Poem: Within My Gaze

I see my picture

Upon T-Shirts, paintings and plates

Displayed proudly upon your walls.


You think me to be cuddly

Domesticated easily like your lap dog hounds

Only to the giant bear

Have I ever backed down.


You come to my home,

To sleep, laugh, and play

When was the last time

You ever seen me walking down your streets?


More ignorant than the lamb I had this morning

My belly is grumbling as the dark is setting in

Do you now think I am so cute and cuddly

As I back you down

Your eyes glued, within my gaze?



Poem: Missing The Farm


Have you ever had the chance to live on a farm

Doesn’t have to be a hundred acres to charm

Eight and one half acres for three plus years I got to live

62-65 Hard times here in these Appalachian Hills

Many times our food supply was what we grew or killed.


Hard times, with walls, roofs, and food we can all survive

Real hard times are coming, Farming will be a valuable skill

Four summers I curled my toes in the dirt while planting seeds

Surprising how self-sufficient you become when you have to be

Living on that little farm even so long ago memories I still see.


Fifty years ago we left the farm down on Crooked Creek

Still have a few pictures from that time and sense, good memories

Cows and chickens get fed but then there is the pigs and the slop

What do I miss the most, the lost innocence of my youth I suppose

Looking back I see that the farm was one of the better places I’ve lived.


If you are would up and bound up in some big city

Take the Hound get out into the open country air

Pick some strawberries, check see if the melons are ready

Listen to the sounds of the goats and the cattle, or the silence

Fresh ham, bacon, eggs, milk, and butter you didn’t have to buy

I would rather die poor on my farm than breathing smog in a high-rise.

America Are We Ready For The Bombs, Bullets, And Blades


There is nothing about this title that I like, there are many things that go on in the world daily that I don’t like so my disliking something obviously has no effect on their continued existence. I am a person who hates all form of human violence, I do not condone offence yet believe everyone has the God-given right to defend themselves and their loved ones. If there were never any attacks upon another then there would be no need to invest in defense. Unfortunately for all of us this is just a fantasy, a dream world. As long as there is hate in people’s hearts no one is ever really safe anywhere.


Recently the NSA was rebuked in public for some of their intelligence gathering methods by the Congress. They were ordered to discontinue some programs or method of  operations. Whether they really did stop the programs or not for now few will really know. Did they just change the name of things, give it another fancy code name? Personally I doubt if much if anything besides cosmetics will change. Here is a question for each of us to ponder, if we now have a few attacks here in the States as there are thousands of soft targets in every state, will we ever know if they could have been avoided if NSA programs weren’t scaled down?


Here is another tough thought or question for you to think about, would it be possible that bureaucrats would let a few attacks go through on purpose so to prove to the people how much they are needed, along with those old programs? Could such horrible human beings exist? I hope you know the truth about that question, some people kill people everyday without any concern for human life at all. There is such a thing as Evil that walks the Earth 24/7 and there is such a thing as people who are just naturally mean and they are proud of it, they wear it like a badge of honor. Then there are those who use their religion, government, or personal financial situation to condone their either illegal and or inhumane activities. I personally believe that there are very good people and very bad people in every government everywhere. Could any of our people do something illegal or evil believing it is for the good of the country? Humans have the ability of free though and free choice, some choose well, some not so much.


Personally I hate the concept of any big government anywhere in the world but this is not reality. But the reality is the Security Agencies have so far done a fantastic job here in the States. I do believe that America is going to have many future attacks on our home soil, just how close that future starts is the only question. Hate filled people world-wide recognize that you don’t have to have 9-11’s to destroy an economy, a way of life. Fellow Americans how are we as  a country going to react when Houses of Prayer are attacked, our supermarkets, bridges, transportation lines, power grids, our children’s  schools? I hate the thought of all this evil, and that is what it is, evil. Yet unfortunately we must all face the fact that this Hell will infect our children and their children’s lives. It is sad that in so many ways that today, these days, are going to be our little ones good old days.


Have to add this last paragraph because of the recent Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marriages. I know just as you do that there are some people who are going to blame any future attacks on our Home Land because of this Sin. Some will believe this, correct or not. Could there be homegrown attacks on the Courts or government for these decisions which removes God’s Grace from our people? I hope not, no violence, no more blood upon mother earth, such a fantasy. Evil does beget evil, this there is no doubt, we just cannot let ourselves get caught up in the hate, for hate can easily saturate ones own Soul. There is nothing on this planet that is worth the loss of ones own Soul, and how does our actions affect the lives and Souls of those we love that are around us? Our actions, our knowledge, can save our loved ones, or it can kill them, and condemn them.


Poem: Kissing An Angel


When you wake up in the mornings what do you see

In my old age I am blessed, sweet lady next to me

Spirits like Angels wear designer duds so we can’t see

You know, so they don’t scare the life out the likes of we

Knowing my Lady is flesh and blood, yet she still loves me

Not ordered to by God like a Spirit or Angel would be.


Being good-by choice when she doesn’t have to be

Sweet tender lips with a kind heart behind them

When she sheds a tear, does it rip at your heart-strings

When you hurt her feelings do you feel like the jerk you are

Your true feelings do you express them daily to her heart

Do you realize how much helping with the dishes means to her?


Having your loving Lady waiting makes the work day worth while

If one is truly loving why can’t you get off your ego and make it two

Loving yet being hated permeates the fibers of the walls within

Don’t be ignorant when God hands you love on a golden ring platter

Act like no fool when you’ve been blessed by Her Ring finger

It’s wonderful to have my human Angel to kiss me every morning.

Poem: Forgiving Someone


Forgive and forget

From early childhood

Isn’t this something we’re all told

Break it down in your own mind

Is it unrealistic what we were taught to believe?


Forgetting things becomes easier as I age

Forgetting on purpose though difficult at the least

Hitting your own foot because you missed the sheath

Every time you take your boot off, you won’t forget

Forgetting where all the pieces of your heart fell

Forgetting, can we ever forgive if we can’t forget it?


Forgiving, is this even a natural human trait you think

Forgive someone who hurt us, like Hell we say, no way

How can one forgive if they still feel the pain of heart or skin

Forgiving ourselves of our own sins, a good place to begin

Forgiveness requires the ability to relinquish the chain of hate

Forgive or forget, it is all laid at the gate of our own heart today!

Poem: Young Soldier

Young Soldier

When we were young did we not all play

Pretending to be generals and sergeants

In our backyards or barns filled with hay.


President Mom calling for a breakfast truce

To fill our bellies with hot biscuits and ham

No foul, no harm, as long as no spills I guess

When young, is not time and the world

Our personal sandbox of new thrills.

17 am I now not a man

Jungles and deserts I now low crawl

With M-16 in hand

I hold my breath and tweak my sight

One finger I squeeze

One less breath, one less man.


As the earth inhales the blood

To me one more notch

One more trophy

As his last breath leaves with the wind.


Is there blood on your conscience

For the blood on your hands

Not knowing your temple

Is the target

17 your life is over

Before it began.



Poem: Love And Kindness

Love and Kindness


What is within the heart of man

Is it love and kindness

That upon your heart is brand

Little grain of sand, are you animal or man

What is it you think that makes you stand

Is it love and kindness, are you a friend

Love and kindness is your light true

Or is it brimstone shining behind a veil

What is within your heart o man

Who does rule your soul within

O love and kindness

Are you really my friend?

Poem: My Bride; Faultless, Funny, And 50 Today


A tick before the millennial my Lady became my Wife

Wholesale disaster if it’s not a two-way love affair

Little Terrapin girl stole my heart when I wasn’t looking

Sixteen years my heart has been filled with your love

My heart, mind, and Soul are overwhelmed with your kindness.


Today you turned fifty, guess I’m not robbing the cradle anymore

Your words and touch are so pleasing to my inner psych and Soul

Your lips are like unto Rose peddles sweet to touch, soft to kiss

Girl your touch electrifies my mind, body, and soul, sensual overload

When you touch me your love radiates and lights the Halo upon thy head.


Happy Birthday to you girl you are the sweetheart I never expected to find

I pray that today will be the best first day of the next 100 years of you

Lady, I have been blessed to be allowed to call you my best friend and Wife

Was it just pure luck or was it by God’s design that I caught your eye

Birthday girl, 50 is just the beginning of middle-aged crazy, hope you enjoy the ride.

Poem: In 4 Day’s; 40 Year’s Ago


In 4 days just forty short years ago my life changed forever

Twas 18 years old and O so green behind life’s ears

Almost 16 belly keeping the first of two Angels warm

Work hard all your life, trust in God, everything will work

Ideals all get torn down when your wife has an open gate.


In 4 days just forty short years ago

At the cusp of starting my life, or was it my death

Two wonderful children sent to us from Heavens Lights

They would grow to become my hearts biggest smiles

Yet this Union, it became my physical, psychological, moral, end.


In just 4 days forty years ago this day I would wed my first Bride

My Children, only a small touch of their lives would I ever get

Both pieces of my heart ripped out while stuck in a Military cage

The Hound softens the sound of betrayal as it is leaving town

Best friend like Hell, but how sulfur burns when she comes around.


In 4 days forty years ago the beginning of her tearing my heart out

Monumental mistakes with my children I had yet to  make myself

Two pieces now split into eight plus the two that comfort and feeds

How different would life for all had been had she not stolen away

Yet my children grew up strong they survived somehow, my stillness

It would all begin four nights hence, forty years ago.


Poem: The Wrath Of The Grapes


O the sweetness of the vines do delight so many

The sensual aroma to the palate of some, divine

Sensual tingling dancing on the brain and tongue

Wake up married to the Bar Maid, congrats three-step kids.


O for the days of Andre and his Cold Ducks

Ever get accidentally drunk on your favorite delight

Mind knows where you are going just the body wont it’s blind

Throne out of reach gotta clean the bath tub with bleach

How odd, since then all Wine and Champagne totally stink.


The gift of the Wine is a gift from our Creator above us

For it is to many a soothing tasty treat this fruit of the vine

Drink responsibility like an adult all of the time, that’s no crime

Think of your Grandpa dying alone drunk face down in a ditch

Everything on the Planet could control us, it’s a matter of wills.


Gluttony is a sin whether it is of cash, food, or Red or White Wine

Good for the belly the Red Wine helps ones digestion flow quickly

Let us all pretend we have a brain, give the keys up for the night

Enjoy your favorite squeeze with your meal cleans the bladder outright.