Until Certain Cultures Change Here In The U.S. Things Will Get Only Worse With The Police

Until Certain Cultures Change Their Ideologies Things Will Get Only Worse With The Police


There is a lot of talk these days about how young black folks look at the Police that are in their daily neighborhoods and sometimes in their daily lives. Many choose to make race an issue whether it is a correct statement or not. Being that we are all only human I believe that the chances are some bias/racism is a reality in the overall populace on all sides of this issue. If you live in an area of the country where the Policing Departments Officers think they are aloof of the lowly public, then I do feel sad for you. I know that if We The People have Officers who are immature or with ego problems, or both, they make everyone’s homes less enjoyable and restive, not better. But, in all honesty certain cultures are self promoted as being gangster as the only choice for you as a young person to aspire too. All young people need to be able to believe that if they personally don’t do harm to anyone else that they in turn should be able to live a safe and free existence in our own neighborhoods and homes. If a part of society chooses to not get the best honest education that their own brains and will power can get you in life, that is a huge deterrent to that person. Willingness to get our butts up in the mornings and go to work every single boring day is huge for all of us. Hanging out in the neighborhoods trying to look, or be, big and bad and or cool does draw the attention of Policing Officers, right or wrong it is still a fact. A culture that is teaching people it is okay to be violent or to be a thief or to pull a weapon on an Officer is self-defeating. Peace and decency are what is not, on display. Until this culture of ignorance and evil changes we will all be hearing more and more about people of this younger culture having horrible results when they come into contact with Law Enforcement Officers.


It is a fact that immaturity and massive macho egoism is a cancer within many Law Enforcement Agencies and that these mental and moral sicknesses can only be corrected from the inside of these agencies. We the public can gripe and complain about police brutality every single day of the week but until the mind culture changes from the top down in this career field, nothing will ever get better. It is just as with any individual regardless of their profession. If I as a person keep having negative run in’s with my local police I first need to evaluate my own actions, both in my first contact with an Officer and my reactions to the Officers first actions/reactions to me. Did I act like a fool first, causing the Officer to notice me in the first place? Why did the Officer come toward me in the first place? Do you remember a short-lived slogan a few years back called (WWJD) (what would Jesus do)? I know that a lot of people when they hear the name of Jesus or the word Christian they close their ears from that point on because some people feel that “ain’t no body going to tell me how I should act or how I should be”. But, if all of the worlds people would simply look at and listen to His messages of morality and kindness and then follow them, there would be no violence in this world, none! Unfortunately whole cultures in American society have no interest in forming their daily lives from these teachings of morality and kindness and these evil personalities are embedded in every career field, including Law Enforcement.


Racism just like all other forms of evil are inside some people, including some Police Officers, there is no rational way to deny this reality. Are some cases of police brutality including murder possibly present in our society, my belief is yes, without any doubt. Does the legal system always hold these criminals in Blue accountable for their crimes? No, I totally do not believe they do, as time has proven over and over again that a big part of Law Enforcement’s acts of evil are worsened by evil DA’s and evil Judges. But, does this mean that every time a Cop shoots a person of another race that it was because the person was of another race? I totally believe that only a person who themselves are totally racists could believe something that ignorant. I totally believe that Law Enforcement’s problem Nation wide is not a race issue, it is a maturity and ego issue as well as the need for all Police Agencies to be strongly policed themselves as well as the individuals who are Lawyers, DA’s, and the Judges.

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