The Two Human Creations Of Genesis Chapters One AND Two

Do You Understand The Creation Of Two different Sets Of Humans In Genesis Chapters One AND Two


I believe that most folks who have grown up in the western world are at least a little bit familiar with the Bible stories of Adam and Eve and the creation of the world as say Christian and Jewish theology. I would like you to get your Bibles out if you have access to one and please skip to day number six, the day the humans were created. This is found at Gen 1:26-31. If you notice God has already created “man” in His image, “both male and female created He them”. Then in verse 31 chapter number one ends with the end of the Sixth Day of Creation.


Now I am just going to quote from the King James Version the first three verses. 1) Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them. 2) And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had made; and He rested on the seventh day from all the work which He had made. 3) And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it He had rested from all His work which God created and made.


Not until verse number seven do we first hear of Adam being created, Eve wasn’t created until verse twenty-two. Is this a Biblical contradiction? No, but it does befuddle some folks, just like the ‘apple’ that Eve then Adam ate of. Apple, the word itself is never used, it is something that we have assumed. We are taught that the world began about 5,500-6,000 years ago because that is the best time frame that most Biblical Scholars give us dating back to the time of the Garden of Eden and of Adam and Eve.  I don’t argue that point, I believe that they are correct in those beliefs. Yet I believe that human beings (sort of) have been on this planet at least 100,000 years minimum. Please consider also chapter 2:4 “These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens”. At the end of verse 5 there is an issue that does need to be addressed, “…and there was not a man to till the ground”. Are you thinking now wait a moment didn’t I say that I believe that humans had been upon the face of the globe at least 100,000 years? Yes and I still believe the same way. I am not trying to confuse anyone, of the things I learned in my different history classes I took in college is that human beings just became civilized in the past 10,000 years max. Civilized being determined by when we humans started farming instead of being solely hunter gatherers. This would be in the neighborhood of time that God planted His Garden in the east of Eden.


Did I just contradict myself there? Nope, as the title states, two creations of humans. It is just that Adam was not the first male nor Eve the first female. Have I got you a bit confused yet? I’m not trying to confuse you, I’m trying to get you to think and to check into what I am saying for yourself. Just as in chapter 1 verse 26 we first see the plural nouns about God, “let Us, in Our, after Our likeness” etc. Father, Son. We also see by verse 28 God has created people, male and female but no mention of Adam or Eve yet. I personally believe the majority of what the Seventh Day Adventist believe except that part about seven human days of creation. At no point in time would anyone at all rational (in my opinion) believe that all science is a lie or that Moses was referring to human days on our human clock. What I do believe is that God created us gentiles many thousands of years before He created Adam, Eve and The Garden of Eden. You notice that only with Adam and not with us earlier people, that God breathed into him the breath of life and ‘made him a living Soul’. None of those words were spoken in chapter one about us decedents of Cavemen. Are we decedents of gorillas or Chimps? That is not just laughable, it is ignorant and an insult to the Creator of all of us. Evolution, yes of course, just not to levels of pure idiocy.



Far Right Republicans Are Destroying The Republican Party And America


Far Right Conservatives Are Destroying The Republican Party And America


These folks are not alone in the harm they are doing to our country, they have help, and they are called far left liberal Democrats. Both of these sides of each party are the tails that are wagging the dogs. Just a couple of days ago the Speaker of The House, Congressman John Boehner of Ohio turned in his resignation both from the Speakership but from the Congress itself. Mr. Boehner was a leader that was trying to steer the party to the center but the Tea Party type folks always fought him on any compromises with the Democratic side of the isle. The man got tired of fighting this battle and he resigned.  My own personal views are ones that lean more to the far right of the Republican Party (Tea Party) though I am a registered independent voter. But I am wise enough in my old age to realize that this format will not win when in a national format. Americans are about 80% more liberal in their thinking than this format and they will not vote in a system that insists on these “lack of freedoms” becoming the law of the land. I am personally for Mike Huckabee but I also do not believe that he has any chance of being elected in November of 16 because he used to be a Baptist Minister. The American people are more moderate in their thinking overall than the Outliers on both ends of each of these parties. As a citizen wouldn’t it be nice to start having a government that was at least a little bit adherent to the wishes of the poor saps who voted these imperialist into their current lap of luxury positions in the first place?  


I do believe that this country was founded on Christian principles and values but it was not intended to ever be a “church state”. I would love for everyone one on the globe to turn to Christian ideals but I know that this is not going to happen, not globally nor in our own country. The far left of the Democratic Party does the same stonewalling on every issue that doesn’t fit their wishes perfectly also. The end result of the hardliners of both parties acting like self-righteous mules-butts is that the people they were sent there to serve are suffering every day because of them. This is just my personal view but I would like you to chew on it for a few moments then decide how you feel about my view okay? If I am a Congressman and I have 100 things on my agenda to accomplish I would rather get 50% of all of them accomplished than to only get one or two things accomplished 100% my way. If I am a city mayor and I have a choice of getting half of the funds I need to fix the cities structural problems right now, or I can say no, I will wait until I can get 100% of everything I want/need. This is always accompanied with the disclaimer that this 100% event may be years away or might never ever happen. Most people, most mayors, I believe they would take the 50% option right now.


The biggest money goes to those who yell the loudest with the most extreme ideals. If you as a politician swing far left or far right you will get face time with the media and big buck donations from those with similar hardline views. If you are a middle of the road type, roll up your sleeves, learn the local issues type of politician your voice just doesn’t get the play time, unless it is being taken out of context of course. Look at the people who are doing the best in the Presidential polls, do you notice how the American people hunger for non-politicians to lead us as a nation.



Prophecy That Is In A Parable Of The Vineyard

Prophecy That Is In A Parable Of The Vineyard


Do you understand the parable of the vineyard of the “Householder” that is found in Matthew the first book of the New Testament in chapter 21 verses 33 through the end of that chapter at verse 46? If you don’t mind I am going to explain a prophecy that is inside the parable. This saying of Jesus was in response to questions laid at him from the High Priest and the Pharisees (religious leaders) concerning His authority and about John the Baptist. I have read through this passage in the King James Version and the Oxford Annotated Bible Version. (I was raised on the K.J.V. and it is still my favorite version). In this particular story/parable that Jesus is telling I believe the K.J.V. nails it (the language intent) better than the Oxford Version. (Just my opinion)


For the purpose of not making todays note to you a small book I would like it if you would/can please turn to the passage Matthew 21: 33-46 and follow along with me as I attempt to help clear up (in plain English) the meanings.


The Householder is God. The Vineyard He gave them was the Land of Israel. The ‘them’ is the Hebrew People. God sent His Servants ‘Prophets’ to Israel and the people beat them and killed them. So, God in His mercy sent more Prophets to His People Israel and they still killed them. Then God the Father sent His only Son ‘Jesus’ and they killed Him.


Verses #40-41, Jesus said to them, “When the Lord of the vineyard comes, what will He do to those husbandmen”? The people’s answer was “He will miserably destroy those wicked men, and He will let out His vineyard unto other husbandmen which will render Him the fruits in their seasons”. Verse 42, Jesus is the “stone”.


Verse 43 Jesus tells these Jewish religious leaders that the special tag of being God’s special peculiar people was going to be ripped from them (Israel) and given to another people/nation. I don’t know if you know this or not but the Jewish/Israeli people to this day by the teachings of their religion believe that they are a peculiar people and that everyone else is the “Gentiles”. This is another way of calling all the rest of us ‘the lost, or infidels, non-believers’. Jesus was telling them then and us now that the special stature Israel had was going to be taken away from them and given to others, meaning Gentiles. This event came to be when Jesus was raised from the dead, now we non-Jewish people have a chance at salvation and paradise also, we have been grafted into this very special relationship God has with us humans.


Verse 44 Jesus speaking “And whosoever shall fall on this ‘stone’ shall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder”. The last two verses are the direct in their face meaning to those leaders then that were questioning Him and it was a message to them and to everyone else of what was about to happen to them, that effects everyone through the time of the Second Advent (second coming of Christ). You know, we are all of one family of God. It is we humans who turn our backs on this family connection with ignorant petty immature egoism and hate. If we are listening to any wannabe leaders who are teaching that other people “aren’t really people”, they are less than us, then why are we listening to these idiot’s and Demons? I am going to close with the words Jesus spoke in the last part of verse 44 “…but on whomsoever it (the stone/Jesus) shall fall, it (the stone) will grind him to powder”.





7 Thoughts/Parables

7 Thoughts/Parables


Is there such thing as a peaceful rest

Is there ever such thing as a restful peace


Can someone have love without passion or name

Can you have true passion with someone you hate


Is love really a true passion of the young at mind or heart

Or is our heart a passionless pit filled only with darkness


Is grace given only to the most sinful of other folks

Or is it only the sinful who give no grace, even to you


The first time you were grabbed and kissed, o so nice

In the twilight of the years does it still bring a smile inside


Hormones and time we all raced through the teens

As our lives race by is it those times, our good ole years


The Greatest Generation Alive, Baby-Boomers, X, Y, and Z

The greatest day in history is now, open your eyes, now breathe


Another Classless Act By Our President (Mr. Obama)



Just a few moments ago I was reading some of an article on my Google News page about the Pope going to the White House today. I am not a Catholic person but I am a Christian. I am what most folks would call a Protestant yet I myself claim no allegiance to any of those names. In the New Testament ‘The Church’ that was established was ‘The One’ that Jesus Himself established, do you remember your Sunday School lessons,”one Lord, one faith, one baptism”. If we believe in Jesus Christ to be the lone Son of God the Father and we are doing our best to follow his teachings of love, then we are members of Christs Church, the only Church. You see, ‘the Church’ is ‘the Bride of Christ’ that He is going to remove from the surface of the earth before He destroys it. Just my personal belief but when someone asks me about my faith I always tell him I am a Christian, not a  Baptist, Lutheran,  Catholic, etc. 


Sorry about the bit of a run on there folks. Those of you who read my articles know that I sometimes start to get to explaining things a bit to much. I don’t want to bore you but at the same time I try to explain my reasoning more clearly to those who are just getting to know me. Now that I have made it clear that I am not a Catholic I guess it is time to tell you what our President has done now. As a lot of you know when there is a special event at the White House there is always those who get invited by the President himself and it is simply called ‘the Presidential Guest List’. On this special list today is several well know anti-church persons who are loudly against “church policies”. Among these invitees are gay ministers of other Christian beliefs and women ministers and people who are simply against the Catholic Church itself. You see, when you are on the “Presidential Guest List” you are going to get to mingle with people like Mr Obama and the Pope. Many pictures are taken at these events, it is very simple to get a picture with either one of them in the frame. It is quite simple to put such pictures in print around the world saying pretty much whatever you wish, good or bad. Also what the American President has done is put the Pope in a public situation where anyone of these folks could verbally get out of line just to try to embarrass the Pope.  Mr. President,  have you done this same thing with other world Dignitaries? 


The news papers have been commenting daily about how will the Pope handle the modern day American Catholic Church. This is in reference to the liberal views of the modern day American Catholic families and the liberal views of the American media and politicians. I know that there is a business side to everything, even if we have no debt at all it (the world)  still requires us at times to have something for a cash income. Every person, every business, every soup kitchen, every Church building, requires a way to pay those bills to exist. I hate it that a House of Prayer requires someone to have to watch over a balance sheet to make sure that the Church property does not go into default. That folks, would be very embarrassing for any Congregation to suffer, the Catholic Church is no exception. Unfortunately there have to be business people to run everything, even our own homes, or bad management or even thieves/con-men will take our last penny. What I am trying to get at is that I know a lot of people consider all religion to be just a bunch of bunk with an exclamation mark on the Catholic Church. If a person fills this way it is easy to see why people with no knowledge only see ‘the Church’ as a business who can be forced to ‘just change’ Church policies because of a populations more liberal attitude. Under this line of thought the Pope is really just like a CEO of a large company, at his directive he could just change ‘Church policy’.  There is a problem with this line of thought though, the Pope really isn’t “the Head of” “the Church”, Jesus is. The Pope is just like all the rest of us, he can give us all his interpretation but he himself is not qualified to “change Church policies/beliefs”, only Jesus can. 


Now why is it that our President would  put forth such an effort to see if he can facilitate an embarrassing situation for the Pope? Those who know me know that I honestly believe that Mr. Obama’s true faith system leans heavily toward Shiite and always has. If you remember just a few days ago Dr. Ben Carson who is trying to become the Republican nominee for President said that he believes that no Islamic believing person should ever be President here in America. Mr Carson has been taking a lot of flack for this, how dare a person have an opinion other than that of the very ignorant liberal to the core media here in the States? I agree with Dr. Carson, it is most unfortunate for the whole world that America has had a “closet Islamic person” in the Oval Office for almost seven years now. With all the damage that Mr Obama has caused to America and the world in his tenure just think of all the damage a full blown Iman would do the world in just one year. So no, I do not disagree with that with Mr Carson or with the opinions of Mr Donald Trump on our non honorable to the core President. So, does this latest event really surprise me? Well to be honest until I read the article on Google News I hadn’t thought of this event at all. Did I feel any surprise, actually yes, a little. Even for him this pathetic little stunt is quite shameful.

Humanity, Christianity And Islam

Humanity, Christianity and Islam


This letter to you today is my attempt to get folks to deeply consider the humanity crisis going on throughout Europe, but for now I am referring to the European countries that border the Mediterranean mostly. There is also the request by the Pope for all Catholic Parishes to take in one of these war refugee families. Not just Catholic people and not just towns that have Catholic Churches in them, but all people of every country had better look long and hard before excepting Islamic ideologies into their communities. We must all decide if we want any people, even nice nonviolent people coming into our local community that will absolutely bring their religious beliefs and life styles with them. This is not a race issue at all, it is a life or death issue to every citizen in every country, every town.


Here in America there is a bitter battle in the press, politics and on main street America about our porous borders especially along our border with our southern sister Mexico. The same open borders plague our northern border with our frozen sister Canada but the issue is more complicated, it is also an economic, security, jobs, taxes, language barriers, race, crime and drugs issues. It is poorer people in general who are trying to get into America from the south while there is no such rush from Canada because they have and infrastructure which creates jobs while most of the countries to our south do not. The issues southern Europeans are facing is many, including all of the ones I just mentioned that America is having.


The biggest issue on the board right now for the whole world to address is how to get these wars stopped as soon as possible so that people can quit fleeing their war-torn homelands. Hopefully then they can start a migration of these believers in Islam back to their home countries so that they can live under Islamic law in their own countries there if they want it so badly, not in Paris Texas, London Kentucky or Moscow Ohio. Most polls taken in Islamic countries show that 90-92% of the people polled said they did want Sharia to be the law in not only their own country but in all countries. In Islam since the religion began in about 630 A.D. there have been two main sides in Islam and for almost 1,400 years now the two have been trying to kill all of the other clan, as well as everyone else on earth. The Shiite and the Sunni both want the same hatred to be forced on everyone on earth or they are supposed to kill you if you refuse to not just convert to Islam, but to be strictly adherent to its teachings (Sharia Law).


Okay Christians now we have a dilemma on our hands. I do mean the term Christian to all the people on the planet who believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. The teachings of Jesus tell us to be kind even to those who hate us. The world has a problem with this Islamic migration and this is something that the world must stop quickly. We as Christians are supposed to help these people out if we can, help with such things as food, shelter and water. We are not obligated to allow the teachings of those who only wish us all dead to be spread like the poison Islam is among our neighborhoods. All this accomplishes by letting in a custom that is not only completely different from any other that you have most likely ever come across. Only an idiot would allow this ideology to move in next door to them, worse yet the spare bedroom. Islam is not a harmless peace-loving religion no matter what the goof ball George W. Bush gives lip service to.


Reality is that terrorism is not going to stop because hate is not going to ever stop, nor is ignorance. Just as Jesus said that He hates the sin but He loves the sinner, I do not want any violence toward anyone. Islam is not the only danger to the whole civilized world but it is the largest issue facing the world today. I wish no harm to anyone who believes that Allah is God, I only hope that they live long enough to see the error of their teachings and convert to the love of Jesus instead of the hate of Allah.


Back about 7 years of so ago when the ‘Arab Spring’ started there was a lot of hope in the Arab world that they would be able to shake off the Dictators that had been ruling them and setting up more ‘free’ societies. Yet when the people overthrew their Tyrants they didn’t get the freedoms that they had hoped for. Even though the majority of their populations are believers of Islam many hoped that they could have democracies where they themselves could vote in their Leaders, they should have known better. What they got was feud’s between differing fundamentalists Islamic Sects and Tribal warfare, not freedom. Today you have many countries within the ‘Islamic World’ that are totally ‘lawless’ like Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia and huge parts of Egypt. This does not take in the reality that is a living Hell for the people who are trying to survive in places like Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon (because of Hezbollah) the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (because of Hamas). In the Middle-East almost all of the more ‘stable’ living conditions are in countries with Royal Families ruling them. I can not blame anyone who lives in an Islamic country for trying to escape to a ‘Western’ civilization yet the reality is if they migrate to the West, they want to then set up Islamic communities. If these people want to do that, then they need to stay in their home countries and deal with their own ‘religion’ caused disasters there instead of bringing it with them to another country. One of the things that all of Europe needs to do is now that the war in Syria is about over these countries need to deport all of these immigrants back to their homeland as soon as it is deemed safe to do so. The first that should be deported should be the males ages 17 -65 who can go back to their homeland and start rebuilding their homes and infrastructures so that they can then welcome home their wives and children.


Maybe Russia, China, Europe and the U.S. should work together to eliminate such worldwide threats together and completely. O, but then that would create the (holy war/jihad) that crazy people like the “Supreme Ruler” of the Islamic State of Iran crave. Here is another thought for you though right now, the Islamic hoards are crushing the economies and neighborhoods of Europe. How they (Europe) handles this crisis will depend on if the Europe that we have known for six-hundred of so odd year’s stands as we know it or crumbles into a constant war zone. Another reality is that this Islamic hate filled doctrines already has 18 million foot soldiers living in the U.S. so we, the U.S. are by no means exempt from their Jihad. This hatred is sad and sickening but never the less, it is reality folks, for everyone on earth.



You Are Not A Human Being

You Are Not A Human Being


What are you worth as a human being? I do not mean how much money your bank says you are worth. What I do mean is are you as a human being, your very hide, your life, worth anything? Easy to say how dare you, and I agree with you on that. How dare I or anyone to say such a thing toward anyone, and mean it! Have you ever wondered how on earth that people can treat each other so inhumanly as to on purpose take the life of another person? Not just con, shuck, jive, beg, borrow or steal every material thing a person has on earth, but to feel no remorse about planning to murder someone or about the actual execution. Why is it okay for me or anyone else to do such things to our fellow human beings?  I have learned that it is much easier to commit murder if you believe that the person or persons aren’t really humans but are something subhuman, just another animal with no Soul. Hate always helps, if you think a person or persons are doing evil things you can demonize them convincing yourself that ‘they deserve it’ for their evil actions.


The last third of the 19th century the western third of what is now the lower 48 States of America was taken over by a lot of us poor white folks and a few rich ones from those “blood thirsty savages” (Indians). Hum, we wanted the land these people lived on and we didn’t want to have to pay anything for it so let’s just unleash a genocide on them. If I can convince myself that these ‘savages’ don’t even have a Soul it makes it easier to just ‘wipe them out’. If I am a ‘Slaver’ of people of another color than my own, it is much easier if you believe that they aren’t equals to ourselves, that they are sub-human, at best. This time frame was not gentile toward other nationalities of people either, the Hispanic, Orientals, Jews, Arabs, Catholics, the list goes on and on and on it seems. It does seem that we can learn to hate anyone, for any reason, even if we have to make one up.


I did just bring up a religion note in that last paragraph on purpose, you didn’t think I could let that one not be included in this critique of the human race did you? I will start first with picking on us people who say that we ‘believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the one and only Living God’ for their spilling of blood of other Christians. Then there is the issue of ‘Christians (and) Catholics’. Do they (Protestant Christians) and the people who call themselves Catholic both believe in the Deity of Jesus Christ as the Son of God the Father? Then how ‘in the name of Christ’ does one do violence to the other and believe that Jesus will think that is a good thing? If people would just open up their dusty Bibles and actually read of God’s love for “all people”, then of all people, why the violence one toward another? There is nothing ‘Godly” about this hate and violence, why do we think that we should condemn when that is God’s job to do, to judge who is correct and who is wrong, it is not our call, not to condemn or commit violence toward anyone. If a person is a Christian at heart and Soul then we would be good to pray for the Souls of those who hate us, who believe other than what we do. By my belief’s all people who do not come to worship/serve/love Jesus before they die, will end up spending forever in Hell and I do not want that for anyone that I have ever known. So, as a Christian I hope that everyone will see the love of Jesus for everyone and turn away from all offensiveness but I do know that not all people are nonviolent who call themselves Christians, God will judge us all in the end. Do not mistake my soft heart, I do totally believe that if someone is trying to cause physical harm to your family or your physical being then you have the obligation to protect by any means necessary. It is just that no one has the ‘right’ to be an aggressor, no aggressor, then no is defense needed. God is love, He is not hate, if our heart is filled with hate then we have nothing to do with God. Satan is a ‘god’ of hate, if our hearts and minds are filled with hate it is not ‘God’ whom we are then serving.


If we are racist toward another person simply because of the color of their skin, are we not saying that they are not equal humans to us? If I consider you to be less of a person because you are from another whole nationality group, or even a different gender, have I not then demonized/lowered your value as an equal? Christians need to realize that Jesus was a Jew, who was sent to the house of Israel knowing that He would be rejected out of their ignorance of the Scriptures. If the Jewish people had not done exactly as they did toward Jesus then there would never have been such a thing as Christianity. Christians should come to know the Jewish people and the Jewish Nation of Israel as even in Revelation Jesus Himself says salvation is given to the Jew first then to the Gentiles (all the rest of us). Personally I am going to try to convince our Jewish brothers of the human race to see and understand the reality that Jesus is the Christ just as I prefer to try to convince the ‘non-people of the Book’ of their errors so that they do not die in a lost condition.


There will not be a lasting peace for the people of our planet because there is an abundance of hate toward everyone from someone somewhere. If I’m not hated because I’m white, straight, Christian, American, old, bald, fat, or ugly I’m sure a person can find something else if they so choose. I know that there are religions/cultures where I could never be accepted as an equal human being because of some of these very reasons. Wrong color, wrong faith, from wrong country etc..  Are you a human being? Do you look at anyone else on the globe and say in your heart that they aren’t really human, they don’t have a Soul like me? If the heart of a man is filled with hate then it is the Devil that owns them, by no means are they a servant of a ‘real God’, they are kissing the flames off the rump of a Devil when they speak and perform hateful acts upon another, for all people are people, we are all human beings, equally.





What (If) Jesus Is Really Real?

What (If) Jesus Is Really Real


I know that there are a lot of people around the world who do not believe in Jesus as the Christ, God incarnate. Christians have a lot of the blame for this because so few Christians really have a clue about the meat of the Scriptures. We are good at quoting a verse here and there or telling you who begat whom or what order the Books are in but few Christians have a clue, even about the beginning of the earth and what we humans call time. I personally believe mostly how the Christians who call themselves Seventh Day Adventist believe except for the part about the earth being created in six human days. Folks I love you but this is stupid theology that cost millions from looking to the Bible for answers when so many Christians like Senator Ted Cruz of Texas spout this level of ignorance the people who might be leaning toward checking out the Bible instead turn from it. We humans these days think we are so smart, we think we can fathom time in millions or even billions of years yet we cannot perceive that time itself has no clock. But, do you think that the people of Moses’ time understood such equations? Even when things are in the simplest forms we sometime over look that which is obvious.


For ‘argument sake’ let me say that I do not believe in any form of a ‘god’. I believe that everything that our eyes see is just some kind of cosmic mistake, a huge accident. For argument sake I convince you about everything on earth being this huge accident. But now I have to figure out how all of those cosmic accidents happened also, how planets all do exactly what they are doing all on their own. They all just fell into space the way they are, all the hundreds of billions of planets that we know of and all the ones yet to be discovered. Who knows how many billions, all accidents just empty nothingness perfectly tuned, by accident?


Another thought about all of these planets, do we Christians really believe that all of these planets were created by a God? If so, then why? Why does anyone really think that God created billions of planets, was it just because He was bored? If you really believe in a God who created all this that we call Earth, then why do we think He created all those other planets for? Some say if we were to know about it then ‘it’ would be in the Bible. Um, that is sort of ignorant friends. Cars, clocks, buses, electricity, pants, glasses, none of these things and many more are not written in Scripture! God does expect us to have some common sense, to be able to think for ourselves, to not act so ignorant that we run off our own families.


Now, what if Jesus is the Christ, ‘The Promised One to Israel’? What if He will be coming back to Earth one day as Scripture over and over again says that He will? Folks that event, the Second Advent (coming) of Christ is exactly when Armageddon will happen. The people will have sided with the governments of the world and will fight against Jesus and His Angels and the people will be crushed like in a wine-press who followed after the Demonic governments and fought against Jesus and His Angels. Then, Jesus will rule the Earth from the New Jerusalem which will come down out of Heaven. This is the error our Jewish Brothers failed to see about two thousand years ago in Jerusalem and it is the error that those faithful to the Jewish faith today still fail to understand.


American media today has a hook through the nose of the average person. Media moguls are telling us what fashion is, what is ‘cool’ to do, and what is not. Back in the 1950’s the Washington politicians had all of the power over Holly Wood, now we have so many types of media available that it is the media who wags the tail of the politicians and the courts. American media and the small minority who say what can be printed or said inundate us with either government messages or corporate messages telling us what to buy, what to think, what to eat, what to do. It is also now very popular that our government and its allies (media) tell us how horrible Christian people are yet refrain from negatively commenting on any other religion because that would be politically incorrect, mean, and hateful. If you are a Christian person you/I are supposed to be loved based, caring, friendly and kind, not self-centered or hateful. If our attitude is what is keeping the people who meet us from asking us questions about Jesus, then we badly need to change our own ways before we close our eyes again. God (Jesus) is love, if we are preaching hate of other people then we do not know Jesus at all, we do not know God at all, Father or Son.


What if Jesus is real? What if the Christian Scriptures are correct? What will you yourself do if you found out that He is an absolute truth, that Jesus really is exactly what the Scriptures say He is? I believe that this is a question that everyone will have to answer for themselves because I do with all my heart mind and Soul believe that Jesus is the Christ, God incarnate, the Son of Jehovah, The Father of all of us. I do believe the Scriptures to be the Holy Spirit inspired Word of God, it is the best ‘thing’ that we humans have to guide our lives by. I pray that each of you will come to love and trust in Jesus the way that I through time have learned to do and I hope that each and every one of you before you die will develop a faith way beyond my own this day. God bless each and every one of you, I pray for peace and love to fill your day and fill your dreams. In Jesus’ name, may God bless you and your loved ones for ever and ever.

Is Black American ‘Culture’ Black Peoples Biggest Problem With Police?

Is Black American ‘Culture’ Black Peoples Biggest Problem With Police?



I know that throughout the history of the human race that there have been issues with race that has spawned violence and hatred one toward another. Here in America some people tend to even hate people because of the accent they speak with even if they have the same skin color. Some folks here in their limited knowledge are still fighting the Civil war in their own minds. Today’s note to you is not centered on racism of black people toward everyone else nor other races toward black folks, it is about today’s black culture issues though.



To the layman at street level who has logged about five-million miles traveling over the lower 48 States and Canada I have been a witness to how people at ground level act toward issues and toward others all over the country during a span of over thirty years. I know that race issues cannot be completely taken out of how cultures feel they are or have been treated by other cultures, I guess it is a taught DNA, sort of.  I am a conservative/moderate Christian white guy from the south-east United States who is a person who thinks that brown skin is actually the prettiest (why do white folks lay out in the sun for and go to tanning booths for, to turn the white skin brown). Really what it comes down to is that I really don’t care what your outside is. I do tend to judge from what comes out of the mouth and heart of a person though, human flaw I guess, any judging is, but I like you am only a human. I err often, but at least I try not to. I try to look at life from the spiritual view of Christian Scriptures yet I often fail at that. I am not trying to judge anyone with this note today, I am asking each of us to think about the issues I am bringing up here and to consider the thoughts, the suggestions, that all. This is a note just trying to get us to consider how we “can just all get long”.


I know that I have heard many times throughout the country black Americans, mostly males though talking ‘smack/ignorance’ about how the worst of behaviors like constant in your face vulgar language and walking around holding their version of manhood, or treating all women like whores and the unwillingness to work for a living as just part of their culture. Like the black lady Congressman from Watts CA who after the riots there after the Rodney King verdict referred to all of that rioting, violence, store break-ins as not really a crime being committed, just culture?


It is no secret in the Hispanic, Asian or White communities or in the Black communities that the uneducated act the most ignorant toward each other in general.  The Black people as a race must push education for their own people. What is the dropout rate among black teenagers compared to the other races here in America? What is the unemployment rate among black youth and black males in general? What is the rate of black youth compared to other races having spent time in the penal system? What is the poverty rate differences? What is the rate of violence by black people, mainly males, toward other black folks, white folks, ect? It is no secret the ignorance of the ‘gangster’ in your face ignorance of the young people in this country causes constant conflicts. One evening at a business (in Albany Georgia) I frequented I came in on a different shift and there were two thirty-ish black women working behind the counter. They waited on the thirty-ish year old black man in line in front of me, after he left they made mention of the BMW that just left. I looked out the window and noticed that he got into a Ford and the girls seen that I had a bit of a question on my face so they explained that BMW that they were speaking of was ‘black man who works’. They explained a few things to me, they said that around there that almost all of the single black men either ran drugs or whores, very few would actually work for a living that they were always looking for some woman to lay in on. Education, morals, non-aggression, faith in a loving God, importance of families with the dads in the household, these are taught things, they are learned, just like good habits are taught and learned. The black communities in America as a whole is horribly failing their own people. Another one of these two black ladies jokes was “how do you starve a black man to death, answer, hide his food stamps under his work boots, ouch”!


These so-called black ministers who have made personal million’s by always going around preaching hate and discontent would instead preach and teach as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr did during his life time many more black people and other people would be alive today. When a person comes into contact with a group of people, a race of people, and that person time and time again when they come into this contact are having trouble with this particular race or culture of people, they are going to get fed up with it, this in your face mentality.  A very good example of this can be shown in basic human nature. I as a former lifelong over the road truck driver knows that some police officer in general are crooked as a dogs hind leg that’s been broken a dozen times, but most are not that way. If you are a police officer and you see a certain trucking companies trucks several times a day and this companies drivers think they are all cowboys and don’t have to obey the laws like everyone else. Let’s say every time you pull over one of them that they are stoned or drunk then you as a human being may well stop these trucks at their slightest infraction when another truck traveling with it wasn’t pulled. What if every time you as a cop pull over a tractor-trailer unit that the driver of almost every truck gets out being mouthy with the cop and refusing to obey the cops’ directives, what kind of attitude do you think any human being would get toward all truck drivers and trucking in general? The same exact thing happens with a lot of police officers when they encounter belligerent people who time and time again are of one race, nationality, gender, age group etc.


What I am saying is that here in America the Black community has got to as a whole look inside their own actions, their own culture, to see if we by our own personal actions and those of our families, communities, churches are making problems worse with society as a whole and /or with the police in general. Every culture faces these same questions, what actions by people are okay in a civil society and which just cause conflict. There is no doubt that police departments around the globe have officers who are less than stable, less than decent, less than honest, less than mature, thugs, etc. This is a constant issue for every department everywhere and not just police departments, warehousing, offices, factories, etc. Race, morals, violence, these are all personal issues and until we decide to quit blaming others for things that they had nothing to do with, then our own personal experiences will be unpleasant at times, especially when we are having a face to face meeting with Police Officers. Everyone on the planet needs to understand that if you have any encounter with any Police Officer anywhere, that if that Officer happens to be dirty, he can mess up the rest of your life, or end it. So when we encounter an Officer during our day simply always be kind and decent to them and do obey their orders to limit the opportunity for a moron to show you how big a moron he can become. O, and always hope for dash cams and Officer Body Cameras, for everyone’s sake, to protect the civilian and to protect the Officer from lies being leveled against each other.



The Great Islamic Migration To ‘The West’


The world as a whole is witnessing many horrible events around the world today, each day, everyday beamed straight to our phones, watches, radio’s and TV’s. Many of these horrible events are generated from the Middle-East and North Africa and most are evolved from the strife caused within the Islamic religion. Whether you like the Islamic religion or not is not the issue of this post to you today. What the post is about is that I am going to point out a few obvious things that some on the pro and or con side of this issue my possibly not be considering the full consequences of this current human tragedy occurring in Islams breadbasket.


Here in the States we debate putting a wall from one side of  our southern border to the other to keep all the bad folks from the south of us from invading us, yet nothing about a wall to the north side between us and those Canadians.  Does this mean that if you come into our country that you need to have snow on your boots (not the famous Colombian kind)? Or is it more an economics issue? I say yes to that, but it is much more. There is also the issue of increased crime and yes, there is always that truth. Yet economics is THE reason that almost all have made the dangerous journey in the first place. If you are forced to leave your home city, county, state, and even country because you and your family are going to starve if you don’t, then when you get to your new country you still need food and shelter. If you can’t get work and you can’t get help from anywhere or anyone, most people will at least then steal for food and shelter for their families even if they wouldn’t do the same for themselves. Yet these same acts will label you as a criminal. Our friends to the north tend to be content living in their own country because there is a very good infrastructure in Canada and the people there have far more opportunities and abilities to have a good job and be able to self sustain their own families. Our friends to our south, not so much for them. Until their own governments can supply jobs and infrastructure for their citizens many have no choice but to migrate. There is also the drug wars and it’s migration issues from our south. Then there is in many people a race issue and a language issue with our neighbors to our south. But on neither border is there really a religion issue but with the current events throughout Europe it is very much an issue, a HUGE one.


Most all of the people fleeing violence from all the Islamic hate groups are people who were driven out of their homes, cities and countries by these people of their very own faith. This is not Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, or Hindu driving them out, Islam itself is kicking the ‘slackers’ out. If they won’t fight with them they kill some to drive the rest out. In doing so they are doing the will of Allah, they are dispersing the faithful throughout all the nations thus spreading their teachings into all the nooks and crannies of the world. So now, does the world stand together and try to find a way to wipe out all of these Islamic hate groups? Would that be racist, would the non-combatant Islamic people even allow ‘the west’ to try to wipe those groups out? Or is that a Jihad on Islam? Should it matter what others think? Islam is at war with everything and everyone that is not part of their ‘hate groups’ personnel version of Jihad. Now, the west must decide how this horrific event in Syria and other places in the area are going to be resolved. The west can do nothing and just open your borders completely and be totally over run on their resources causing their own people to starve or they can come together and wipe out these hate groups, as in carpet bombing. Doing nothing is also an option, the whole world is watching including all of the Islamic world, the good people and the bad ones.