7 Thoughts/Parables

7 Thoughts/Parables


Is there such thing as a peaceful rest

Is there ever such thing as a restful peace


Can someone have love without passion or name

Can you have true passion with someone you hate


Is love really a true passion of the young at mind or heart

Or is our heart a passionless pit filled only with darkness


Is grace given only to the most sinful of other folks

Or is it only the sinful who give no grace, even to you


The first time you were grabbed and kissed, o so nice

In the twilight of the years does it still bring a smile inside


Hormones and time we all raced through the teens

As our lives race by is it those times, our good ole years


The Greatest Generation Alive, Baby-Boomers, X, Y, and Z

The greatest day in history is now, open your eyes, now breathe


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