Starting A (6 Of God’s Days) Adventist Church?

Starting A (Six Of God’s Days) Adventist Church


Good evening everyone, I ask each of you to be open-minded, patient and critical of this post as it is like no other post I have ever even considered doing. First of all it is not like I am anything that is more special that everyone else on this planet. I am not more important than you or anyone else, we are of all of equal value to our Creator. I don’t really like the term or thought that I am going to try to start “a Church” because Jesus is the owner of Christians Souls and bodies and “the Church” is “the Bride of Christ” which He will be collecting at “The Rapture” (second advent) so it (a new Church) is not new, Jesus is the Author and Owner of all Churches who worship Him. God’s Church was created when Jesus walked out of that burial chamber in 29 A.D.

I have studied many Christian Churches teachings in the 51-52 years that I have been studying the Bible and have not found any who even understand what the Scriptures are telling us. In my studies of these different teaching I have found that I mostly agree with the teaching of the Seventh Day Adventist Church over all of the other ones I have knowledge of. I did say “I mostly agree” because I do have some disagreements with a few of their teachings. I know that the biggest ‘neon flashing light’ is that they believe that God created this planet in six human days even though it is more than obvious that no such thing is said in Scripture anywhere. Do you remember what the Apostle Peter said in the book of Second Peter chapter 3, verse 8? Quote, (NRSV) “But do not ignore this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like one day”. This is really a simple issue of excepting reality, please think about this for a moment, every planet that circles our sun has a different measure of what a day is. Why does anyone still think along the terms of human days as if the time it takes Earth to rotate should qualify as a measure when eternity is the subject matter? What is time to God? How much time is eternity, can it be measured? Humans have a huge problem with ego’s and ignorance.


When a person Google’s the Seventh-Day Adventist Church beliefs you will come across what they refer to as “their 28 fundamental beliefs”. Number 6 is the one about their believing in the 6 human days of creation which we have already discussed. I believe that this ignorance on this one subject is the cause/reason why millions of people throughout the ages have laughed off Christianity as being total ignorance, at the cost of their own Souls. The next of their fundamental beliefs (#22) that I totally disagree with as saying the opposite of what the New Testament Scriptures tell us. Lines # 7 and #8 of their teachings says and I quote “…we are to adopt the most healthful diet possible and abstain from, the (unclean foods identified in the Scriptures). By Scripture this would only be true if you are a Jewish believer who does not believe that Jesus is/was the Christ thus following the ‘old law’ (Old Testament) that was given to the Lords people (Hebrews/Israel). With the resurrection of Jesus the ‘Old Law’ passed away and a “new covenant/New Testament” came into effect so no one is now bound to that law. Please consider what we are told in the book of Acts in chapter #10 verses 11 through 16, “He (the Apostle Peter) saw the heavens opened and something like a large sheet coming down, being lowered to the ground by its four corners. In it were all kinds of four-footed creatures and reptiles and birds of the air. Then he heard a voice saying “get up, Peter; kill and eat”. But Peter said “by no means, Lord;  for I have never eaten anything that is profane or unclean”. The voice said to him again, a second time, “What God has made clean you must not call profane”. This happened three times, and the thing was suddenly taken up to Heaven”. If God says that all the animals are now clean and we are instructed to use them for food if we are hungry then why does any church say otherwise.?


The last of these 28 beliefs that I have a problem with is about correctness with them on #27. Please read those 28 points as you read your Bible, there is a good chance that most people who call themselves Christians who have spent years studying the Scriptures will agree with most of these 28 points. Please understand that #27 which is talking about the millennium, the thousand-year reign of Christ after the Rapture. They teach that during that thousand years that the Devil and his Demons will have full total control and dominion of the earth but with no human beings on the planet during that time and that is just not correct by Scripture. To say this means that they do not understand what Armageddon is at all. The book of Revelation is really not very difficult to understand if you read it prayerfully many many times with a pure and unbiased mind and heart. Folks, Armageddon will be when the Devil, the Beast and the false prophet has waged all out war on Christians, at least those who refused to allow a Demonic government to place a computer chip in their hand, marking them as one of Satan’s followers, ‘the mark of the Devil’. Armageddon will be when Christ and His angels appear at The Rapture. This is when all the billions of people who have been fooled by the governments and their Demonic leaderships go to wage war against Christ Jesus and His angels. (Revelation 16:14) ( Revelation 19:19-21) (Revelation 20: 7-9) Demons will be cast straightway into the ‘lake of fire/Hell’ because they have already had their judgement day, leaving the “fooled” to be totally crushed like grapes in a wine-press. For all those who do not believe that Jesus is The Christ then they will all die a horrible death but this is nothing compared to after their judgement.


So, now, how does one start a new “church movement”? Please study those 28 points of the Seventh-Day Adventist and please study the Scriptures prayerfully that relate to what they are saying. I know of no ‘Church’ that teaches exactly what I believe to be the ‘Gospel’ Truth. A few are close, but not exactly. So my question to you, exactly how would I/you/we start a ‘6 of God’s Days’ Adventist Church? I guess that I would not mind (but I am guessing about that) getting people together here in east-central Kentucky to start a Church but I would need devoted caring intelligent honest Christian people around me to ‘run the Church business’. The reason is, I have no health, if we were able to start an honest Christian Congregation the ‘Church group’ would need Deacons, Elders, and people who had the physical means to maintain the building and grounds. If one thinks about starting up any type of venture, you realize that there is a lot to it and with my health, I can do very little. Remember, if one starts up a ‘Church’ it has always got to be totally centered on Jesus Christ, not the Minister for the meaning of Minister is Servant! The people can never allow a ‘Cult’ to form around a Minister, not ever!


This whole article is just conjecture as I do not expect anything to come about here where I live yet it would be nice if some places around the globe did start wanting to get back to the basics of love that is God’s teachings. It would be nice if this article is some small way helped nudge people into wanting to live and believe as the Scriptures of God speak to us to do. I know that physically I am 95-99% dead so really none of this article, this conjecture is about me, it is about all of you. I just want everyone to be saved once their life is over, and that does mean each and every one of you. Please take a few moments to leave comments on this issue, I would like to hear your thoughts, good or bad. I pray that God will bless you all, thank you for your time, Shalom.

Biblical Parables: Earthly Stories With A Spiritual Meaning

Biblical Parables: Earthly Stories With A Spiritual Meaning


The first parable that we find in the book of Numbers of/with/about the prophet Ba-laam is found in chapter #23 verses 7-24. Ba-laam was a man who on at least three occasions had a verbal one on one with God, yet he just like King Solomon later on in history became as fools in their end days. Ba-laam’s human fate we know from Numbers 31:8 that the Lord had him slain with the sword along with all the other male Midianites. Scripture does not tell us of the physical end of King Solomon of Israel, only his foolish downfall through his lust for women. It is no parable, just a fact that the Devil knows each and every one of our weak points and it is there that He usually attacks us. We each have our weaknesses, just as none of us are perfect, we all have weaknesses. The parable is inside the prophecy? The nation of Israel is the young Lion who will destroy the Midianites and all those who rise up against Her (Israel).

I have a parable for you in the form of a question: A person who knows what truth is yet chooses to not speak it is like unto a prophet who speaks with God yet reverts to worshiping Demons, which one is truly the greater fool or which one will be rewarded with the deepest condo in the belly of Hell? Yet, before we so willfully decide to condemn others will we consider our own sins so that we do not pass them on the way down?

Please go to the 26th chapter of the book of Proverbs, please consider verses 7 and 9. By the subtitle in my KJV the first twelve verses of this chapter are subtitled ‘Relationships With Fools”. Let us break down verse seven first: “The legs of the lame are not equal…” This is a simple physical fact, a simple reality. If I am going to try to run a race and I have one very sore knee and I am racing against a person with two healthy legs, I am going to lose, simple logic right?

Verse #9, “As a thorn goes up into the hand of a drunkard…”. Doesn’t it go figure guys, as soon as we mess up real bad with our wives like telling her we are going to go to a buddies house to watch a football game and we promise her you won’t have more than one drink, we just didn’t tell her that one drink was going to be a half-gallon of Kentucky’s finest Corn Squeezing. Being the kind and thoughtful men we are we stop on the way back home and buy the little lady a dozen roses. When she unlocks the door and lets us back in who is the enlightened one as she jerks the flowers leaving the bloody thorns implanted in our hands.

Now lets finish the Spiritual end of these parables as we have already seen the human side of these basic parable lessons. #7-“The legs of the lame are not equal: so is a parable in the mouth of fools”. Verse #9-“As a thorn goes up into the hand of a drunkard, so is a parable in the mouth of fools”. Going along with this flow of thought would you please consider Proverbs 25:28? To me this is a parable that ties in with the above theme of stupid or clueless humans and what our lack of knowledge is like unto. “He that has no rule over his own Spirit is like a city that is broken down and without walls”.


Without God, without God’s Spirit, we humans are nothing but babbling idiots for human logic is logic of the flesh, the things we can see and touch. The logic of the Spirit is where true peace of mind, heart, and the Soul helps in keeping the body alive, if only the flesh will listen to the Spirit. When a person understands that it is their Soul that really matters not possessions or positions it is then that a person first starts to experience actually living.

Proverbs 27:12 “A prudent man foresees the evil, and hides himself, but the naive pass on, and are punished”.

Proverbs 3:5-7  Under benefits of wisdom “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not onto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him (God), and He shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in your own eyes: fear the Lord, and depart from evil”.


Friends if our hearts, minds or Souls are mired in desires and fears of today’s events we do need to try to see from the Spiritual eternal understanding views as to what matters and what really doesn’t. Live life today as if it is your last day on this Earth, and tomorrow we awaken at the feet of Jesus Christ. Might He ask us why His parables He spoke to us we never bothered to understand. If we can not or will not obey the simplest of things how are we then to understand even the simplest of the mystery’s of God?

I have a new parable I just thought of about the two son/sun’s. The sun is in the sky and today we see it shinning bright, the south wind blows upon the clouds and like a blanket covers the sun from our eyes. Is the sun now not there? Can it be the that the clouds that cover our own eyes are the reason we can not see the Son?

Most Christian leaning folks that I have met seem to be far more interested in sayings within the New Testament Scriptures, not those from the Old Testament. So I am going to be breaking down several of the New Testament parables of Jesus in the very near future (Lord willing). I hope that some explanations will be of some interest to you. Until then stay well, God’s blessings to you and yours.


Paul Ryan Is Still The Wrong Person For The Speakers Job


I have a question for each of you who are grazing through posts tonight and I ask you to please consider it for a moment. The question is, isn’t what Paul Ryan is saying to the rest of the Republican Congressmen/women “if you promise me that you will line up behind me, I will take the job”? So he saying “if you don’t line up behind me that I will not take the job”? That is what he is saying isn’t it? You know, that is a cool gig if one can get it! He is saying, unless you (Republican Congressmen/women) agree to let me have my own way (be God), then I don’t want the job, isn’t he? Those of you who have read my thoughts before know that I am not at all anti Paul Ryan. Mr Ryan as far as I know from things I have heard and read throughout the years is that he is a good and decent human being. I have heard that he may well be one of the most intelligent persons that is in the Congress today. By my understanding of things he is one of the Tea Party favorites, if this is true then he and I probably agree on a lot of different issues, but not all. I would love it if our Nation was at least trying to live life according to the New Testament teachings of the Bible! Now don’t git uppity just yet because my obvious disclaimer is that “how can I ever expect a nation to accomplish what I struggle with as just one single human each day”? But don’t we owe at least that much to God/self/Country/family, to at least simply try?


Let’s get back to the real wold of now though, and out of fantasy land. Though I personally believe in a moderate/conservative Christian view points I am old and wise enough to see and to know that this political platform will not carry in America today. To me a good example of a good Christian man (as far as I know he is) is former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee whom most of you probably know was also a former Baptist Minister. Mr Huckabee I hear on the TV News programs that he is only polling in the 1-3% range in his bid for the Republican Presidential Nomination.  I do not believe that in America today that anyone who has that history will ever be elected to the Presidency. Paul Ryan is a person that is intelligent to do the job of Speaker, yet I do believe that him taking this job means that there will continue to be total gridlock in D.C.

The Republican and the Democratic leaderships say they want to have a bi-partisan relationship yet what they really mean is (the quicker you folks agree with me) the quicker we can be bi-partisan. Personally I believe that in the Senate and in the Congress you have a case where about 20% percent of the “out lairs” of each party are telling the majority what to do? Why is it that the people in D.C. politics and State House politics don’t “get it” that We The People are sick and tired of all of you and your games? Now, PLEASE, work together and get Our Country back on its feet again before the floor falls out from under all of us!  If you and I really actually want our children and grandchildren to live a life at least as good as you have been able to do, and hopefully a good bit better, then we all must insist to the politicians that they compromise on as many issues as they possibly can. I know this sounds backwards in personal psych but if the two parties do not start caring about the well-being of the American people before their party politics, then America itself will crumble from the inside well before our children can ever be able to retire.


Politics is supposed to be the art of compromise yet if a member of either party tries to work with the other party their own parties leadership criticizes them like they are traders. Personally I did not vote for a Congressman from Ohio or from Wisconsin, I voted for my Congressman from my state. I want my Congressman to tell me what they think and what they believe on the different issues so I know whether I want to vote for them or not. I do not want my Congressman or Senator when they physically get to D.C. to be told what he is to think and say, and how he is to vote. I want to know what my Congressman thinks, not what he is told to think and say, don’t you feel this way also? So, what it comes down to is I believe that Paul Ryan is a real bad choice for Speaker because he is being pushed to be a “far right” leader when he is already a “far right” personality. I simply believe that for this particular job at this particular point in time having Mr Ryan in this position will equal an even worse stale-mate then the mess we already are sinking in.

The Bible’s Definition Of What Armageddon Is

The Bible’s Definition Of What Armageddon Is


There has throughout the written history of man a thought of our beginning, and of our ending. Hollywood has done some work in this era of lights, camera, action. Personally I like the version with Bruce Willis and the rock jump, pump and bump, with all the techno geek work they can do these days is cool. But outside of Hollywood productions or street corner preachers hollering out about hail fire and brimstone, what do we know or think we know about what the Bible itself says about what Armageddon is?


When I was a young boy I had parents that believed in Jesus and the Truth of the Bible. Mom was much better at teaching us kids about the existence of Jesus and who He was, by being a better living example of God’s love. I also spent my ‘growing up years’ (10-17) learning Church of Christ teachings, I am telling you this now to maybe help you better understand where I am coming from in my beliefs. I also listened to some Baptist and Jehovah’s Witness information. One of the things I noticed when I spoke with adults, including at least three Ministers and a few Church Elders and Deacons was that they didn’t really have an answer for when/what the End Of Time is, just that it was/is called Armageddon in the last book of the Bible (Revelation).


Most folks that I ever heard talking about the Biblical event of Armageddon in terms of today’s world have been thinking of a nuclear war between “world powers”. Truly any nuclear attack on anyone by anyone would be a horrible thing to have happen again especially with the power of the jute boxes they have these days. If possible, I would like to help put your mind to rest on such an event being “the Biblical Armageddon.” If it were possible that I could convince you of my peace being correct, I would certainly like to give you the same peace that I have been able to obtain because I am at peace that this won’t happen. I am not saying that human beings (some of them) are not above the ignorance it would take to be the first one to actually push that button. Unfortunately I do believe there are many people in the world today that if they could, they would incinerate whole countries and be gleeful, praising their god for the glory. If such a horrific event ever does happen, it would be beyond horrible, it would be gut wrenching even if it was a country you had no personal ties to, it would be sickening. But now, please flip the switch in your mind to the aftereffects, not just toward the poor people this happened to, but toward whom ever in the bleep was evil enough to have pushed that button. Though such an event would be world-changing, it would still not be “Biblical Armageddon” because I am going to get back on point now and explain what the Bible is telling us about “it”.


Please open your Bible if you have access to one to the last book of the New Testament, the Book of Revelation. Please go to chapter number 16 starting at verse number 12. Verses 12 through 16 will take place as an Angel of God opens up the sixth of the seven vials to be emptied upon the Earth. This is not a very comforting situation for any humans who still happen to be alive at this point in human history. Please read verses 13 and 14 carefully and slowly, several times. Folks we humans are going to/ and now are, putting our trust and faith in three different “people” who aren’t even human beings, they will be Demons. I am not saying that the human race will on purpose surrender lives and Souls to a Devil if they knew they were Demons. (I know some people are actually stupid enough to worship Satan on purpose, that level of stupidity is beyond my understanding though I pray that this number is only in the thousands, not the millions). Let’s get into what verse 14 says about what these three Demons are going to be able to do, they are going to gather the leaders of the world together to fight against…..Jesus and His Angels, this is the Second Advent (coming) of Christ. These “leaders” will quickly be cast into Hell (because they are Demons so they have already been given their judgement day and found guilty 19:20) leaving the now leaderless humans to suffer the wrath of God. Please read chapter 17:12-14 for a better understanding also. Now if you would please finish your thoughts after you reread chapter 16, verse 16.—“And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon”. Armageddon is when humans and their ‘Leaders’ physically go to war against God and His Angels and the people will be crushed like grapes in a wine-press and the blood will run to the horses reigns.

When The Wisest Man Who Ever Lived: Was Just Plain Stupid

When The Wisest Man Who Ever Lived: Was Just Plain Stupid


If you are a person who believes the stories that are written in the Bible to be truthful, then we humans are in a world of poop. By what the Bible says and what Jewish history says then there once was a King in Israel called Solomon the son of King David. It is said that God granted the young King Solomon a wish and instead of Solomon asking for riches and long life he instead asked for the wisdom that he would need to rule over the House of Israel. This is when it is said that God granted him a level of wisdom beyond that of any human ever. If you are this young man and you absolutely believe in God, you are granted all of this wisdom, you become the wealthiest human that has ever lived, you should also be the happiest person that has ever lived, wouldn’t you? God has granted you everything on a silver, excuse me, a gold platter, God has even granted you the long life and riches you didn’t ask for. What more could one human being ask for? O, yes, he should have requested enough blood to be running through his veins to operate both of his heads.


God did warn Solomon about taking wives from other lands whom worshiped other “gods”. I believe the number quoted in Scripture was that in Solomon’s latter years he had 300 wives and 700 secondary wives. Many of these 300 wives were like “treaty” wives. These were daughters of other rulers from around the known world. You know how it is supposed to work, you marry one of my daughters so now we both know that we won’t attack the other, that we will now be allies. One of the issues in this type of system is the reality that these women would bring their customs and their “gods” into Solomon’s Castle. These women would and did turn Solomon’s heart away from the God he knew existed toward some of the “other gods” his favorite wives served. Simply put guys, the wisest human being (man) that has ever lived couldn’t control his horny human side. Friends, this is discouraging to say the least. If the wisest person who ever lived couldn’t control his sexual urges even when he had at least 1,000 women he could bed at any time he chose to, then what chance do us other poor blokes have of keeping it in our pants, or robes, and staying out of divorce court, a thousand times?


I am not going to lie to you, between my two marriages I was with several ladies, but not during my two marriages. Was I wrong in having sex outside of marriage, by Scripture, yes. Was I sinning, yes? Am I perfect, no, of course not. But, during my two marriages I have not once cheated, not even to the point of touching another woman at all. My first wife did not have a problem with spreading herself around, that marriage lasted less that two years. The young lady that I am married to now (19 yrs) has been faithful and true as I have been to her. For me I chose not to mess around on my first wife even though she showed me no such courtesy. I chose not to because I was taught that those actions was by faith and by love things a person would not/should not ever do. My current wife and I have never ever cheated on the other, for the same reasons, Scripture forbids me and because I love her and I know that me cheating would be a deal breaker that would crush her, and I refuse to treat her like that. These are the two reasons that I am wiser that the wisest man who has ever lived, well okay, on this one issue, maybe. The wisest man who has ever lived was a huge screw up, thank you Lord for your Grace because it is very obvious that we humans tend to have a major case of stupid going on.

These Days Of Palestinian Rage


We see and hear news from Israel each day via our electronics about the violence there each day. Aw how the Media does love a good story, as they should! I want the whole worlds Media to be unencumbered when they are trying to get an important story out to the worlds public. I want to see and hear the stories on my evening news programs, but I want to know that what I am being told in my living room each evening is correct, honest, true, and totally unbiased, don’t you? I want the Media to be very knowledgeable about the news event they are reporting on and to absolutely have no bias in their reporting, don’t you? Here in America our main news agencies tend to be heavy toward either the Republican Party and their platform, or they slant heavy toward the Democratic Party and their platform. What we the people want is simply down the middle truth, this is one of the good things about technology today, more eyes on the ground. People need to know the “why’s” behind major news stories, why are these things happening, why is there such hate, why did the event go to violence, why’s do matter. Without the full truth as to why an event is happening how can a person know the truth of what they are being shown in a 30 second news clip? Another thing that no audience wants is to have the Media create their own story because of their own political or financial leanings.


These days of Palestinian rage, which day isn’t a day of Palestinian rage? Since at least 1948 when the Jewish Nation of Israel came back into being, back in their ancestral homeland, when hasn’t been a day of rage as far as the Palestinian populace is concerned?  Then 1967 happened and these people rage along with their Arab brothers hate spilled over into a very short battle against the Israeli Nation (I say battle because the war is still ongoing) in which Israel recaptured more of their historical Homeland. Loosely used the Palestinian people officially refer to the land they lost in 1967 as “the occupied territories” yet unofficially all of what is Israel today is “occupied territories” to them. This is why these Islamic hate groups like Hamas, Hezbollah and Fatah keep fighting, keep murdering, to this day, they want all Jewish people and all Christian people off of “their land”. O, by the way, also all Hindu, Buddhist, etc,etc,etc.


Now, do I blame the people who were displaced in 1948 from their homeland when the Nation of Israel came back into being, for their being mad about the whole event, then to now? No, not really. Would you have gotten a major case of mad if this were done to you and your kin folks? Now let us come to the issue of history, should any history be considered? If so, whose history? Do we only allow the history of one side, two sides, all sides? I am trying to be philosophical and fair in this note to you today, I am challenging you and myself, to think, to try to be honest with ourselves, to challenge our own beliefs. Why all this? Do you care about what “Truth” is? In pure honesty lies pure Truth and for the sake of this discussion pure truth is God’s Truth, God’s version, not yours, or mine.


We can look at human history with several different starting dates in one’s mind, depending on one’s own education and Scriptural knowledge. But for the sake of today’s discussion I am not speaking of prehistoric times but do let us go back as far as Abraham the Father of Israel and the Father of the Arabic people. Both the Jewish and the Arabic sides know that they are indeed half brothers, just neither side likes the other side of the family so much. By history Israel holds claim to Jerusalem and The Rock from about 2,000 B.C. till about the year 630 A.D. when the followers of Allah behind General Mohammed forced Islam on all the lands of North-Africa and the Middle-East. They did also invade Southern Europe but were eventually beaten back across the Pond into North-Africa. Followers of Allah held “The Holy Lands” (modern-day Israel) for about 1,320 years before the a new version of the State of Israel came along in 1948. Then there is the version (size) of Israel after the 6 day war in 1967 when all of Israels neighbors attacked her and Israel retook and has kept some of Her former land. Which ones of these dates do you wish to argue for or against? Or maybe you choose the day that the Nation of Israel gave back to the Palestinian People the West-Bank and Gaza? Now that they have their own lands of Gaza and the West Bank why is it not a two state solution already?


Here in America we celebrated Columbus Day as a celebration of the day that the Europeans discovered the Americas. That was also the day the native people of these “discovered” lands started to be eradicated, almost wiped off the face of the land by these same Europeans. Should the Indian folks of the Americas celebrate the beginning of genocide against their people? Should we European Americans, African-American or Asian Americans be celebrating what was for many, a tragic event in their history? For the purpose of making an example I wish for you to think of the situation I am going to present you, afterwards, what do you think should happen in this circumstance? In the south-western state of New Mexico lies the largest Native American Peoples “Indian Reservation/Nation” in America. This is the Nation of the Navajo People yet the American Federal Government freely operates on their soil. Personally I have always wondered how or why the Federal Government should have that freedom on their land, but that’s just my thoughts on that matter. Lets say for the sake of argument that the United States Supreme Court ruled that  the whole state of New Mexico had to be returned to the American Native Peoples of America, what would happen then? Would the people who lived in New Mexico who weren’t of sufficient Indian blood move freely, even if they were being given fair dollar value for the properties they had to leave behind? How many would fight the American government forces who were insisting they vacate? How many would fight against any Indian person who stepped foot on “their land”. Then there is the issue of violence or of a violent take over of the State by Native American Clans/Tribes. Should we the people of the other 49 States help our “non-Indian” brothers to kill these “Red-Skins, put them in their place”? What is “their place”, where is it? Just because the Native American Peoples occupied all of the Americas without significant influxes of other races up until the early  fifteen-hundreds. But we white folks, black folks, and brown toned folks have dominated these lands for about 500 years now so we have all the rights, right? Can I as  a White man honestly say that the Red man has no such right to even try to retake the lands of his ancestors?


I am by choice a man of God and I do believe that God is the true definition of Love, that He is not hate. If you believe this and you believe that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God the Father then the Spirit of God’s love resides within you, not hate. God has never said that a person does not have the right to defend themselves when they or their families are being attacked! Instead it is required of a person to defend their families even if not themselves. But, and a huge but has to be added here, no one and I do mean no one has the right to be the aggressor. It is easy to start blaming others say so and so started it when they did this, this, and this.

Here is a way to find out the heart of the person and the heart of “their God”. If your God is “not about love”, is he really a God? If there was a world-wide decree for there to be absolutely no violence at all, one person toward another and that meant all violence stopped at once, is this something that you or “your God” would adhere to?  If your religion says no to peace, if it tells you to kill all people who don’t agree with you, are you really listening to “God”? Or, are you for some insane reason following something that is pure evil? If I move into a new home and I find out that my neighbor is a horrible person, lets say every time he sees me he flips me off and calls me and all of my family horrible names. Even though I might like to go drop an elephant on his head or shoot him with a cannon, I don’t have that right, that would make me the physical aggressor. In nations like America we do have laws that are set up to protect us from such nice neighborliness eliminating the need for any violence. You know what happens when things turn to violence. The neighbor I dropped the elephant on had two brothers, three mean sisters, and crazy parents so now the whole neighborhood is up in smoke. If no one and I do mean no one from either side strikes the first physical blow, there can be no war, no physical casualties. If the “God” that has your ear is not the God of love, then it is not a “God” that has our ear at all!



Paul Ryan Was And Is The Wrong Person For The Republican Party


Obviously this is simply my opinion of this current situation the Republican Party leadership finds themselves in. I do not dislike Mr Ryan, as far as I know he is, for a politician, a pretty straight up kind of person. Personally I had never even heard of Mr Ryan until Mr Romney chose him as a running partner in 2012. I just had a short face to face debate with my Father-in-law that I know surprised him. You see he is a hard-core Republican with a strong Christian right views, so am I so it surprised him when I took a center-est view against hard-core Conservative Tea Party actions regarding how they have been and are screwing up the Republican Party and the whole political system in Washington. This is why I am against Mr Ryan becoming the new Speaker of the House, America does not need a Speaker who will not work with both sides of the aisle. Right now in the Republican Party the Tail is wagging the Dog.


Back in 2012 when it became clear that Mr Romney was the Republican nominee the attention went to whom would he choose as a running mate. Those of you who know me you know that I have a very lousy opinion of Mr Obama so it was important to folks that feel like I do as to whom Mr Romney would choose as a running mate. Personally I was really hoping he would choose Senator Marco Rubio of Florida. Here are my reasons why, in my opinion Mr Romney being a wealthy North-east Yankee white guy (to some folks this stupidity still matters), if he was going to have any chance at all to win, the worse thing he could possibly do would be to put another Yankee white male on the ticket. This is where Mr Ryan came into the picture for me. So, we all know that Mr Obama is still our President, Mr Romney and Mr Ryan went down to defeat.


Mr Ryan was the wrong person for that job (Vice President), and he is at this time, the wrong person for the Speakers job. I believe that Mr Ryan would be a great person to have a job like being the head of the Treasury Department, he seems to be a very smart and capable person. Even though my personal political views are slanted toward Christian views, thus making me a Conservative in today’s political climate. I know though that I and a huge portion of the population are sick and tired of party politics where nothing positive ever gets accomplished because of their posturing. Personally I wish that Mike Huckabee could be our next President but I know very well that he will never win that job. In our current cultures here in America a current or former Minister is never going to that Office, it is just not going to happen. Christians and Conservatives must face up to reality on the ground, we are looked at as “the bad guys” in the media because in the Republican Party has the 20% wagging the 80% and folks, that equals a sure defeat next November.


Part of my reasoning about Mr Romney needing to not choose a white northern male as a partner was my belief that the ticket had to appeal to more than northern white males if the Republicans really wanted to unseat Mr Obama. I personally don’t like it that humans care about what part of the country a person is from or  what nationality a person happens to be. We can never choose what part of a country we are born in nor can we dictate what skin color we will have on us when we come out of the womb so why do we humans put stock in such things when God obviously doesn’t? But the fact on the ground in 2012 was and is, people do care, at least a lot of people do so in my opinion. Mr Romney needed a Southern or South-western running mate. Also Mr Romney did not poll well with minorities, Mr Rubio would have helped him carry a lot of America’s Hispanic voters, taking those same votes away from Mr Obama. Another factor was the fact that Florida is a huge Delegate State and it was one that Mr Romney had to win if he was going to win the Presidency, Senator Rubio would have been able to bring Florida to the Republican camp.  The Republicans did not win Florida and they did not win the White House.


Mr Ryan was simply the wrong person at that time to be on the underside of that ticket. Mr Ryan was chosen because of pressure from the Conservative side of the Republican Party establishment. These same were very unhappy that Mr Romney was their candidate, they felt that he was way to Liberal. This is where Mr Ryan pops up on the national stage, odd though isn’t it, he is a Conservative who now at this moment is being undercut by people in his party that say he is not conservative enough for them. What I guess I am saying is that the Republican Party must go toward the center if they are going to be relevant in the near future. The 80% or so of the Republican Party must take control of the party from the loud and well-funded conservative side of their party if they have any interest in getting anything at all positive passed through Congress. The American people are sick and tired of the stale mate and the game playing and the Republican ‘right’ is the target getting the most blame in ‘our’ government. What I am saying is that if you as a Congressman or Senator are willing you can search for and find common ground on some bills that give you some of the things you wanted passed even though you still have a lot of things on your parties wish list yet to get accomplished. Folks, some victories are better than no victories. You know the motto ‘do no harm’, folks a gridlocked Congress is doing a lot of harm to the same human beings that you swore to protect. To me, if the Republican Party installs Mr Ryan as the Speaker of the House it is a sure sign of more gridlock to come. I personally have nothing at all against Mr Ryan, I simply believe that the more moderate Republicans need to grow a pair and the more conservative Democrats need to do the same, meet in the middle an lets start taking care of the people’s need inside our own country first then you can work outward if you can or so wish.— Well, these are just an old mans thoughts, hope it entertained you for a few moments in your busy day.

Gun Rights Were Designed To Protect The People From Their Government

Gun Rights Were Designed To Protect The People From Their Government


The Europe that our fore fathers left back in the 15, 16 and 17 hundreds was a landscape of tyranny put upon the people of the lands by their governments. Back in those days the people were not allowed to have any fire arms. Only the Royals, Feudal Lords and the Armies were allowed to have any fire power, not the people. So, anytime you had a mad man or woman who was your Landlord or the current Prince, Duke, King or Queen (evil women do exist you know) the people had no way to fight back against their aggression. When the State has all of the power that means that the people have none. If you lived in a country like England, France or Spain and you have a (Lord) who wished to take your land, your daughters, your sons, there was nothing you could do. You have probably heard the term bringing a knife to a gun fight, that is about how much chance the people had when those with power over them decided to rape, murder or steal from them.  Then there is the issue of cases like Ruby Ridge Idaho in 1992 when federal agents from among other “policing agencies” like the FBI who murdered a 12-year-old boy by shooting him in the back and his unarmed mother in the face killing her. If the family had not had fire arms, they would have all been murdered, and yes that does mean all the children also.


Federal agents were ordered there with the order given to “if it is breathing, kill it”. This is the way to make sure that there is no other side of a story getting told, simply kill everyone. The man who was at the center of this was supposed to be a white supremacist who had contacts within a like-minded group of people. This man was told to sell an illegally altered shotgun to this group, this would then give the government the “reason” to raid this group of people. The man in question said no, the government’s response was a directive to the FBI man in charge to “if it breathes, kill it”. These illegal acts upon American citizens was directed under a Republican administration (George H.W. Bush). Just a year later in Waco TX under a Democratic administration (Bill Clinton) there was another case of the American “policing agencies” gone insane. There the American government murdered over a hundred men, women, and children. After these two horrible events nothing happened to the ones who gave the orders to murder these innocent people or to the ones who murdered them. With both of these cases the very top, and I do mean the very top of the government agencies should have been prosecuted for mass murder, possibly even to the point of both presidential administrations (both Presidents) being removed from office, nothing happened to any of them. Just how much do you personally trust that all levels of the governments around you are honest?


Our fore fathers had enough sense to know that the only way to have freedom was if the people had a way to protect themselves from internal and external aggression. No matter how much fire power a government has the human leaders of the government know that they themselves can be brought down by a single little gray pill. If those in power know that the people have no power to remove them from office as it would be if say only two political parties were allowed to share all the power between themselves and the people had no munitions to end their reigns of terror the people become nothing but slaves and cannon fodder to those in power. There are many reasons to keep fire arms in your home and one of those is self-protection from intruders who wish you and/or your family harm. No, this does not necessarily mean that all government employees are out to kill and steal from you but it is a means to try to keep you and your loved ones alive if crooked politicians or police departments do decide it is your day to die.


Guns are also a means to put food on your families table and or to rid your personal property of animals that you don’t want on your property. Just a few years back a rancher in Montana shot and killed a charging grizzly bear on his own property the result was that the feds fined him $2,000 for doing that. I guess the alternative would have been for the rancher to have stuck his head between his legs and kissed his behind goodbye. You or I as humans are not ever going to out run one so I guess that rancher should have volunteered to be bear poop. You know that is what the politicians would have done if it had been themselves out in that field with that bear, right? There are many predators in this old world, some on two legs, some on four.


There is also another reason that We The People were to be armed citizens, it is called invasions from nations or factions of people, lets say a religious culture who want to enslave or wipe out a town, city or even the whole country. If our government is really our government then they have nothing to fear from the citizens as the citizens will use their weapons to help back up and support our troops and law enforcement departments. Think about this for a moment, if you are going to raid a home, town or country it is much safer for you the aggressor if none of the above have any firearms. The nation becomes much easier to conquer if the population can’t fight back against the aggressor. I as a veteran took an oath to protect my country and my family from all threats, both foreign and domestic. Do you notice that it is the government that keeps trying to take away our ability to protect ourselves, why do you think that is?

Putting God First: I know I Haven’t Always

Putting God First: I know I Haven’t Always


Do you remember the commandment that says”thou shall not lie”? Do you personally believe that if you are asked at your judgement, did you put God first in your life that you can honestly look God in His eyes and say yes? If you can I honor you for I know that if I said such a thing it would be a lie and of course God knows the answers before He asks the questions. But can I ever say that I have put God first in anything, ever, can you? My answer to this version of the question would be yes, I believe that would be and honest answer? But, do I put God first in my daily life right now, everyday, any day? This is a question that can be very difficult to answer because it can and will vary by the things that we personally believe to be truth. There are some people who think that to be a “holy person” that they must spend their lives on their knees in front of a church altar in prayer while they are flogging themselves. Personally I do not believe this at all, but ones faith is and is supposed to be, a personal one with God. We all have different talents and abilities in physical matters and we have different talents in spiritual matters as well. Our own personal relationship with God is exactly that, our own personal relationship with Him. We will all be judged by how we preformed our daily lives. I cannot save you nor can I condemn you, this is a burden/cross that each person carries on their own each step, each breath, each heart beat of their own life.


When a person accept’s Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God, is buried in baptism, then he/she is raised a new creature. Do you understand this meaning? You see when we accept Jesus as our personal Savior we are given the Spirit of God within us, it is this “Holy Spirit” that makes us a new creature, a new being. When we except Jesus as our personal Savior we are no longer our own, we belong to God. But, do we act any different from everyone else who is “of the world”? If we are no different when we come up out of the water (different mind-set) all we really did was to get our self wet. God knows His own, when He calls His own, His own know His voice because God’s Spirit is “God within us” and yes, He does know His own voice. What this does mean though is that anyone who does not have the “Spirit of God” indwelling them when they/we die we will be condemned at the Judgement Seat of God. In our humans lives if we in our daily adventures do not keep God at the fore front of our decisions as in “what would Jesus do” we can not honestly expect great results in our daily lives to be showered upon us by God.


In my opinion I am never going to be “good enough” on my own to honestly be able to say “I deserve” for God to treat me great each day or to even protect me from the worlds evils each day. This is why I personally am so grateful for “God’s grace” because “my works” in my opinion, will never be perfect enough to suffice for my own salvation. We do not live under the “old law” (Old Testament) that the Jewish people were assigned by God about 4,000 years ago. Under the ‘Old law’ you could be saved by your works even if you had little faith. If a person followed the Ten Commandments there was a real good chance they would be safe when they died and went to their judgement before the Throne of God, as long as you were of the Royal Blood Line given from God to the Hebrew people. The House of Israel is still special to God but they lost their exclusiveness to salvation because of not following the teaching and commandments of their God so God through Jesus (The Christ, The Messiah, The Promised One)  made a path for all of us gentiles to obtain salvation also (New Testament).


Now back on track, do I put God first everyday of my life? Do I open my eyes in the mornings and the first thought (after addressing the need to pee) is to wash my hands and face and pray thanking our Creator for His grace and kindness? Do I thank God before each meal for the food and lodging? I have to admit that at times I have been slack in my thank you’s to God for all of His kindness and grace to me throughout this life time He has given me. How would you answer these questions if no one else was around to hear the answers? I know that I am not a perfect person and that I have committed many different sins in my life time, I know that on my own merits I would be condemned at my judgement. I know that only by Gods grace do I actually have a chance at salvation. I personally am very glad that the people of Israel 2-4,000 years ago fell short of their adherence to ‘The Law” given exclusively to them, if they had not messed up, you and I would have zero chance of salvation. Yes we are all know to others by the works that we do each day, good or bad. We are now all commanded to live by faith for without faith it is impossible to please God. If we truly do love God then we will follow His directions to love one another as ourselves. There is truth in the fact though that some people are never going to except the love of God because their hearts are filled with hate and ignorance. When we encounter such people we are to shake the dust of our feet off as a sign against them. Not everyone is going to be faithful to God in their daily walk of life, you and I, we must always be careful to live a life of faithfulness to God if we actually care about Him. Do I always put God first everyday, all day? All I can say is thank you Lord for your kindness and your grace to us sinners.



Presidents’ Obama And Putin, Who Is Playing Whom For The Fool

This is information that I have garnered from the past few days on my Google News home page, the Huffington Post (The World Post), the BBC, the Washington Post and from my own beliefs about what is happening in Syria as we speak. I am going to give you snippets from the news agencies so that you can get a drift on their thoughts about these issues. Then afterward I will give you my take on what we are being told on the news but then also what is/what could be/the end game, but the end game for whom? 


9-28-2015 At the U.N. President Obama is said to have “taken Russia (President Putin) to task” for their actions in UKraine, Crimea and Syria. Today I read once again how our President has warned President Putin about the quagmire he is helping create in Syria. I have a question for you personally, how many times in Mr Obama’s Presidency has he “warned” other leaders about something and how many times have they just been empty words? The American government has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in training and equipment for “rebels” in our (American governments) attempt to overthrow the current government (President Assad) of Syria.  In Mr Putin’s defense Syria/President Assad is and has been an ally of Russia for many years, Russia already had a huge naval yard in Syria from which to import equipment and soldiers. That noise you hear coming out of the east isn’t necessarily the east coast hurricane, it might be President Putin’s laughter bouncing off his tanks from being warned once again by our god president who always seems to think that at his word all the world will obey his will. Is our president this smart, or this stupid? Mr Putin, smart or stupid for his military interventions? Is one president smarter that the other? What is the real end game going on in the Middle-East concerning Syria and Islamic terrorism?


A couple of days ago Russia, Iraq, Iran and Syria signed an intelligence sharing agreement in their attempt to stop the terrorist group ISIS. Did you notice that I did not mention the United States? Do you think that this is a good thing? Did you notice that Iraq was in this mix? After all the blood and gold we invested in Iraq we are not even considered to be real allies of each other. I had some notes/ideas about writing a post about the subject of the U.S., Russia and China working together as one unit to completely crush all  Islamic terrorism units. Mr Putin and Mr Assad say and seem to believe that  “U.S. support for rebels in Syria is illegal”, so who do you think they are saying are the real terrorist? Do you feel that it is always the politically correct crowd who run America that is continually clueless, or is it us poor tax paying slobs who are the idiots?


President Putin when he announced that he was going to start bombing raids inside of Syria he said publicly that Russia was going to assist Syria in it’s fight against ISIS. There was/is an agreement in place between between the U.S., our Allies and Russia about keeping their planes out of the same air space at the same time. So I have a question for each of you, if the U.S. and our NATO friends are busy bombing ISIS in their captured territory, where is Russia going to bomb ISIS targets at? On 9-30-2015 the BBC reported that “Russian air strikes are not hitting ISIS targets”. Also on the 30th the Huffington Post (The World Post) headline was “NATO concerned Russian air strikes in Syria devastated rebel held areas”. Where did the American president and his advisers think that Mr Putin would direct his bombers to attack? Russia is there to help keep President Assad in power, he is going to attack those who are trying to remove Mr Assad from power and that obviously does include rebels that we have been training and supporting to remove Mr Assad.


President Putin has stated many times that it is much better for everyone if President Assad stays in power because there is no one to replace him. Look at Libya for example, or Somalia, or Yemen, these Islamic countries are basically leaderless and powerless hot beds of Islamic hate groups he says and I totally agree that the same thing awaits Syria if Assad falls. Folks there is a reason that America in our recent history have propped up ruthless dictators in the Middle-East. This is the same reason that then president George H.W. Bush in 1991 did not go into Baghdad and remove Saddam Hussian, he knew the ciaos that would follow. In George W Bush’s presidency he had to create a reason to go into Baghdad an remove Saddam, now what is better, one crazy lunatic in charge or a whole Jihadist minded generation of moral degenerates in charge of all the weapons that we have supplied them with?


So Russia is trying to expand their realm of influence in the Middle-East by working with the governments of Syria, Iraq and Iran. Did you notice that all of these countries are Shiite Islamic believers? As those of you know who sometimes read my posts I have believed since Barack Obama was a Illinois senator that he is by faith and conviction a Shiite. Nothing that Mr Obama has done as our president has ever changed that opinion, I wish that I didn’t believe that, but more so I just wish it wasn’t so. Since Mr Obama has been president he has strongly irritated all of our closest friends in the Middle-East, not just Israel which he has made plain that he hates. Our biggest so called friend in the region is the Saudi Royal Family which supplies America with enough oil each day to where if they cut the pap off to us we would immediately go into the biggest recession this country has ever seen. There is a huge new refinery being built in Saudi Arabia that is being built by the Chinese, not us. Egypt another Sunni Islamic country like Saudi Arabia has been in talks with Russia about military and economic ties since Mr Obama cut off our aid to their military after the military did exactly what the people of Egypt asked them to do, remove the Muslim Brotherhood from the Presidency via a coup. O, by the way, if you didn’t know it, ISIS is a Sunni group that Russia, Syria, Iraq and Iran is trying to eliminate, not a Shiite army.


So who is the wisest, who is playing whom? Does Mr Putin think that Mr Obama is a clown, or is he in fact a mastermind of Shiite intentions? Has Mr Obama really gotten what he secretly wanted all the time, Russia helping the Shiite nations in preserving their own while getting the Sunni fighters America has been supporting slaughtered? Is this just another part of a Traitor In Chief doing everything that he possibly can to help Shiite Islam destroy not only Sunni Islamic believers, but to destroy Israel, Europe, and the United States as well because they/we are not Shiite believers? Who is playing games with whom, who is the biggest fools here, is it President Putin, President Obama, or the American people?