Donald Trump And Partisan Political B.S.

Donald Trump And Partisan Political B.S.


Okay, so “The Donald” has put his foot in his enormous mouth once again with some of his John McCain comments.  Please tell me some of the late polls saying he is a contender to be President were only posted for the joke factor. This mans ego can not manage to keep his path quiet. Then again we the people get a glimpse at what kind of person he really is by the things that come out of his mouth. The man should get kudos from all of us for saying what he is thinking, the thing is, after he speaks one often has to wonder if he ever does think before he reverts back to foot in mouth disease.


I would like to address the second part of this note to you about the partisan politics even on a non-partisan issue like this. From the material I have read from news sites I get I only see Republicans condemning Mr Trump on this issue. My question is why would this be a partisan issue/event? So what if Mr Trump is a Republican candidate for President, what should that matter on an issue like this? In my insignificant opinion other Republican candidates were correct in chastising Mr Trump about his opinion on this matter. But remember, it is important that he, just like all the other of our Country Men, have the right to say what he thinks even if I don’t agree with him. For many years I have believed that Mr Trump was a very shallow person, it is statements like he recently made about Mr McCain that to me help bring Mr Trump more into focus. When he opens his mouth he shows himself for being the kind of person that he really is. Still, my biggest question is where is the uproar from the Democratic side of the aisle? Why in the name of big ego’s is this issue a partisan issue?

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