Poem About: 30 Years Driving Tractor Tailor Around America


Raised to be factory bait for all my adult daily life

Viewed into peculiar peoples lives, I was bless to know

Mostly hard working, mostly good people, trying to live a life

Heart, mind, and eye, you dared to break free from the assembly line

Minds eye, Geography, History, Real People, real Lives being Lived

18 Wheels, learn the job to see Our Country, stem to stern

It’s not just your job, it is your life, your consuming future

Hard Top high life, seeing Our Country, on the Big Screen

Many type of people, a plethora of life styles, and Races

Core of all people, we are all the same, need the same things


Big Cities, so many rushing about, with really no place to go

Working so hard, just to be back in the same place tomorrow

Freedom of the Wheel, you see life in the fast and the slow

Friendly even way up north, above the Ohio water stripe

Flat lands, Corn, Cattle, Colorado, and the Mississippi

Big Hills, big snows, beautiful landscape, Beasts still roam

In Gold and Silver, Great Parks, just waiting for your boots


Left Coast can produce beautiful life styles, Sunsets, Heaven sent

Beautiful Gulf Coast, Alabama and God’s beautiful Spring Southern Rains

Silver mines galore in those South East Appalachian Foothills of Thrills

Morning wake up in the freezer, noon rains, roasting in an evening desert

Life behind now, by my body, not my truck in the end betrayed me

The Job lets your eyes, ears, and brain take a look around at what is real

30 Years behind the wheel you learn your Country’s Soul, stem to stern!


(Humanity Poem) Culture, Up Bringing, Police, And The Heart

Culture, Up Bringing, Police, And The Heart


Culture is just what it is you say, so no blame here or there, just chance

Dictating life, street life, who to rob, who to cap, gun smoke, not so sweet

Education, Religion, is it really only for the weak who work to get ahead

Staying alive day-to-day, avoiding 5-0 like a plague, give yourself a chance

True, the world can be a cold-cold Witch, Dead behind the Mask we wear

Cuddled in at your own Crib tonight, are you and your family in safety’s bliss

Hate, anger, fear, blood in our streets, God please save us from our selves

Islamic Civil War Is Going On Right Now: Which Side Is Your Government Fighting On

Islamic Civil War Is Going On Right Now: Which Side Is Your Government Fighting On


Look at all the different wars going on right now within countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa, within the Islamic World. ISIS helped bring this obvious situation to light when they set up their own country within the long understood boundaries of the Islamic Shiite countries of Syria and Iraq. As most folks in the wired world know there are two main divisions within Islam, Sunni and Shiite. ISIS is a Sunni group and they seem intent on following the letter of their Islamic laws as they understand them. Groups like al-Qaeda, Hamas, and Boko Haram as well as Nations like Saudi Arabia are also Sunni. If I remember the stats I read while back in school 8-10 yrs ago they said about 80% of the people who believe in Islam, are Sunni, 20% Shiite. Countries like Syria and Iran as well as Terrorist groups like Hezbollah are Shiite. All of the Islamic governments military have mixtures of both in their ranks. It is very plain in Islam that Religion is far more important to many soldiers and ordinary people than their allegiance to a National Flag. If you are a soldier in a combat situation and you totally believe that at least one in five of your comrades will either shoot you in the back, stab you in your sleep, or run away when those seeking to kill you approach, it makes it a very difficult thing to keep a stiff upper lip.



In the country of Yemen on the southern tip of Saudi Arabia there is a proxy war going on right now. A few months ago a Shiite militia in Yemen took over control of the Sunni nation’s government. This Shiite  militia is of course backed by the Shiite powerhouse Iran. Yemen and it’s people are the fodder in this game of thrones. Who will be the winner? Just how far will this fighting continue? This is pretty much a show case of hatred verses hatred. They both want Islam to rule the Earth for Allah by his will for his will. One of their problems is that they can not stand, or in many cases, even tolerate each others existence.


Back to the ISIS situation, the American Government and some of our allies are bombing ISIS locations throughout large swaths of the Shiite countries of Syria and Iraq. All Countries Governments want to govern stable countries from their insides so that they can withstand their enemies from outside their gates. When the Royal Saudi family see time and again the American Government policies turn more in the favor of Shiite Governments the more reason they must have to not trust in us (our Government). Now back to my original question, which side of this Islamic Civil War is your Government fighting on? If your country’s leadership is spending money or blood to help either side, the leadership of these Religion first Governments and groups are being given more fuel for their hatred of us and our Governments. Everything and everyone is looked at in the scope of their Islamic views.


Hate against hate, whichever one wins, they have the same plan, conquer the world for Allah. Folks, that means simply, submit to the will of Allah, or die. There is no intelligence in it for anyone to deny that the world is not right now in the beginning stages of a World at war. World War 3 has started friends, the world that we all grew up in is on its last breaths. All this hatred, so sickening, and so sad, and so very real.