Chicago’s Mayor, States Attorney, And Police Chief Should Be Fired Now


I do not live anywhere near Chicago Illinois any more though I did live in the area from 1966-1977 and I have friends and family who do still live there. I am about 9 to 10 driving hours away these days and I no longer listen to any of the Chicago radio stations so I was unaware of this particular case of a police officer murdering this 17-year-old man who is being splashed on our TV screens lately. It was just a couple of days ago I first heard of this event when the Chicago States Attorney filed first degree murder charges against the 14 year city cop who put 16 rounds into this young man as he was walking away from the officer.


This black lives matters group that has been protesting in Chicago has asked a very valid question, why did it take 13 months to bring charges against this officer? Have you personally seen the video of this execution? I have the same questions about the people who ‘are the system’ there in Chicago. You know very well that these people I mentioned in the headline viewed this same video evidence that we have seen within the first couple of days after it happened. It is their job to ‘do the right thing’ and when people in those positions don’t do their job they should be fired, at the very least because they themselves have disgraced their positions as well as themselves. The actions of this murderer disgraced the law enforcement profession to its core yet it took 13 months to charge the shooter with anything, why?


The manager of a nearby Burger King swears that his stores video system caught this shooting on camera and that when the Chicago Police viewed it that they erased a section of it. If this is true and it can be proven then the officer in charge should be charged with being complicit to the murder and for impeding a murder investigation. It isn’t just ‘we the people’ who should care about policing agencies being honest, the profession should also care even more, but do they? To me it does appear that there was a major attempt to cover this crime up, to hide it from the public, maybe they were just hoping it would just go away with time, thank the Lord that it did not. Some folks that are new to this blog may think that I am anti cop, nothing could be further from the truth. What I am is a person who wants all policing departments around the world to always act honestly, to never ever be ‘the bad guys’. We the public hire these people to protect us and that is an impossible job if they themselves are nothing but ‘GANGS OF BLUE’ thugs themselves. In other words Officers you and everyone else in your department must not just quit trying to cover up police crimes you must have enough integrity to not tolerate these criminal actions in the first place.


I say that the States Attorney and the Police Chief should be fired at once because of it taking 13 months to charge the shooter even with all the video evidence that showed plainly that the officer committed cold-blooded murder yet they kept this evidence from the public. I do say that the Mayor Mr Emanuel should also be fired because it is (to me) quite obvious that the Mayor in his bid for re-election required a lot of black citizens to vote for him and if these videos had surfaced before the election he had no chance of being re-elected. So, was his actions also criminal besides just being unethical? I don’t know about that, I am not a lawyer nor a judge and I do not have a law degree, but maybe this issue should be investigated. If Law Enforcement Officers wish to have the full backing of the people then they must act in legal and respectful manners at all times with the people. The whole event is a horrible black eye toward the Chicago Police Department and it’s officers. We the people need to feel safe when dealing with the police because we have to depend on the Officers and the States Attorneys to have our backs. Officers are unfortunately very much necessary in human society or society itself can not exist. I say unfortunately because as we all know the world has a lot of horrible people running in our streets just like the young man who was shot down. Do not play like he was some innocent little kid. When you are old enough to be in the Marine Corps, you are not a child any longer plus the fact that about everything this young man was doing was illegal. If he had been acting in a legal manner he would not have been targeted. Did he deserve to be executed for those actions, of course not, put in jail yes, gunned down like a rabid dog, no!

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