Poem: Peculiar



Peculiar to be distinctive in our Nature and in our Character

Do we belong to anything special or set apart that is not mundane

Challenge  ourselves to be Peculiar in each and every word that we say

Is it still true that to say more than Yea or Nay still gets people confused

Is it I, or is it true that few these days consider the salt of their words

Say what ever we wish to get what we want that’s all that matters today.


Peculiar belonging characteristically to a person, group, or thing

When people speak to you, do you ever really hear what they say

Feces in the air from the lies we hear and walk though every day

It is better to temper the speech to help calm the rage within

One slip of the tongue can destroy a life long partnership

A set aside way of life overlaps into the words we say each day.

Poem: No Peace For Ever


A rock to the head, the beginning of the listed dead

Once the sins had entered in blood stained Royal Red

Gentiles filled the world with hate, letting of innocent blood again and again

Kings and Peasants fight for food, land, and water rights rewrite history

King against King, Nation against Nation, forever we serfs fight on

So much blood spilled in WW I, WW II, and now again in WW III

Nation against Nation, Religion Sect against Religion Sect, the whirlwind begins

We hate, we slander, we rob, and we kill, all with a smile and a grin

Weekends we gather say a little prayer or two and all our weekly sins forgotten.


Presidents of the U.S, Russia, and China, noses stuck so high in the air

Little Tyrants, once fully played, swinging with their heels in the breeze

For you, are the Parables about what lies ahead a mystery, or as bright as the dawn

There will be no peace, Civil War is raging throughout the Middle East

Upon all Western Shores the Spores of Hate has now been buried so deep

Their good ole days are today for our Children, we say we love so dear

Human Beings are so ignorant, so naive, just putty in the Devils hands

So sad, no peace forever, we now live in the incubator of WW III.

Poem: Lord Please Help Us All If I Am Mister Average


Do you remember your first time you remember remembering anything

Aw what an enticing question, one that can open many cans of worms

At about two or three we realize that the world is crazy and your family is not immune

At what age is it that a child looks in the mirror and questions the Lord on why

We all talk to ourselves, sometimes is it because we are the only sane ones around

Raised with the switch, the belt, it’s buckle and lot’s of get drunk quick cheep beer

Strong alcohol on the breath, hands, and heart of the aggressive, mean offender, not dear


Beat your children with hate and glee in your heart and in your eyes, raise um up right

Be a real man, teach your children nothing, can’t let them think they can do better than you

When a parent’s mind and Soul are deeply bruised and damaged how do the children succeed

Think of the children, they feel the heat of the rage as a daily pattern trying to stay alive

Almost 60 before the first home bought cuz  the life of a Gypsy on the roads I have lived

58 Over worked, broke down, jolted by juice, two ex-wives and three Brides, quite a ride


I pray that the majority are wiser in the paths of life that your feet have chosen to walk

During persecution as a child I was blessed to see The Light, has It visited your life

I have lived a solitary life caring little for this worlds toys and the games people play

I do pray that all of my classmates in my life are happy and monetarily wealthier than I

I pray that before any die, all my friends and loved ones, even those who hate me, see The Light

Lord please help us all if I am truly the average American male my age within these latter days

Pray your blessed like I with a Bride who is well pleased living life-like Little House On The Prairie

We are educated in our schools and homes to grow up to feed the machine of life, to be Mr Average.


Poll: 81% Of Al Jazeera Arabic Poll Respondents Support Islamic State

This is no surprise to me. About 80% of Islam is Sunni and about the other 20% being Shiite. If ISIS were a Shiite movement this same poll would have said about 19% agree with ISIS.


Muslim Statistics

In a recent survey conducted by AlJazeera.net, the website for the Al Jazeera Arabic television channel, respondents overwhelmingly support the Islamic State terrorist group, with 81% voting “YES” on whether they approved of ISIS’s conquests in the region.

The poll, which asked in Arabic, “Do you support the organizing victories of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)?” has generated over 38,000 responses thus far, with only 19% of respondents voting “NO” to supporting ISIS.

Al Jazeera Arabic’s television audience is largely made up of Sunni Muslims living in the Arab world. Its biggest viewership numbers come from Egypt and Saudi Arabia, along with a large amount of satellite television viewers in the United States, according to research estimates. AlJazeera.net is most popular in Saudi Arabia, the United States, Egypt, Morocco, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to the Alexa webpage…

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Poem: What Does Jesus Mean To You


We all have an answer to this question

Even if the answer given is, Jesus who?

My answers are between me and He

As it is between He and you.


Did He exist or was He nothing more than European lore

Was He just a Prophet; misunderstood, just a man, a Myth?

If we believe in a different Religion, is He relevant then today

Awe, after all, it is the Middle East, full of Delinquents and Myths


Who could believe God to Man then back to God again

Aren’t all Jewish Legends  Wine soaked or pickled with Gin?

Jesus, just a name like Jehovah, created to cower the Masses

Within you, is His named linked to Love and kindness, or is it hate?


Just one God, just has many names, He still covers all Faiths

We Baptize ourselves in the murky waters of our lies and our lives

When it comes time for our leaving, does it matter at this point anyway?

What does Jesus mean to you, I pray that none of us are miss guided!


Prince Charles, Free Speech, And Being Real


On my Google Homepage a day or so ago I read an article from USA Today that spoke of some letters that Prince Charles had written to various members of Government throughout the years. I am not from England and I have never been able to afford to travel there so I am not an expert on their Governments inner workings. For those of us who are not from the UK this is a case where evidently the Prince as a member of the Royal Family is not allowed to express his opinions on pretty much on any subject matter because in being who he is he must remain neutral on all subjects. People, how would this even be possible for a person, any person, to never express their opinion, especially if you are in constant media glare like a person like Prince Charles is?


Evidently a Media source in the UK had filed suit under the freedom of closure type of act years ago to have these 27 letters released to the public. Prince Charles had fought their release because they were private letters. Personally I disagree with the final Court decision to release the letters because I agree with Prince Charles, they were private. My point is this, why should every citizen in the UK have freedom of their own speech but Prince Charles because he is a member of the Royal Family should have none? Also, how does a person go through life with no opinion at all on anything? Briton, is that what you really want? Do you want the members of the Royal Family to be totally muted? Do you really not have and interest in these people as to who they really are as people? What they really think as individuals on different subject matter? Their family is not able to enforce their will on any of you so why should they not be allowed to express their opinions in the same legal manner that every other citizen of the UK are allowed to do?


If these people can not feel free to express their opinions in private with others then are you not then guilty of insisting they follow an impossible course that you yourself can not abide to? Do you really want all of the Royal Family to be nothing but a photo shoot with a bunch of empty suits? If you want that, go visit the inner DC Beltway there is enough of that phoniness there to drown a Duck.



Why Is The British Government Not Doing All It Can To Stop Homegrown Terrorism


Again today I see on my Google News Homepage an article from CNN about Scotland Yard’s concerns about hundreds of Brits who are returning from Syria who have been training with ISIS. Now I know that I am not the brightest bulb in the package but I have a question about this situation? Why is it that Briton or any other country for that matter feel obligated not to cancel these peoples Passports as soon as their feet hit the ground in Syria? Why is it that Briton, your country, or my country, is somehow required to let these traders and mass murders back into their old neighborhoods? Why can’t our government, British government, or yours, be allowed to protect it’s own citizens by arresting these people the second their repatriated brimstone feet touch OUR soil? You can stop most of the homegrown security risks if you deport and cancel. Is the British Government without the legal right to cancel the Passports of these returning traitors or even the right/obligation to protect it’s own citizens by doing so? Why is it that these people are allowed back into our neighborhoods? Why is it that the Government doesn’t arrest them as soon as they step foot on our soil? Maybe you know the answers to these thoughts, I’m just old and confused I guess.

Poem: A Drop Of Water


A drop of water

It can mean so many things

First unsuspecting rain drop between the ears

Wake you up, shake your brain, from where had it came

One eye checking the sky, see if a bird dared, now pat your hair.


One drop of water, help from the sky

Broke down, walking west Kansas highway 24 July

How about a sign Lord, one drop would do fine from the Heavens sent

Stumbling down the highway measures a mans values on what is important in life

Someones old Pee in a Coke Bottle, do you chance it if it might help keep you alive?


A drop of water is the beginning of what is the essence of life

A drop with many friends can easily sink or drown life or death same hand

Yet one little drop from the eye of your Lady like a prick to your heart it hurts you

Hillbilly, Roper, Banker, or a Ragnar, one drop tares at the Soul of the one who loves Her

When we are on the side of Life’s Highway dying flat on our backs Sun frying our eyes

The Turkey Buzzards now knelt beside you praying, Lord, even one drop now, a sign, please help

Now with my last thought before they dig in, guess one drop wouldn’t help much right now anyway!


Poem: Just Jesus; The Carpenters Son


It is written that your name is just Jesus

But Jesus, what kind of a man is it that you be?

Eyes of The Blessed say you walked on the Sea

Your just Jesus the Carpenters Son, so how can that be?

At Your Word it is said You can control the waves and the winds

Just Jesus the Carpenters Son did all these things the Scrolls say.


Old worm fed Herod tried to kill Him so a couple of years in Egypt He stayed

Our of Egypt He was called to go home but to become a Nazarene

Thirty years He lived quietly among the filth of our human flesh

Not even Mary’s other Sons realized who You their half brother was

You were always You, closeness will blind the obvious to our mortal eye

What an honor it would have been, being half brother to “The Son Of God.”


Just Jesus THE Carpenter, who created the Heavens and The Earth

At Your Word trees wither and mountains shake and tremble in fear

The Demons they all know You, They quiver and drop water at Your Name

Just Jesus, please cast away the Demons that rule so many a mans brain

At the Right Hand of The Father, You have always been obedient to His Will

Understanding is the beginning of knowledge, through free choice you love and obey

Through ignorance they crucified a just man, and honest man just simply known as Jesus

The Carpenters Son

Poem: Phoenix Of Baltimore


Tears, felt from the well of the Soul

So sad to lose the young, through such callous hearts

Some yell race, its not as much that as it is immaturity and ego

The Blue needs to pray about the Heart and Soul of the Blue

Cold blooded murder is not okay for me, nor is it for you

Do not blame those who did not defecate upon their profession

For the sins of six do not lose faith in those who protect us with their blood.


Most chose peaceful demonstrations for the innocent shedding of blood

Some among us choose to act out the part of liquored up violent thugs

Many chose to hide their Asses behind masks like cowards so often do

Burn a few cars, loot a few stores, show the world how sincere you are

Doesn’t the Community of Earth deserve accountability from us all

Tears for the fallen, no reason to burn anyone’s neighborhood, even yours

Justice must roll from the bottom to the top or whole generations die by the gun.