Honest, Truthful American History

Honest, Truthful American History


On old wooden leaky boats smaller than a rich mans toys

We all climbed in and to this new world we set our sails

There’s some that have joined us who are looking for gold and fame

Most came for the hope of land that they could till in their own name


Roanoke Island, Jamestown on the river off the Chesapeake Bay

To Plymouth by the Rock these old creaky boats found their way

Pushed, pulled and chased yet most whites came by their own will

Many really had no choice, poverty and the laws chased them away


This strange new world with all this lumber and open land to claim

An extension of Heaven to all white males this land lays in wait

Wait, who are these strange red faces, with arrows pointed our way

Indians, so-called by Captain Columbus and his misfit crews I think


America, with all these wide open spaces surely I can make my way

White male land owners ordained, we shall be from sea to shining sea

These Indians don’t matter there just good excuse to use our black powder

What our white mans diseases don’t wipe out we will turn into our slaves


America, Valhalla to all white males who have the guts, guns and gold to stay

Kill all the Indian Braves then turn all who are left breathing into our slaves

The Chinese aren’t white so we can use them like dogs to lay our steel highways

Then these Black Devils from Africa, they are only good for work, whips and chains


Why should we be forced to stop at our borders whether by land or by the seas

Canada to our north settled by the French so of course we have every right to invade

To our south we burst through their front door to Mexico City we rode without shame

Spanish, Mexicans and them damn Indians, if we killed them all who would care anyway


Our gold bought Alaska from those Russians so damn it, no war, we didn’t get to play

Then of course there were those primitive Hawaiians, not knowing what we had in store

With big guns and ships we invaded their Islands, killed half the men, imprisoned their Queen

Now their land is our land as we buried our flag in their sand, you know we always want more


Is it through ego or arrogance that why some of us don’t understand the outside world

Why do some roll their eyes and snicker when we say that peace and human rights are our stay

America, I do still believe that she is the best nation to ever give her people a somewhat honest chance

So don’t get angry when others see us different, just look at Nixon, Trump the Bushes and Guantanamo Bay





American Jobs, Wal-Mart And China


American Jobs – Wal-Mart – China

As you probably know that in the media we’re hearing advertisements more and more about made in America products where companies and people pushing the made in the USA slogan. Yet still do you remember that the uniforms for our Olympic athletes were originally made in China instead of America? Eventually the fuss was made loud enough that new uniforms were made for them, here in America. There are companies here in America starving for orders (work) yet so many American corporations that are global conglomerates who will analyze everything down to the penny, and if they can literally save a few pennies on an order by having it made in China will not use the American workers, they instead buy products that are of no quality at all somewhere else, usually in China or India. By now do we Americans not know the level of trash for quality we get when we buy products made in China? Yet the big box stores (corporations) seem to only carry these garbage products at maximum prices. I know that a lot of people are just like me, we go into a store, like your local Wal-Mart and it seems that if you are going to buy anything there you are going to buy foreign-made products, not made in America products. I am a partly disabled Army vet who a couple of times year goes to the VA hospital in Johnson City TN. Even there it is most common if you are going to buy something like a hat or a shirt in their store and you check the tag to see where it was made the answer is usually China. It is frustrating to pick up a hat for example that says something like US Army veteran and have the tag say made in China. Our government is in my opinion traitors to the American workforce in other areas, even ones that are of the utmost importance of having quality like on American fighter jets. Just a few weeks ago on the news the American Secretary of Defense was defending his decision to order parts for Americas new F-34 fighter jets from China because they could get them cheaper there. These were unimportant parts I guess, they were only for the instrument panels and the landing gear.

Okay, now I am going to get more in focus on the title of this article, American jobs. I spent most of my adult life setting behind the wheel of a semi truck  crossing our country hundred of times. One of the things you notice when you are out there is how small town America is dying. Now I am not going to put all the blame on the huge corporations, we the people have some fault in our country’s demise, that is because if we refused to buy products unless they are made in America the corporations would have to buy from America. Every once in a while you will see billboards telling their population to buy from the local companies first because this is what stimulates their local workforce creating local jobs. This basic truth is the same on a national level, if we want to have jobs in this country, then buy only the products that are made here in the states first. A couple of months ago I wrote an article here on this blog titled (Wal-Mart grew through deceit, fraud, and lies) if you have a little time please check it out. If you are old enough you may remember how Wal-Mart used to always advertise how they only bought made in the USA products, that used to even be on the back door of the trailers for everyone to see out on America’s highways. Problem is, they were lying to all of us for the purpose of getting us to shop there and thus help the American workforce. I know very well that I was not the only driver who hauled loads from the shipping docks that we took to the Wal-Mart distribution centers around the country. It was a very common thing to be backed up to a loading dock to pick up a load going to them and the load would be staged there on the dock ready to go, but there was one hold up, we would end up having to wait for several hours while the dock workers changed all of the labeling from wherever it came from to tags saying made in the USA. Friends, to me that is lying, fraud and deceit, what do you think it should be called if not that?

Many years ago I hauled loads from the upper Midwest that were the guts of factories. These were cases where companies were closing up shop in places like Minnesota and Iowa and were moving their operations to states like Texas. The reasons were simple, cheaper labor cost. This was a way to eliminate the unions by moving to so-called Right To Work states. This term, in these states, in my opinion should be called the Right To Work Your Ass Off For As Little Pay And No Benefits As Possible Under The Law. Then came the NAFTA agreement under Bill Clinton’s watch. What it really did was to create jobs south of our border. Companies quit stopping at the Rio Grande River, they simply crossed it to a land with hardly any environmental laws and to countries with no minimum wage factors or unions. I guess that for a lot of the huge companies that wasn’t enough of  savings when they found out that in China and other countries in Southeast Asia you can get slave labor and child labor for wages like a dollar a day. There is one thing now that I want to bring to your attention, have you noticed that a company can close its factory in America because they say they can’t compete on the global market and they move their operations to a place like China so that their costs are lower. But have you noticed that the price of their products never go down any with their new savings? Companies want you to buy their new no quality products but don’t seem to notice that unemployed people have very small budgets.

The reason I am picking on Wal-Mart here in this article is mainly because they’re the biggest offender of this, what I call treason, toward the American people. Wal-Mart has had three large ships made recently, and I do mean large. The three ships are each larger than an American Aircraft Carrier, they each can carry a payload of thousands of semi trailer size containers. The three ships cost Wal-Mart almost five hundred million dollars. You read that correctly, almost half a billion dollars. This is a savvy move for them though, now they are able to save a lot of money on every trip from China to the west coast of America. Why did I word it that way, here is the simple answer, all three of these ships are too huge to be able to get through either the Suez or the Panama Canals. This makes it plain, they are meant for the purpose of hauling the cheapest possible Chinese products to their American stores. Just think about this issue for a moment please. On just one load on one ship, if those products were made here in the States, how many American jobs were lost on just one load? The Walton kids who own the company are all multi billionaires, yet do you see how little they give a damn about the people in this country that they want to sell this cheaply made no quality junk to?

If we the people want to have jobs then we as a people MUST avoid buying non made in America products. If our country had a real two or three percent unemployment rate my attitude would be different. By no means am I anti Chinese people, their government like our own seems to be extremely corrupt, I against all realistic hope, wish all people and governments were kind, honest, loving and fair, but I know that is just a fantasy, not reality. A person might think that I do not care about the working class people in places like China, but that is not the truth. I care a lot about their people, I wish them no harm. It is their government that needs the most changing I think, they have about 1.2 Billion people in their country. Their government should care about their own population first. There are many millions of people in their country who are living in hand to mouth squalor. If their country would turn inward first and build factories and create jobs and products for their goods it would help bring hundreds of millions of people into a more middle class urban level of living. This in turn brings in more tax revenue from within for their government so that they would not have to focus much on obtaining foreign currency. Once they do this then their own people will demand better quality products to be made. This would then help increase the quality of the products that they export so then people would quit calling their products garbage. I appreciate you taking of your time to read the post, I appreciate you, thank you.

Hillary Clinton Is Guilty Of Massive Treason Why Is She Not In Prison?


Here in America most people are well aware that there are different laws for the rich and famous than there is for all the working stiffs. Rich, famous, politicians are almost impossible to bring to justice when they are breaking the laws of our country even when the laws they broke put the whole country in jeopardy. Think of it this way, it’s like trying to stop a Cop who is drunk on duty and driving a 100 plus miles per hour down the highway, they know that the public can’t stop them and give them a ticket, this is why so many Police Officers in this country are so arrogant toward the general public. Besides reality is that there would be a very good chance that if you did try to make the Officer obey the laws there is a very good chance that it would be you who would either be put in jail, or worse. This situation is even worse when a high-ranking politician is randomly committing what is treason like when the arrogant habitual liar Hillary Clinton is concerned. Lots of people in very high places want to make sure that the White House stays in the hands of a Democrat, even if it is a lazy ass like Mrs. Clinton. If you are tuned into reality at all you know that I am speaking of the current resident of the White House and his Attorney General. Does this also make them guilty of the same treasonous acts being they know exactly what she did, they know it was totally against the law yet they protect her? Why? Is it because they care more about politics than the people? You have heard of guilty by association haven’t you? Just in case you are wondering why I called Mrs. Clinton a lazy ass is because she didn’t want to have to be bothered with using the State Department’s secured computer server. To lazy and too arrogant to care that she was running Top Secret and above messages across her unsecured server knowing that Russia, China, and only God knows who all else was reading all of those messages. Folks, that is treason. Mrs. Clinton should have been put in cuffs the moment it was discovered that she did these things. Folks if she can’t be trusted to protect the people of this country from the people who want us all dead, just what would make a person think that as President she could be trusted to protect we the people? Instead of putting a traitor like her in Leavenworth maybe there is an open cell for the likes of her at Guantanamo.

The Shooting Of Unarmed People Is Murder Period: This Includes Police Shootings

The Shooting Of Unarmed People Is Murder Period: This Includes Police Shootings


This morning in the Cleveland Ohio news we are being told that six Police Officers have been fired, one other retired early, and another six Officers have been suspended for anywhere from 21 to 30 days for murdering two people. Back in November of 2012 in the city of Cleveland an old Chevy Malibu backfired near a police station. One of the Officers that was outside thought it sounded like a gun shot so he and many of his buddies took off after a car that they thought the shot had come from. To make a long story short they were wrong, there was no gun shot and the two people in the car (one man, one woman) had no firearms at all. This mornings we are told that approximately  100 Police cars chased this couple for about 20 miles into another jurisdiction where they were able to get the car stopped (bullets stopped it). Once the Officers got the car stopped Officers shot through the windshield 137 rounds, 24 struck and killed the man, 23 struck and killed the woman. Unless you see a person banishing a firearm and that firearm is being pointed at you then you (any Cop anywhere) have no right to ever shoot to kill anyone, if you do, it is murder! Cops must be treated with the same laws they use to make their decisions. You know very well that all those bullets were taken out of these two people’s corpses and that they were matched up against the different Officers weapons. The Officers who started this chase and the Officers whom fired and hit these two innocent unarmed people must be tried for first degree murder. Here in America we have to many macho mental midget’s with a badge and a gun and that isn’t even counting all the cowards with a badge and a gun and there are many, many, many of these felons wearing blue and the American people know it, this is why you are not at all trusted. Murder is murder, no matter what your job description is. You know how we are told that if we are having trouble while we are out and about that we are supposed to find a Cop or to drive to the nearest Police Station? What was this couple suppose to do when it is the Cops whom are chasing and shooting at you, do you stop and make it an easy target for them?


If Police Departments in  America want the vast majority of the public to be on their side then the profession MUST clean up its own act. There are two things that would be very helpful in this regard. 1) Officers must be held totally accountable for their actions, they are supposed to be public servants, not executioners. 2) Officers need to always be friendly whenever possible and they must act like grownups, not mouthy arrogant punks with a gun. So I ask you Officers, please perform your duties with honor, then you will see many more of us civilians whom want very badly to support you. For these things to happen all Policing Agencies personnel must perform their duties honorably and they MUST arrest their fellow Officers when they break the same laws you arrest the people for. Integrity of the Law, learn what it is, and then follow it. That is if you ever want the public to be on your side, right now anytime you ever meet an Officer for any reason the public knows that their life hangs in the balance. It is up to all Policing Agencies to correct their own flaws, no one else can do it for you.

If You Are Poor And Can’t Support Yourself; Why Should You Be Allowed To Live?

If You Are Poor And Can’t Support Yourself; Why Should You Be Allowed To Live?


Playing the part of the devils advocate in this piece, all for the purpose of getting people to think deeper than the everyday surface that we see in our daily lives and to look at the bigger pictures in life itself.

Several months ago I wrote an article that was about world food supplies concerning an ever-growing world population. As we speak there are about 7.1 billion human mouths to feed here on the planet Earth. Fifty years ago the world could not have fed the current population, the shortfall would have been by at least a couple of billion mouths. If by the year 2050 there are ten billion people, will we as a human society be able to feed them all? What if they can’t, then what? There are thousands of people who die everyday on this globe because they did not have the food and or water they need to survive. There are millions of people right here in America that go hungry everyday, men, women, children, old folks. It is a national disgrace that this country has millions of people who are homeless and hungry, there is no excuse for this except pure greed and ego’s. Greed, that is an obvious answer, but ego’s? One of the sad lessons that I have learned during my years is that most people here in the States seem to look down upon anyone who has less than they themselves do. When a person has a problem in their life where they have a problem with their finances and they lose their car or their home many people mock them behind their backs and belittle them to their faces, and on places like Facebook. Brotherly love, where is it? Christian love? Multi-million dollar Church buildings that are financed on the backs of the very poorest, or in a community that is very poor, is a disgrace to the teachings of Jesus.


Now for the Devils Advocate part of this post. If I were a very wealthy person whether I be worth many millions or even worth billions, why should I have to give any of my money, my resources, to help the poor, uneducated, and untrained? Why should I have to take fewer profits just to give to those to sorry or to ignorant or to disabled to be able to support themselves? When there are ten billion children with let us say about three billion adults but technology has made it to where there are only two billion jobs with only about one billion that actually pays a living wage, why should I give a flip about all these lowlife peasants? Why should the top one-per-centers be forced to lower their life styles and give to the bottom rungs of society? Why feed the garbage, just let them die so they can get the heck off my planet sooner!


Is it my fault that ten percent of the people in my county are unemployed and another forty percent are underemployed? Well, if I am a business owner or an executive with an international company and my total earnings are leveled off at lets say five times the amount of my bottom scale I pay my employees, maybe then I would care about what my lowly scumbag employees make. Why should I have to give any of my money to the welfare system? If these people are to lazy or broken down to go earn their own living why the heck should I care if these people starve or freeze to death, they are not my responsibility? As an example, if the planet can only sustain five billion humans then why is it wrong for those of us who are energetic and have been successful in our lives to go forward with the eradication of the lowlife scum on this planet whom are not pulling their own weight?–Remember, Devils Advocate. Folks, if you honestly believe that there aren’t millions of people who think this way then I believe that you are clueless to reality.

What Version Of The ‘Truth’ Is Actually ‘The Truth’?

What Version Of The ‘Truth’ Is Actually ‘The Truth’?


The online dictionary that I use is located at Thesaurus.com. It surprised me on two levels, first it says that the word truth is a noun. Second surprise was the amount of definitions, there were eleven under noun if I recall correctly, then it went into ‘truth as an Idiom’ : in truth, in reality; in fact, actually. Dang, that’s a bit complicated for an old man like me. You know that when there is a numbering system going on within a definition that #1 is more used than #2 and so on. So let’s get to those so we can finish up this technical stuff and get into Theory, thought and Theology. #1 Says the definition of truth is: The true or actual state of a matter. Then #2 says: Conformity with fact or reality; Verity. The dictionary also said that the origin of the word truth is from about the year 900 A.D. and is of the Middle English/Old English roots.

Now that we have dispersed with the Simon Says material, what do you personally feel the definition of the word ‘truth’ is? When someone you know very well tells you something, do you believe what they are telling you? Maybe a little of it, most of it? These days here in America most people are quite cynical, when we here a politician or a sales person open their mouths we tend to not believe any words they say. Truth, if I tell you a story that is %90 true, did I just tell you the truth? If I give you the Potomac Two-Step and tell you something with %1 truth and %99 B.S., have I told you the truth? Can I say I told the truth in that interview last evening as long as %1 of what I said was true? My wife likes the term ‘lying by omission’, she is a very observant person and I know that she is a lot smarter that I am so I don’t even try because she can read me like one of her soft back books.


Truth, is the only real truth a thing that is %100 pure real truth? But if so, exactly what is %100 real truth? Are we humans even capable of living a day out and about among the citizens of the world and not be lied to, sometimes straight to our face? I have come to the conclusion in my old age that most people could care less what the truth about anything is, as long as they are making good money off of something, they will say anything is the truth. I have for sometime now been trying to walk a Godly path each day within my life. I do seek to find what I call real truth, God’s version of truth because to me, this truth, God’s truth, God’s Word, is pure Truth. So anytime during the day that I find myself in deed’s or in conversation interacting with a person or people I try to slow down my thought process so that I speak more slowly, with thought attached to my words, hoping to speak only true things. I am very glad that we humans only have to honestly try our best to be perfect, to be totally honest in our dealings, which requires us to be truthful in all of our words and this is done by walking the talk which is when we seek only the truth first. Just my thoughts on the matter, what do you personally qualify the word truth to mean?

Holy Man (Or Woman)


Like it or not we are what we are

We can choose our path, to the light or the dark

If we choose to walk in darkness, that is our choice

The light still shines even then, if only we could see

We choose to walk in and stay in the light from inside

Not by accident, because it is a choice that’s made

I am what I am because I choose, and God’s grace

I love the Son of God, more than the toys of man

We all sin daily for we are but filthy rags

For like you, I am just a man

If I forgive, and hold not against you

Will you in like kindness, give, as I give to you

Being a Man of God is an honor given

Not from our own righteousness, but grace

For such kindness is given, only from above

It is difficult to have the heart of a hawk

And the spirit of a dove

Being a Man of God, is something I long prayed for

A soul full of God’s love and body filled with His Spirit

Always willing to speak what you now know is the truth

The world will rage at the words that you speak

Being kind, decent, and loving is no life for the meek.

Are Ted Cruz And Donald Trump ‘Nasty Boys’ Mr. Limbaugh?



So, Mr. Rush Limbaugh, I have a question for you Sir. Being you know both of these gentlemen more personally than I do, I ask you your honest opinion on both men. Don’t you honestly believe that both of these guys are people who you wouldn’t want to have pissed off at you personally? Why, the why would be because you know that both these men are hateful, ‘nasty’ people who would ‘get you’ if you did such a thing. Mr. Trump has made being ‘mean/nasty’ into part of his T.V. reality show ‘star’. If Mr. Trump says that Mr. Cruz is a nasty person, he certainly should know what such a person looks like. Think of doing business in NYC for a living, to survive in that world you do need to be able to bring a big dog to the table. Does anyone remember our recently retired House Speaker who on the day he retired referred to Senator Cruz as the biggest A–hole in the Congress when he was asked about things he wouldn’t miss. Personally just about everything that I have ever seen or have read about Senator Cruz has made me wince when he tries to tout his Christian morals as he lies about his ‘big bank’ connections? Please don’t take this commentary to believe that I am a Donald Trump supporter, I’m not. I believe that he has a lot of very good ideas, not all of them though. I also believe that he is to immature in some of his personality traits for us to be able to trust his as our President. I am a registered independent and at this moment in time I am leaning toward supporting either Senator Rubio from Florida or Senator Sanders of Vermont. Politics are a nasty business just as business is, Mr. Trump should certainly know both, after all, all he has to do to see it is to look in his mirror, right?

Do You Really Want A President Who Is Dumb Enough To Believe In Six Human Days Of Creation


On the Republican side of the Presidential debate are two men who have voiced publicly that they believe in the scenario where God created the Earth and all things in it in six human days. You probably already know the two men, Senator Cruz of Texas and Doctor Ben Carson. I am at a loss why such educated men choose not to break with a Churches theology when it is obviously not walking in line with what the Scriptures and even the Apostle Peter has explained about God’s days not being like our days. There is a reason why so many people shun Christian Churches when even the least educated among us knows the stupidity of the six human day theory. Churches have been telling their people such stupid things as: The dinosaurs lived and died on day one. Others tell their people such things as dinosaurs are all made up, it’s just Hollywood stuff. They tell their flock such things as the whole world is only about 5,500 years old and all this carbon dating stuff is just made up science. If a person can be this oblivious to what the very Scriptures they cherish say, and oblivious to basic common sense about the obvious, then how can any of us honestly trust this person to lead our country? I’m just saying…


There are obviously other people in both the Republican and the Democratic presidential race, I do not know what every one of them believe when it comes to the details of their faith or the lack there of. I don’t personally believe that Mr Trump has opened a Bible and quietly read it very many times in his life so I do not know what he personally believes. Hillary, I don’t believe she believes in anything except what she thinks her crowd wants to hear, I honestly don’t believe that Ms. Hillary really has any deep convictions religiously. Senator Bernie Sanders is Jewish by faith, what he believes as far as the creation I do not know, I have never heard him speak of it. Then again there is the issue of, is it an issue, his being Jewish? How will it set in the Arab world for America to be lead by a Jew? Personally right now as far as I know being the Independent voter that I am I think that I like Senator Marco Rubio of Florida on the Republican side and Senator Sanders on the Democratic side of the polling cards.


People Brag About The Killing Of Other Humans: What Has This World Become

People Brag About The Killing Of Other Humans: What Has This World Become


I was born in the mid 1950’s in the state of Virginia, spent most of my ‘growing up years’ in northern Illinois. I got my morals from my Mom, got my whippings from my Dad and learned of the world we all live in from Walter Cronkite. I saw President Kennedy murdered on T.V. and first found out whom Dr. Martin Luther King was, when he was murdered. (I was 11). Our families all watched Vietnam unfold before our eyes each evening along with body counts. We learned that yes, some of our Leaders have been little more than crooks and that our government will murder and lie. I grew up in a generation where when a person or group commit a murder, especially a multiple murder, they stayed quiet about it, they didn’t want anyone to find out it was them.


Fast forward to reality to this real world that we all live in. The examples I am going to use are just from this past few days. We see multiple terrorists attacks it seems each day around the world some where hundreds at a time have been murdered and it seems that the world isn’t even hardly noticing each one because there are so many. The only time it really strikes home is when the attack is literally close to home. Have you noticed that in today’s terror cells it is about getting all the ‘credit’ for their deeds. They use these video attacks of mass murder as advertisement to attract other fighters and to attract more financial donors. Have you noticed how often now that it happens that a group of murderers like Al-Qaeda make an attack inside their sphere of influence that another group like al-Shabab will do the same in theirs, ISIS the same and so on? They all get on their versions of social media and brag about haw many they murdered that day. Hell of a commercial for recruits and money isn’t it? Worse yet is the amount of people whom want to join these groups. Folks, the hatred for all things western by the people whom believe in the fundamentals of Islam is a very great hatred.


Even against the wishes of Hollywood, mass media and the idiots in D.C. America is starting to wake up as we are seeing reality in the lessons most of Europe is learning the hard way at this time. The whole world must learn the lesson that Islam is not like any other religion on Earth, Islam teaches total elimination, then total domination over everyone and everything. This is why so many of these murderers are so proud of their handy-work. When people believe that ‘their God’ congratulates and honors you the more people you can kill before you die, folks that is a sick ideology as it is a sick theology. But folks, it is the reality of the world that we all are sharing today.  It is now up to everyone to keep the fires of hatred squashed and tapped out before their hatred of you and all you have ever loved, gets stamped out. It is the truth that in huge sections of society today that all which is good is counted as evil and all that is evil is counted as good.