Do Jews, Christians and Islamist Worship The Same Deity?


I do realize that most all of you already know these next few things that I am going to write about, but some may not, it is for their benefit, I am not trying to insult anyone’s knowledge. I am using these three religions as my examples because as a devout Christian it is these three religions that I am the most studied in. This post today is not meant as an argument, it is meant as an observation. Life is a debate a person has with oneself to consider, observe and decide for oneself what they believe “The Truth” of each issue in life to be, this is one of those issues.


I have listed these three religions as they appeared on the face of the Earth, all three’s origins are derived from the same region of the globe. The Jewish religion started about 2,000 B.C. and continues unto this day. The Christian religion is derived from the Jewish religion and came into effect in 29 A.D.. The religion of Islam has root in the Jewish Bible (first five books, those written via Moses) but the Islamic religion came into effect in about the year 630 A.D. The debate question is, do these three religions pray to/worship the same Deity/God? Then, if so, why can they not “all just get along” as Mr R. King so eloquently spoke? Or is it possible that they aren’t worshiping any “God” at all? In case you are not aware of it, all three religions by what they fundamentally teach “as truth”, “their” version of what that truth is by its very definition eliminates the other two from possibly being correct, only they themselves will receive “salvation from God”.  The others, well, sooner or later they tend to end up in Hell, or in the best situation, just cease to exist.


The Jewish people are still waiting on “the Messiah, the Messenger, the Promised One, The Christ”. You see the people who still believe in the Jewish faith do not believe that Jesus was “The Christ”. They are waiting for “The Christ” to come the first time and when He does they are expecting Him to set up an Earthly Kingdom and rule the world from Jerusalem with the Jewish Nation of Israel and her people being peculiar to the Lord, The Christ. Too the most fundamental of Jewish believers we Christians, Islamist, Hindu’s, Buddhists, and everyone else are “unclean” and we are not worthy to eat at the same table with them. We all must realize that in the fundamentals of Islamic Scripture they are God’s peculiar people not the Jews and it is all us others who are the unclean ones.


Christian Scripture covers both all of the Old Testament and all of the New Testament of what is usually referred to as “the Christian Bible”. The Christian Faith believes that “The Promised One, The Christ” was Jesus of Nazareth, the Jewish folks believe that Jesus was at best a miss guided prophet. By the Christian Scriptures Jesus was “The Christ” and when He arose from the dead “neither of the other faiths believe that this happened” the “Old Law” to the Jewish People passed away and the Christian era began. The Jews believe that God does not hear the prayers of the Christian people (or any other people). The Christian Bible makes it very clear that “no one comes unto the Father but through Him (Jesus)”. As Christians we pray all things to “The Heavenly Father, the Father of Jesus, and all of us” “in the name of Jesus”. We believe that all prayer must go through the Son/Jesus and He gives our prayers to “The Heavenly Father” on our behalf. But Christianity is far different from both the Jewish and Islamic Faiths though when it does come down to who will be/can be saved. By Christian teaching any person on the face of the Earth since the resurrection of Christ has the ability to be saved through true faith in Jesus, anyone.


The Islamic Faith started in the circa 630 A.D.. By their teachings all Jews, Christians and everyone else are infidels, unbelievers, we are all unclean, and condemned. Islamic folks call god by the name of Allah and make it very plain that they do not believe that Allah hears the prayers of Jews, Christians, etc. The word Islam by definition means “submission” Only total submission to Allah is except-able. But before any of us get our shorts in a bind and start being unfair to Islamic believing folks, Christianity demands our faith to Jesus and the Father. The Jewish faith teaches that us gentiles (non-Jews) have no salvation for salvation is only for the Jews.


All three Faiths believe that to be saved and not condemned we must follow what they teach and not what the other two teach. There is no way for all three, or any two of them to be correct. Only one of these can be correct, or, none of them, but not three or two. As I said earlier in this note that this post is not to get anyone arguing with anyone else. The purpose is an attempt to get us all to be observant and not blind to what our own Faiths teach. Before we can live as brothers on one planet we must believe that no one is “unclean” and everyone is welcome at our table with us. Unfortunately for everyone on the planet there are many people who are filled with hate and fury, no love can be found in them, God can not be found in their violent blood. Everyone on Earth decides for themselves what is real and what is not when it comes to the “God question”, what or if we believe anything at all. I hope that this quick basic outline of these three belief systems was of some benefit to you. Shalom, God’s blessings to you and yours.

The Matches Are Lit, The World Is Burning

The Matches Are Lit, The World Is Burning


What is it that we westerners do not get about what the rest of the world is experiencing around us? Do we really think that our children will live in a world that is safer than the world we grew up in? If you would, please lend me your ear for a few moments. Hopefully the things you read will help to broaden your understanding as to why I chose the title that I have for this conversation with you.


Do you remember the so-called “Arab Spring” of a few years ago? O what a beautiful thing this could have been for this region of the world plus the vibrations it could have caused around the world, this shaking off of dictators. But the people of the region have learned it seems that a military strong man is the only way to keep other religion based dictators from taking their place. Back during the first Gulf War than American President George H.W. Bush knew the importance of keeping the dictator in Iraq in power. It seems that his son George W when he took power of the Office had not learned at his dads feet, or, was it ego that made him make up a story so he could attack Iraq and remove Saddam? There are many American people who I have come across who believe that “we the people” are paying fat pensions to at least three international war criminals (President, V.P., Secretary of Defense). Criminal or not because of their actions the whole world is crawling with the Asps they helped unleash on all of humanity.


In this real world that hopefully the politicians will soon join us in, it does not matter if you are a republican, democrat, independent (like me), or none of the above. Hopefully soon partisan party politics can be shelved and they and the national media outlets can become more concerned about current imminent physical threats to our people. This threat is to all of our non-strict Muslim cultures, to their property, their religions, and their very lives. There are tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of fellow brothers and sisters who because of being misguided who simply want you get off of the face of the earth “their earth”. A life where only loyal followers of Allah will be allowed to live a non-slave life, if you are allowed to live at all, doesn’t that sound exciting? America our location on the globe no longer gives us an immunity from other continents griefs. When it comes to ideologies land or water give little protection any longer.


By mans laws here in the States any person can choose to be of any faith they wish, or of no faith system at all. Mans laws write in a few laws governing peoples physical safety though that should be a no brainer, besides what actual religion would condone attacking or killing other people? Then these laws of civil society for all must be enforced if a humane society itself is going to be able to exist, or it will be erased.


Within the religion of Islam are two main sects, the Sunni, and the Shiite. These two sects have existed on this planet for almost 1,400 years now, and it seems that they have hated each other right from their earliest roots 1,400 years ago. For the last year or so a large Sunni militia called ISIS by western media has murdered and plundered their way into power covering hundreds of miles of land belonging to two adjoining Shiite nations, Syria and Iraq. ISIS is like several other high-profile Sunni groups like Boko Haram, and Al-Quida in that they want to bring strict Islamic law to the middle-east, then the world. Their difference by what we hear in the West is that ISIS is the most violent and most strict toward adherence to Islamic fundamentalist theology.


By what I have heard and read from the media throughout the years is that within Islam the Sunni are about 80% and the Shiite the other 20%. So when you take into account the hatred between these two groups is it any wonder why the mullahs in Iran want the ability to nuke other nations?They can say it is a defensive weapon though knowing very well that it is a preemptive strike weapon also. Then it comes down to a trust factor, or a stupidity factor, how much you are willing to trust their “Supreme Ruler”  and others just like him with the lives of everyone on earth?


For those of you who don’t already know it the word Islam by definition means submission, as in absolute submission to the will of Allah. I have another question for everyone, what kind of religion is it that tells its followers to kill everyone who will not obey? Why would anyone ever listen to a “prophet” who orders either worldwide conversion, or worldwide extermination? Here in the States we have as a nation been blessed, lucky, and just plain good at shutting down larger terror cells who wished to kill us and our families. But folks there are supposed to be at least 18 million Islamic believers inside our borders with us. If only 1% of this population is a true believer of Islamic teachings that equals 180,000 soldiers implanted waiting on their orders to kill as many infidels (non-believers) as they possibly can. America, when they strike, not if, what are you going to do? Are you going to fall apart and burn into ashes? Only time will tell, or, a person could simply read the play book on-line if you are not allowed a paper copy, it’s called the Bible! For those who don’t understand it, the end times are spelled out very well in its last book. The human race has a simple choice of living and possibly dying for the winner or, living for a short time but in slavery to the biggest loser in the history of all eternity.


The matches are lit, for now several large Islamic hate groups are fighting each other all over the middle-east in an attempt to kill each other. If all of those efforts to kill each other were being directed at western targets as they soon will be, what then? If the two main Islamic factions were to quit fighting among themselves they would then join forces in their hatred for everything and everyone that is not Islamic. Every nation, every people on earth, you, your culture, your religion, your country, you are currently being measured for bagging. America (and every other nation on earth), people life is about to change more rapidly toward the negative than any sane person could ever want. The question is, people, are we going to fold as a culture, as a nation, when more horrible things start happening on our soil? By these horrible things I do mean markets and grocery stores being blown up, bridges blowing up, churches being shot up and school our children being massacred live on CNN?





America’s Police Problem Is Far More Than A Race Issue


I am not here today to rag America’s Police Agencies. But I am not here to give them or us regular civilians a free ride either. I am going to try to relay my thoughts to you on this issue so that you can compare notes, thoughts, with me. I know that there is a race issue in this country and by a race issue I am referring to it as a hate issue, a lack of love issue, a lack of giving a flip about others, issue. American media outlets tend to want to paint America as a black and white country when it is not. There are many races of people here in the States, not just Black Folks and White Folks. There is also the issue of multi-race races, the so-called Browning of America. There are multiple police shootings within the country each year but the media only wants to display the ones where a white Officer shoots an unarmed Black Man. Where is the media when the situation’s are reversed? Why aren’t the Police Officers and their families awarded as much ink when Officers are murdered? Hey, I’m picking on everybody today, why not the glory hound media person’s?


I drove Our Nations highways for a living for more than thirty years. From 1981 thru 2013 I put over five million miles on our Nations roadways. During this time a person tends to notice how trends are going more and more toward a Police State, but that is a debate for another time. Back in the late 1980’s I noticed a trend where Police when they pulled someone over to the shoulder of the road that the Officers started putting their hands on their weapons as they walked up to the vehicles. I totally believe that this was/is for their own safety why they started doing this. You used to almost never see that on a simple traffic stop. Then it became more and more common to the point now that it would seem odd (and unsafe) for them not to do so.


When Police Officers had to start to honestly be worried for their lives every time they pull a vehicle over it upped the game for every Officer on every stop. To help keep Officers safe they are taught to enter a situation with overpowering force so that no sane person would dare become aggressive. You are taught to always make sure that the one they are having to deal with knows very plainly that it is you the Officer who is in charge of the current situation. This style does work, but is it necessary all of the time? Do we civilians somehow think we need to pick then to act like a spoiled little kid who got their head stuck in the cookie cabinet and start having ignorance of the mouth disease with the Officers?


When I was a very small child you used to hear on T.V. and in grade school that if you were ever lost or in trouble to find the nearest Police Officer because they will always be helpful. Are kids still being taught this in our society today? I grew up seeing Police acting in very unfriendly and aggressive ways toward everybody, well, except for the wealthiest of residents. Folks I am a white guy who grew up in small towns white America where mostly only white cops acted in very unprofessional ways a lot. Race had nothing to do with anything, it is the mentality of the Bullies and the Punks that invade their Departments that Departments themselves must remove first, then retrain. For their to actually be a civilized society the Police and the Population must be friends with each other, not combatants.


The aggressive culture of Policing Agency’s needs to be backed off a notch or two when it is at all possible. I have heard Sheriffs talking on radio programs referring to themselves as “para-military organizations”, Folks, no you are not. Those folks are a whole lot higher pay grade than almost all local policing departments will hopefully ever have to concern themselves with on a daily basis. Should and Officer be super careful when he pulls a vehicle over, of course there are idiots and A-holes who will shoot an Officer and call it fun. There is also the issue of always pretending you have a brain when you are in contact with an Officer. Trying to act your ignorant big and bad self should be done at some other time. Reality is that most Cops tend to be alpha-males/females and they are in a very dangerous job. Even if you are an Alpha person if you decide to show the Officer that you want to play a game of low I.Q’s, it is you who will lose the war.


We as a Nation must become less hate filled and angry, so often just looking for anyone else to blame for our own moral short-falling (and yes I do mean a moral issue). Hating someone because of they’re wearing of a uniform is as ignorant as hating someone because they were born in or from a different country than what we call our own. Are they’re racist within policing agency’s? I believe the correct answer is, most likely. But they are woven within the fabric of the Nation, in every occupation, not just in policing agencies. Just like if a semi tractor-trailer unit gets in an accident of any kind, they sorta stick our, they are noticed easier. If a person wearing a uniform also does something arrogant or illegal, folks sometimes you get caught on at least one camera. As an Officer you should not have to be afraid of interaction with the public, we are not your enemy. Officers need to be more friendly when it is possible for them to do so, to only become aggressive if the civilian becomes physically combative with you. Peace, kindness, and caring must be nurtured from both sides of this isle.