America’s Police Problem Is Far More Than A Race Issue


I am not here today to rag America’s Police Agencies. But I am not here to give them or us regular civilians a free ride either. I am going to try to relay my thoughts to you on this issue so that you can compare notes, thoughts, with me. I know that there is a race issue in this country and by a race issue I am referring to it as a hate issue, a lack of love issue, a lack of giving a flip about others, issue. American media outlets tend to want to paint America as a black and white country when it is not. There are many races of people here in the States, not just Black Folks and White Folks. There is also the issue of multi-race races, the so-called Browning of America. There are multiple police shootings within the country each year but the media only wants to display the ones where a white Officer shoots an unarmed Black Man. Where is the media when the situation’s are reversed? Why aren’t the Police Officers and their families awarded as much ink when Officers are murdered? Hey, I’m picking on everybody today, why not the glory hound media person’s?


I drove Our Nations highways for a living for more than thirty years. From 1981 thru 2013 I put over five million miles on our Nations roadways. During this time a person tends to notice how trends are going more and more toward a Police State, but that is a debate for another time. Back in the late 1980’s I noticed a trend where Police when they pulled someone over to the shoulder of the road that the Officers started putting their hands on their weapons as they walked up to the vehicles. I totally believe that this was/is for their own safety why they started doing this. You used to almost never see that on a simple traffic stop. Then it became more and more common to the point now that it would seem odd (and unsafe) for them not to do so.


When Police Officers had to start to honestly be worried for their lives every time they pull a vehicle over it upped the game for every Officer on every stop. To help keep Officers safe they are taught to enter a situation with overpowering force so that no sane person would dare become aggressive. You are taught to always make sure that the one they are having to deal with knows very plainly that it is you the Officer who is in charge of the current situation. This style does work, but is it necessary all of the time? Do we civilians somehow think we need to pick then to act like a spoiled little kid who got their head stuck in the cookie cabinet and start having ignorance of the mouth disease with the Officers?


When I was a very small child you used to hear on T.V. and in grade school that if you were ever lost or in trouble to find the nearest Police Officer because they will always be helpful. Are kids still being taught this in our society today? I grew up seeing Police acting in very unfriendly and aggressive ways toward everybody, well, except for the wealthiest of residents. Folks I am a white guy who grew up in small towns white America where mostly only white cops acted in very unprofessional ways a lot. Race had nothing to do with anything, it is the mentality of the Bullies and the Punks that invade their Departments that Departments themselves must remove first, then retrain. For their to actually be a civilized society the Police and the Population must be friends with each other, not combatants.


The aggressive culture of Policing Agency’s needs to be backed off a notch or two when it is at all possible. I have heard Sheriffs talking on radio programs referring to themselves as “para-military organizations”, Folks, no you are not. Those folks are a whole lot higher pay grade than almost all local policing departments will hopefully ever have to concern themselves with on a daily basis. Should and Officer be super careful when he pulls a vehicle over, of course there are idiots and A-holes who will shoot an Officer and call it fun. There is also the issue of always pretending you have a brain when you are in contact with an Officer. Trying to act your ignorant big and bad self should be done at some other time. Reality is that most Cops tend to be alpha-males/females and they are in a very dangerous job. Even if you are an Alpha person if you decide to show the Officer that you want to play a game of low I.Q’s, it is you who will lose the war.


We as a Nation must become less hate filled and angry, so often just looking for anyone else to blame for our own moral short-falling (and yes I do mean a moral issue). Hating someone because of they’re wearing of a uniform is as ignorant as hating someone because they were born in or from a different country than what we call our own. Are they’re racist within policing agency’s? I believe the correct answer is, most likely. But they are woven within the fabric of the Nation, in every occupation, not just in policing agencies. Just like if a semi tractor-trailer unit gets in an accident of any kind, they sorta stick our, they are noticed easier. If a person wearing a uniform also does something arrogant or illegal, folks sometimes you get caught on at least one camera. As an Officer you should not have to be afraid of interaction with the public, we are not your enemy. Officers need to be more friendly when it is possible for them to do so, to only become aggressive if the civilian becomes physically combative with you. Peace, kindness, and caring must be nurtured from both sides of this isle.

4 thoughts on “America’s Police Problem Is Far More Than A Race Issue

  1. Officer Survival, has increased over the past four decades. Incidents and facts, indicated by actual statistics, are that the leading cause of fatality to any law enforcement officer, remains, the “simple” vehicle stop.
    Most officers, will apply necessary caution, as their training and experience, reflects. In areas where solo manned patrol cars are employed, back-up, is generally minutes (a life time) away. Many motorists, of all types of vehicles, for a variety of reasons, feel they can possibly intimidate or kill an officer, and get away with it. I have personally recovered many handguns stashed under a driver’s thigh on concealed between the driver’s crotch and the vehicle seat. I have had a gun poked in my face where someone tried to scare me out of their bravado, and, quite a few of those encountered, had outstanding warrants and were fugitives.
    A better position would be, complying with lawful orders, as most professional truck drivers will do. If you think about it, how many times during your career, have you observed other motorists behaving like complete lunatics, and wondered about what was their problem? Too many different personalities behind the wheel, and cops, plus truck drivers, do not have a crystal ball to know what is going on. On two occasions, while on patrol, my partner initiated car stops, where the motorist was fleeing from a homicide, and in possession of the murder weapon. I, have also arrested bank robbers, and prison escapees, all, armed, while performing “a simple car stop”. Over a period of time, you develop a sixth sense, as watching traffic constantly, is like a baseball umpire calling strikes, balls, and outs. Are there some questionable calls? Yes. But there are some very good calls most of the time.
    Help the cops by being better citizens. It might possibly lead to a return of a time in America, when police were in fact, people that sought to help, rather than being a confrontational and unpleasant figure.
    Police enforce laws that legislators enact. People demand “laws”, and elected officials, make the laws. The police must enforce laws. Demand from elected legislators, whatever changes anyone has grievance with. As far as officer survival is concerned, it is not “normal” for anyone to go to work, and expect to be killed. It is unfair to their family. I have stood at attention at many, a police funeral. Does anyone believe it does not have a damaging impact on cops? Cops are for the mostpart, trying to get through their tour of duty and return home safe and sound, just like anyone else. Para-militarization, is a product of the Post 9/11 era. Politicians are the central figures at the hub, of what is taking place. Results are, a disconnect, of police, and the people they serve. The police of today, are a more educated type of cop and there are fewer issues involving them (I hope). We were a more rough and tumble breed, years ago, but, people opt to be aggressive against police, as they know a lawsuit will benefit them, or, politics will hinder any action by police. I was politically incorrect, and a street-fighter. Result were, that I was denied promotion to lieutenant, three times, and bookworm, non-performing cops, went up the ladder, while ultimately, I became chained to a desk, in a squad bullpen of 22 detectives, unless something outrageous took place, then all the brass would demand me, to get out to a scene to save their bacon from a press media or subsequent political firestorm. Many things take place. The car stop, is the deadliest encounter for any law enforcement personnel.


    1. Sir thank you very much for your come back, I very much appreciate you and the work you preformed for our country. With out honest decent Law Enforcement Officers no democracy can survive. I am honored that you would take of your time to read what I wrote and I am even more honored that you took of your time to respond as you did, thank you Sir.


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      1. You’re very welcome, and I thank you, for being a vital part of making America happen, as without trucks and truckers, we would all go around in loin cloths, pulling ox carts and hunting gophers for our daily bread.


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