Bill Nye Is Only Half Insane

Bill Nye Is Only Half Insane


This title is obviously just my opinion of Mr Nye, I do not know the man and I have never met him. My opinion is simply formed by articles I have read on the net where his opinions were down in print. Do I believe that I am smarter than Mr Nye, no I don’t. But in some areas of science and faith (which he seems to have none at all) I know for a fact that I am wiser than he is. I do not blame him or anyone else really for their distorted views on the earths and our creation. The reason for that is simple, I do not personally know of any Christian or Jewish faith that seems to understand the beginning of the first book of the Bible (Genesis). I believe that it was the Apostle Paul who wrote that all people should study (the Scriptures) daily so that we can be a workman that need not be ashamed for our lack of knowledge. As it is also written that when a person is preaching/teaching you that the Scriptures say we should all read/check to see if the things we are being taught it correct or not. Do we ever question our Church leaders about what we hear from the pulpit? How many Christians never or almost never go to Church services or if we do, how many follow the Preachers message in the Bible as he/she is talking? How many people who say we are Christians do not even own one single Bible? If we do own one at home do we even know where we stored it? How many folks could gag from the dust accumulated on its cover?


In a recent National Geographic News article Mr Nye was quoted as saying that “evolution is undeniable and creationism is insane”. I respect the man’s position because it is given through a total lack of knowledge of what the Scriptures say. I had this same conversation with Carl Sagen back in 1991 in person when we met in Madison Wisconsin after a speech he gave there. In the discussion he asked me how someone who is as studied (in Scripture) as I am could possibly believe that there is a God that created all things. I asked him how someone who is so knowledgeable and so intelligent could possibly not believe in a Supreme Being (God). If we could only get the churches and the synagogues to open their eyes to the words they read so blindly then maybe, maybe there would be a “coming to Jesus (God) moment” when our eyes begin to see and understand what is there and what isn’t said. There is so much information in the first two chapters of the book of Genesis, it covers several billion human years, NOT just seven human days. The seven human day theory is as Mr Nye says “insane”. Another term would also be “just plain ignorant”. Now saying that someone is ignorant of something by no means is a slap at the person, ignorant just simply means lacking knowledge of a certain event.


By faith I am a devout fundamentalist Christian yet I totally believe that our universe and this planet began with the big bang that science believes that it did. I also do believe in evolution, to a certain point. What I do mean by evolution is in the evolving of the human race. Evolving such as the phasing out of one group of humans as they assimilate into another culture such as in how the Neanderthals bred into a slightly more evolved group of humans thus phasing out their race. Breeding a race out of existence is nothing new to humans it has been going on for a long long time. An example would be like the American government back in the late 1800’s when political and military opinion was to wipe out the Native Indian people’s. You kill all the males and then bred with the females. In just a very few generations of mixing blood the American Indian people would have only been in a few history books. Some evolution cycles throughout history have been forced but most were of nature weeding out the sick and the stupid.


One of the first things that people need to do when we seek knowledge that is given through the Scriptures is to pray first before we study and that (studying) needs to be a daily part of our lives just like setting aside a few moments a day for prayer should be an automatic for us. When we read Scripture we need to do it with an open mind, not a mindset of trying to prove a “Church doctrine” to be the Truth. If people pay attention to the words written down in the first two chapters of the Bible you should notice very plainly that there are two “human” creations. This understanding of this fact is very helpful in understanding that the seven human days of creation are not at all correct. God most of the time speaks what He wishes done, then puts the building blocks into place to then form His wishes into existence.


Time is the issue here in the argument that Mr Nye puts forth in his argument about creationism and he is correct on that issue. People need to understand time differences, they exist all around us but we humans choose to not understand. Look at the other planets that revolve around our Sun, check out each planets length of a day, they all differ from each other. Look at different living creatures on our own planet, dogs, cats, starfish, seahorses, the list is very long, look how long their life cycles are. To these other creatures of God’s hands, do you think a dog realizes that his ratio is different from ours? Why can’t we humans realize that our time is different from Gods time even when the Scriptures tell us pointedly of this fact? Until people who believe that the Bible is the Word of God and starts reading/studying it with an open mind, not one that is predetermined by a Church Doctrine our eyes will never be opened to the understanding of what God is telling all of us. Until we do this as a Nation and as a World People then there will always be this ignorant discussion like the one Mr Nye uses when he shows us all his lack of knowledge concerning God, God’s Word, and Time it’s self. But to his defense he is in an argument with people who are lacking the understanding of the very issue they are using to make their argument with in the first place!

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