugh?



So, Mr. Rush Limbaugh, I have a question for you Sir. Being you know both of these gentlemen more personally than I do, I ask you your honest opinion on both men. Don’t you honestly believe that both of these guys are people who you wouldn’t want to have pissed off at you personally? Why, the why would be because you know that both these men are hateful, ‘nasty’ people who would ‘get you’ if you did such a thing. Mr. Trump has made being ‘mean/nasty’ into part of his T.V. reality show ‘star’. If Mr. Trump says that Mr. Cruz is a nasty person, he certainly should know what such a person looks like. Think of doing business in NYC for a living, to survive in that world you do need to be able to bring a big dog to the table. Does anyone remember our recently retired House Speaker who on the day he retired referred to Senator Cruz as the biggest A–hole in the Congress when he was asked about things he wouldn’t miss. Personally just about everything that I have ever seen or have read about Senator Cruz has made me wince when he tries to tout his Christian morals as he lies about his ‘big bank’ connections? Please don’t take this commentary to believe that I am a Donald Trump supporter, I’m not. I believe that he has a lot of very good ideas, not all of them though. I also believe that he is to immature in some of his personality traits for us to be able to trust his as our President. I am a registered independent and at this moment in time I am leaning toward supporting either Senator Rubio from Florida or Senator Sanders of Vermont. Politics are a nasty business just as business is, Mr. Trump should certainly know both, after all, all he has to do to see it is to look in his mirror, right?

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