Maturity: Have I Ever Been Guilty Of It (Written On 7-4-15)

Maturity: Have We Ever Been Guilty Of It (Written On 7-4-15)


Today Our Nation turns 239 years of age. I am of the generations of Americans who in 1976 on this date was 19 years old. 1976 Was Our Nations 200th birthday. Now, in this time era I am 58 years old. All of you folks who are of an age where you can remember 1976, do the memories of how you were raised back then ever haunt you? The maturity as you see maturity today, how were the adults in your life toward you? I am speaking of at home, in the neighborhoods, churches, schools? Just something I would like you to chew on while you hopefully continue reading the article.


1976, I was married with one child and another in the oven getting ready to say howdy, I was 19 and immature and ignorant as a young man could be. Maturity, I sure do wish I and my Bride at the time could have had more of it. That alone would not have been able to save that marriage, but it sure wouldn’t have hurt matters any. When your parents, guardians, and adults at your schools fail to have the young people ready for the real world they are getting ready to step into, they/we have failed those young people. Is this a lack of maturity, morality, caring, or love, on the adults part? When the parents, teachers, administrators, churches, and neighborhoods fail to train and care for the little eyes watching us, our lack of maturity and caring is plainly on display. When you are 18 and have your fresh new Diploma in your hand, now what? It is difficult to survive in the real world with little or no education, technical training, or preparedness training by the ones who are supposed to be the grownups.


39 Years ago today I still had good health, but really no dreams. Everyday was about getting enough hours on my near minimum wage jobs to buy the grocery’s and pay the rent. Today at 58 my health has been better and I have been blessed with a life time of memories, good and bad. But I do know this, the immaturity of a parental figure, of teachers, coaches, and many other adults involved with the lives of a child, stays with the child for life.


I look back at the good memories and I try to forget the bad ones of the things done to me by supposed caring adults. Do you know the feeling of how you don’t want to be like your father figure when you grow up, then have to face the facts, in many ways you were worse? My dad died in December of 93, I was 37. Twenty plus years have passed now, his immaturity, his hate, the hurts are all written in stone now, yet the memories still invade my thoughts sometimes. My own mistakes though, my own lack of maturity, of grownup actions, at times these haunt me day and night.


Maturity matters so very much in each and every one of us. Teaching maturity, respect and kindness to our children and our grandchildren through our examples is the least we can do for them. Teachers, now there is a tough job for any poor Soul to try. There are many good teachers and most of the ones in my life I had to give a C too. There are three or four that stand out in my memories as adults who actually cared and tried to help kids at lest learn the class material well enough to be passed onto the next grade or level. Most you could tell were just putting in their shift, any job can get old but around kids though they absorb the caring or lack there of from these adults. So yes there were some A Teachers and I still remember their names and their faces. Unfortunately it seems that every school is just like every other business, there are some employees/teachers that should be arrested, not awarded with a pay check and then a pension. Dang, that sounds like Wall Street some doesn’t it?


I have a question for you, when you finished high school were you ready/prepared to step into the adult world? Did you really have a clue about real life? If you were ready, if you really did have a clue about survival, congratulations, I didn’t. Maturity is a huge part of society. Our children will find it difficult to grow and prosper as a civilized society if our children are not treated fairly by us now. In trying to always be honest with you I had a parent who really needed to work on his caring skills but I was blessed with one great parent. My opinion of some of the teachers I had as well as a few principles and administrators who were a pathetic joke as far as even being decent a human beings toward me. It’s difficult to understand how some people came up with the idea that they should go into the education field is beyond me. Then again how many young folks top concern when they spread their legs is how ready they are to lovingly raise little Jack and little Jill?


Teaching maturity to our children by our examples helps give them a huge crucial building block toward having a happy productive life. When we and the school systems fail to act like intelligent adults we condemn our own children to ignorance, depression, poverty, and broken homes. Maturity, morality and kindness are things that all decent human beings need to have nurtured into them as children.  Instead we use, abuse, discard and treat them like computerized toilet paper. Many children grow up to be abusers, that is all they know, so with each generation many people commit even greater sins than their fathers. Maturity matters, caring matters, love matters, do the children matter?




Doesn’t Everyone Feel This Way? (Our Health)

Doesn’t Everyone Feel This Way? (Our Health)


How do we feel about something is an eternal poll question isn’t it? Today if you don’t mind I would like you to talk with yourself (in private probably would be best). Ask yourself how you personally rate your average day as to how much pain you are in during your average day.  I am writing this to two groups of people, one group is the group who honestly can say on their average day that they are pain-free. The other group is the one that I believe the majority of us fifty plus folks fit in to, the one where you wish you could afford stock in Bio-freeze. My thoughts definitely go out to all of the men and women who by economics are pushing themselves as hard as they can each and every day knowing it is the only way to buy groceries and pay the next rent payment, no matter what their pain levels happen to be.


Back in 1983 I ended up being in exactly the wrong place at exactly the wrong time. Since that evening my physical abilities changed forever and they only get worse as age comes to visit. Believe it or not I am blessed with a wife who will help point out my flaws to me, not that a wife would do such a thing. My wife pointed out to me that the average person on an average day should have an average pain level of zero, that this is how a person should rate an average day. Where do you call your average day? For a long time now I have rated my average day as a five.


My wife see’s me each day, she pretty much knows how well I get around each day. She thinks that because it is what it is (pain level) that I don’t have any “good” days. I think that a five is a good measuring stick for a good day. If I am blessed with a day where things are less than a five, I feel that is a great day, if you just happen to have a day at a three or a four. If I am at pain levels of six or above on multiple areas, then I am not having a good day. I don’t know how else to correlate my thoughts to you. Again I ask you the question, what is a normal day to you? I honestly do hope that your days can stay free of pain. I hope that my wife is correct, that you don’t feel like I do every day, that would be just down right unfriendly of me. I wish you well, these are just the rambling thoughts of an old man to you, stay well, stay safe, God bless.

Personal Thoughts And Takes From 1 Corinthians 10:13

Personal Thoughts And Takes From 1 Corinthians 10:13


“There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.”


There is no tribulation that has come upon me but such as is common to mankind. For with all of my trials and tribulations God has always taken care of me. God is faithful to us, His creations, and He will not allow us to be tempted or tried beyond what we are able to handle, with His help.

That is as long as I do not ever let anything come before my love, faith, and service to our Lord Jesus the Christ/Messiah, for He is Love. God has always been faithful to me my whole life. Ever since I was very young I have been blessed to know of our Lords presence. He has always been there for me, I wish I could honestly say the same, that I had always preformed my life like unto a good and faithful son to our Heavenly Father but that would be a huge lie that I refuse to say.

So, if a person can be faithful to their spouse…

If a person can be faithful to their employer…

Can a person be faithful to our own Creator?


In Your Military Uniform Are You Afraid To Walk The Streets Of Your Home Town


Folks sorry about the long title, yes it is sort of a question type of statement. Those of you who are serving in your country’s military or who are a veteran, what do you think of that question? If you are a non-vet, still, what is your opinion? Here in the States did/do you believe that you would ever be in danger for your life as a direct target, because of your Country’s Uniform being on your back? America this past week we witnessed the cold-blooded murder of five human beings that were targeted and murdered, because they wore Our Nations Uniform. How are we as a people, a Nation, going to respond?


This week our President spoke about our sorrow and he ordered the Flag be flown at half-staff for a few days. I commend the President for his attention to this event. I call this an event because it is something that service members and their families know they must be observant about. We all are going to have to decide as separate human beings, as neighborhoods, family units, and as a Nation as to how we are going to react when (not if) more attacks are committed upon soft targets here on our soil. Islamic fundamentalist know that out side of obtaining weapons of mass destruction that the best way to bring down a government and their system is to make its economic system crash. Look what happened with the stock market after  911.


Tonight the news is of a recent Theater shooting in Louisiana, no other news being released except three dead (one being the shooter) and seven people wounded. Even if this is just a hate filled act by a born and bred American of no faith system, it shows once again the soft underbelly of Our Nation. Soft targets are places where people who hate you know that they can go where few or no people will be armed, able to stop then. Evil people know that it will be a culture shock when we have to be worried for our lives if we ever wish to do things like go to a place of employment, shopping for groceries, a wedding, funeral, Church, a bus or a train or to go over a bridge. If we let these hate filled people cripple us with fright they know that our economy, our way of life will crumble into total chaos.


People who hate everything about the non-Islamic world know that they do not have to go head to head against the U.S. Military to defeat America, they can defeat us from the inside and that is exactly what their instructions in their holy books order his followers to do. This past week here in east Tennessee America got a little bit of a wake up call. We as a Nation, as a people will see more of this hate on our shores in this “new world” we are leaving to our children and grandchildren. How safe is it right now to walk around America’s streets in our old/current military uniform? How safe will it be in two  years, ten, twenty years? How safe do you think it is right now for all American Military families who are stationed here in the States or around the world? Our Military leaders have for some time now been warning families to pull their digital footprint off the web, folks there is a reason for that.


How we react as a Nation will decide if we will continue to be a nation at all. No human being on the planet is required to believe in any form of a God, for the people who do, to still kill you. Right now the American media is more interested in divisiveness as a means of creating better bottom lines than they are in the overall well-being of our Nation. In D.C. the politicians play their games jockeying for political favors and positioning. If we care about your families we need to think ahead of time about the real world that is only going to get much worse. I am no genius folks, I am just writing down what are obvious facts. One does not need to be a Prophet of a witness of visions to see the future of all of us world-wide. But, it doesn’t hurt to be a person of faith, of sight. Faith, the peace of love in and of Jesus, this is a peace no gold can buy.

Ms Sandra Bland Issue: D.P.S (Department of Public SAFETY)


There are a lot of different thoughts, beliefs, and opinions floating around the media outlets about this horrible outcome to a young woman’s life. I am not speaking at this time of the events that ended up in this ladies death or what may have, or not have caused Ms Sandra’s death. Well, except for the very first decision the Texas State Trooper made. The decision to put on his lights and pull her over, because she didn’t signal when she changed lanes? This is where I have a huge issue with this particular Trooper. I am  pretty sure that he doesn’t give one rats hoot about what you or I think, that is his option, to have his opinion. But, we the people that he is supposed to be serving have a right to our thoughts and opinions as well. He made his thoughts public by his actions.


If Ms Sandra Bland not using  her signal is totally the truth as to why she was pulled, not lets say, she didn’t signal and thus cut another car off short causing a real safety issue. Then I would totally agree with pulling her and maybe then even having a (little) bit of an attitude toward her unsafe driving. But just straight out pulling a car, any car, over for not using their signal is beyond hypocritical. Also in a case like this one where the Officer can see that it is an out-of-state car with a woman driving alone, why the hell would any mature adult male scare the living daylights out of her by pulling her over like that? Did he think it would be funny to act like a Macho Duck sorta like a Daffy with an attitude, steroids, and a Star?


I know that some folks are screaming at me how the Trooper had every right to pull her over, and yes he did have the right to. For a minimum of three things I am calling this Trooper out on for his actions. 1) The reason I mentioned above about the immaturity of scaring a single out-of-state female for such a small thing. 2) I say not signaling is a small thing because that is how about 98% of all the Drivers of Marked Police Cars in every state drive themselves! Thus the theory that it must be a small thing in that industry, not using signals. I spent over thirty years behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer unit driving all over the lower 48 states many hundreds of times. I had well over five million accident free (non-chargeable) miles behind the wheel. When you spend your life driving for a living being out on the road for 340-355 days a year, safety is everything. This is the place Trooper that I am calling you an hypocritical person. Mr Trooper, do you always and I do mean always while in your cruiser use your signals? Even if by chance you try to play the Saint and say you never ever fail to use them legally, I will even give you that possibility.  But where you can be cut any slack is that you never pull your fellow Officers over and arrest them for it do you? If not, then you are a fraud posing as a Badge. 3) Now back to the thoughts about safety. Think about it everyone, in a case like this the Officer is pulling over someone to the shoulder of the roadway which is always a dangerous situation for the Officer, the car occupant, and every single vehicle that is on the roadway that must now as best they can maneuver around the activity on the shoulder. This also means that many people now had to change lanes and the left lane isn’t always empty. Once all the traffic shifts to the left, then after passing the Trooper/Cruiser all that traffic had to shift back to the right again. Now do you possibly see why I have such an issue with Ms Sandra being pulled over in the first place? Remember Texas State Troopers are call D.P.S. Officers, Department of Public Safety.

Dammit Bill (Cosby): A Sickening Probability America/Wired World


This sickening situation that has been unfolding more and more in the news lately about Bill Cosby has many sickening issues involved within it. I have refrained from putting pen to paper on this particular issue until more confirmed news became public. Just a few moments ago I completed watching and reading an NBC article dated today, July 22, 15. I was already more than a little nauseated by previous reports in the news this past year or so, this report along with some of the others just seems to confirm the worse.


Here is the disgusting thought that I am posting this post today about: For decades now tens of millions of people of all races have invited him into our homes, to our families living rooms: A serial rapist, a total predator in every sense of the word. About the only thing this man hasn’t done is kill and eat his victims. I HAVE ANOTHER QUESTION AND THAT IS WHY IS THIS man WALKING AROUND AS A FREE MAN? WHY IS HE NOT IN JAIL?—-I never yell like that, sorry. But dammit Bill!

Renting A Piece Of Land From God

Renting A Piece Of Land From God

(Written On July 21st Of 2015)

My Bride and I just signed the papers to purchase our first house. We have lived in the same rented space for over ten years now and we have been married more of fifteen years. I know that some folks around the world think that all Americans are rich but almost all Americans would disagree with that statement. I know that with the rented apartment we have been living in we have been much better off than probably a third of our planets population, I am not trying to belittle these people. I see how some folks around the world are having to live and this is a worldwide plague that is crushing humanity, it’s called being dirt poor and starving. In America the so-called “American dream” is to become middle-class via being a home owner. There are millions going hungry here in America each day as a few billion worldwide are suffering through. To most of these people having our apartment along with a little food would probably make a few billion people feel quite wealthy though.


With this move I guess we are supposed to be graduating from the lower middle-class (those lucky enough to have a full-time job, or two) where we have been renting into a more except-able middle-class. This idea in America that this product of humans (buying land) that it somehow makes one a higher class is vain and ignorant, in my sometimes humble opinion. There are a couple of issues I have with this thought process. First, God created this planet, it is His, it’s not ours to own, this is something that Native Americans have understood for hundreds of years yet it seems that many folks in our culture still do not understand this simple fact. With each generation we can pass on that which we accumulated in our lives to give to others in our will. But remember, all the things that we buy or build can always be sold or stolen or simply pass away with age, except the land, it goes nowhere. The land, like God is a constant, the things we buy and build are like us, just temporary.


So, we are buying a home, sorta, really? We are I guess with the help of God, the bank, and the V.A. going to purchase a building. A house is not a home, in my still somewhat humble opinion, until the heart of all its occupants say that it is. It is a truth that no man owns any land, maybe if we could get off of the macho gig and humble ourselves a little we could more easily see that reality. If I say and believe that I own the land that I camp myself on, all I have to do is try not paying a tax to a government agency, they will take YOUR land. Yet wait, there is another view I wish you to look at. So, am I saying that the governments own all the land on Earth? No, though I am sure that many governments feel they do. If any government can pick the Earth up out of its place and move it somewhere else, then they can probably say they own it. But until the government, you, or I can do such things, we don’t own Mother Earth, God does. We my friends are only renting a little piece of it, for a little while.

Donald Trump And Partisan Political B.S.

Donald Trump And Partisan Political B.S.


Okay, so “The Donald” has put his foot in his enormous mouth once again with some of his John McCain comments.  Please tell me some of the late polls saying he is a contender to be President were only posted for the joke factor. This mans ego can not manage to keep his path quiet. Then again we the people get a glimpse at what kind of person he really is by the things that come out of his mouth. The man should get kudos from all of us for saying what he is thinking, the thing is, after he speaks one often has to wonder if he ever does think before he reverts back to foot in mouth disease.


I would like to address the second part of this note to you about the partisan politics even on a non-partisan issue like this. From the material I have read from news sites I get I only see Republicans condemning Mr Trump on this issue. My question is why would this be a partisan issue/event? So what if Mr Trump is a Republican candidate for President, what should that matter on an issue like this? In my insignificant opinion other Republican candidates were correct in chastising Mr Trump about his opinion on this matter. But remember, it is important that he, just like all the other of our Country Men, have the right to say what he thinks even if I don’t agree with him. For many years I have believed that Mr Trump was a very shallow person, it is statements like he recently made about Mr McCain that to me help bring Mr Trump more into focus. When he opens his mouth he shows himself for being the kind of person that he really is. Still, my biggest question is where is the uproar from the Democratic side of the aisle? Why in the name of big ego’s is this issue a partisan issue?

China: Welcome To The World Of Global Greed At A Global Level


China is learning something about a “free market system” in that the only thing, and I do mean the only thing that matters is higher and higher profits for the ones who control the stocks. The more stocks you control as a person or a country, the more control a person or country has over you or your country. The ones that don’t matter to the ones who are forced to look only, and I do again mean the only, is the balance sheet. This meaning the balance of your personal check book to the persons who own the stocks which own the companies doesn’t mean anything at all to them. All that matters is that the ones below in the chain do what you tell them to do so that you don’t intern lose your position and income. The world of business is savage to say the least, there are those who can never have enough billions, o yes, and the control those billions have over other people’s lives. O yes, and the control they have over the company that employees you and your neighbor, and so on. In a free market economy no country can complacently dictate policy toward an economy when it is on the world wired market and blankly expect the whole world to obey their commands. In the end game, who has a seat at the suite? Political leaders, military leaders, Admirals of industries, I guess it depends on how small or large a table, how many seats. In the end game of this world is the fact that higher income means more to millions of people than their nationality, families, or so-called faith system. China is learning all of these things now. Their Government wants the higher profits of the free market but are realizing now that they can’t control it like they thought they could. Welcome to the world-wide wired system of greed and graft gentlemen, at a  global level.

Because Of President Putin I Feel Sorrow For The Russia People


I have no ill feeling for or toward the people of Russia, never have. Do I feel very pleased with some of the actions of their current (maybe forever) President, Mr Putin? No, not really! How about you? I am a born and raised American Citizen and I also have some deep negative feeling and opinions against our current Government Leaders, not all of them though. Do you feel the same way about your Leaders? I am quite sure that President Putin doesn’t give a rats behind what I think, or what you think, or what the people of Russia think. That folks, is the problem. When it comes down to the closed doors, brass tacks, of reality, just how many of all so-called Leaders of all the Nations here on Mother Earth give a damn what “we the people” think? But, today, I am choosing to pick on the sorrowful state of the state of Russian-American relations pointing most of the blame toward Mr Putin.


I am not going to pretend that I know everything and every angle or reason why the truths/reality of what we see of world events are what they are today. In the real world almost every complex situation has complex reasons why they are what they are. We hear here in the States of bad for humanity and bad for the People of Russia, things that their Leader Mr Putin has been doing of late. If the reports that get to our ears here in the States is correct Mr Putin is guilty of utter recklessness, ignorance, and ego. If all of the things he says he is going to pursue, he does in deed pursue, then he is being much more than just reckless, he is being ignorant and dangerous for the existence of the Human Race!


When Mr Putin first became President of Russia he was in many ways a very good thing for the People of Russia. The Russian People are a very proud people, just as almost all people would be if they were being slandered in all major ports of media. There is no reason that the American Government and Holly Wood went after the Soul of the Country of, the People of, the Country of Russia the way they did. If the aforementioned parties would have treated these Peoples with Brotherly Respect then a person like Mr Putin would have never been needed to come to power! Mr Putin helped give the People of his Country back some of the self dignity that our government and media had been slandering them on. But now his ego is taking the whole world into a more unstable existence.


The actual actions of our governments often do not represent the will of their own people. We know that lesson here in the States very well. There is much evil that flows out of many Executive Offices around the world. I wish that was not the truth but I personally believe this, and I suspect that I am not the only one on this planet that thinks this way also. There are three main powers at play in all places where true human power lie. They are simple truths, unfortunately, are Money, Power, and Ego. They are in a sense a Trinity of Evil that work against the well-being of the normal, common, average, powerless people, of the countries of the planet.


I wish that President Putin would put the best interest of his own people and the best interest of the rest of the world’s people as his personal top agenda item. Keeping the people of your country physically alive should be the first priority of everyone in every government. Then it should be to increase the quality of life for the People of your Country. Peace should always be sought whenever possible for the benefit of your own people. President Putin is not doing these things at this time, he is majorly risking the lives of every living thing on this Planet. Why is he doing the things he is doing, is it ignorance, ego?


Mr Putin needs the Country of Russia to have real friends, ones that will stand up for/with them shoulder to shoulder if they themselves are physically attacked. Unfortunately Mr Putin is of the old Communist School of thinking that you only get friends via force and intimidation over them. Even so his actions in the Middle-East are going beyond the point of ignorant and reckless now. I agreed with President Putin’s policy of sticking with the current President of Syria when their current Civil War flared up. You might say that is harsh but in a sense it is the same type of policy that then American President George H.W. Bush followed in the first Gulf War back in 1990-91 in not removing Saddam then. If you wondered why Mr Bush did that then it was because he knew that a power vacuum in a major country in the Middle-East would unleash a Jihad. Do you personally wish that his son would have followed his advice and example in this matter? How many thousands of people are dead right now because he didn’t?


China, Russia, and the United States governments need to quit infighting and pay attention to their and the rest of the people and governments real safety problems and not work so hard at creating new ones. The Crimea and Ukraine situation and all of those deaths are laid at Mr Putin’s own feet as well as all of the western sanctions that he is putting upon his own people. Mr Putin obviously does not care about the blood of the Russian Peoples Sons that has been shed solely because of his ego, his actions. His actions are the account for the economic hardships that have been put upon the lives of the Russian people. But to him I guess the current situation is like the differences between a recession and a depression, you know, it’s a recession when your neighbors lose their jobs, it become a depression when you lose yours. What does that have to do as an example with Mr Putin? If the U.S. Government propaganda machine is correct Mr Putin has gone from the poor Spy Master to now being worth over 200 billion dollars. If this is the truth he is starving his own people as he becomes an oil tycoon, among other things. Which is worse though, slowly starving your people to death, or getting nukes into World Wide Terrorist hands? What good is being worth 200 billion dollars if you and your own people are dead Mr Putin?