Police Violence Is Not Always About Race

Police Violence Is Not Always About Race

(This Article Was First Published On December 14th Of 2014)

Today I see the news where it is said 25,000 people marched today in NYC against police violence. I agree with marching and complaining against police violence if that is what is in your heart to do, and as long as you yourself stay nonviolent. But I ask you one thing, why? Are you a non white person who thinks it is all about white cops against your particular minority? Cops against all minorities? Or do you feel that Cops turn to violence way to quickly when no violence was needed, or at least far less physical expenditure should have been used? Could the police have used a stun gun instead of a bullet? Could the police person have shot someone in the arm or shoulder instead of the torso?


The fear factor, the safety factor toward a Police Officer, theirs toward us the general public, and ours toward them. Any time a person is in the presence of a Police Officer most people are aware that our whole life could change on the spot if the Officer is one of those folks who think they are part of a “Para Military Organization”, as I have heard some Sheriffs refer to themselves. When the Police are trying to imitate Marine Corps M.P.’s wearing BDU’s, combat boots, and Drill Sargent hats, we the people of that area know that our freedom and our bank account are always in peril. For this type of personality, in my opinion is extremely immature and childish at best. How can anyone be totally trusted if they have that state of personality?


Police Departments know very well that their image is not good world wide. You  (Officers) must police yourselves and get rid of those within your ranks who think they are God, those who have violent, hateful, or racist personalities. You must get rid of those who you know are dirty and you must get rid of those who are to scared to do your job safely. You have one of the toughest jobs in America today but you yourselves make it worse on yourselves when you don’t Police yourselves first. If the public in general are afraid of you, that is a really bad thing for you, not a good thing. If people can trust you and you present yourselves as polite professional human beings in your encounters with the public, most all of the public will be the same with you. Violence does beget violence, this is a truth now just the same as it was 4,000 years ago. Accidents do happen that is simply part of the human equation. Accidents happen to humans whether we are driving a car, a tractor trailer, or a Cruiser. Accidents are easier for the public to understand when they do happen, if the public believes that you are always honorable and truthful in your daily lives with them. When the public does not trust you, you are digging your own hole, causing your own wars and there is no excuse for that level of immaturity among you in that profession.


Racism is a cancer, it is whether we are a truck driver, an office worker, factory worker, or a Cop. When I was driving a tractor trailer unit for a living I knew it was a fact that if anyone of us drivers made a mistake or an overt aggressive move that we stuck out like a neon light. Then we also become easy targets for media who must find things to write about each and every day if they wish to keep their jobs. The same is true of everyone in your profession. As you know, one Police Officer from Hickville Tennessee can make a mistake in how they handled a call and in 30 minutes the whole wired world knows their face and their name. Worse, they gave your profession another bloody nose. If it is believed by your constituents that the Officers violent response was in anyway due to race your whole profession takes another body blow. If you know that a member of your department is racist toward any persons you must, if you wish to have any actual integrity, fire that person from your ranks. That person is a terminal cancer to you personally and to your chosen profession, get rid of them now, for your own sake.


I personally do not believe that most Cops nation wide are racist people, I do not believe that at all. There is the obvious reality that there are millions of people in our country that are very racist, who are very violent thus almost useless human beings, of every race. Our society, our culture as some wish to refer to it, says it is okay for us or our kids to steel from stores and it is okay for us to act violently when stopped by a store employee or a Police Officer. Many believe that it is okay to be mouthy with an Officer when they stop you for something as minor as robbery. Many believe it is okay to not obey their commands when told to do things like “put your hands up where I can see them”. Instead it’s okay to do stupid things like reach in your pockets instead, then when you get shot, if the Cop was from another race, then you have thousands who will jump on the race bandwagon, mainly because they themselves are racist and see everything in terms of color of skin (in my opinion).


We as a human culture must police ourselves. To me this has to start in the home, if the home teaches the children to be race oriented and to hate all police, “because all Police are racist pigs”, guess how that child is going to grow up thinking. If we as a human culture teach our children hate by race, they will most likely grow up to be hate filled racist grownups. Some people are racist hate filled persons, I do not believe that our society will ever mature past this evil. We must all be realistic, there are hate filled people in absolutely every profession, even the Clergy has many offenders. That there are racist Cops should be no surprise but this is where Law Enforcement Agencies absolutely have to Police their own and get rid of these bad apples from their profession. I am a 58 year old white male who has been stopped by and or questioned by Police officers all over the country and I have not once ever felt racism toward me by any Officer. I have been screwed over by crooked Cops in several places around the country but it was always about money or their personal ego power trips (which I also consider a human cancer), it was never ever about race. Please don’t say something ignorant or just plain stupid like “well he’s probably only been pulled over by white Cops”, I hope you are not that racist, ignorant or just plain stupid to believe something like that.


The bottom line is guys and ladies who wear the Badge, police yourselves more thoroughly and more and more of the general public will support you. Most everyone, except those making a financial living promoting race anger are sick to death of race being an issue within our society. Your profession as Law Enforcement Officers must do everything in your human power to excommunicate racist people from your Department, no matter what color that racist person happens to be. Cleansing of the Soul, the body, or the profession must be preformed from the head down. Personally I am totally, completely mentally sick and tired of race being an issue in our society. Until we morally cleanse ourselves of this evil our Nation will never heal and the blood on the ground will be called in testament of our age on our Judgement Day before God.

3 thoughts on “Police Violence Is Not Always About Race

  1. Hello Ted, I´m Spanish but have live half of my early life in the U.S and is the greatest country there is, if I could go back I wouldn´t think blink twice before deciding. I do follow the news through the American channels we have here.

    For me is quite simple, you now have a black president, when Mr.O was elected he had 70% approval? something like that it was high. So there is no systematic racism, but there is a systematic politicians including Mr. O now, that they benefit from pinning people against each other. Then you have the Al Sharpton´s of the world, that without the race card they would be out of a job. So the more they they push the agenda of black “victims” the better for them and the worst for the black community.

    Why don´t they focus on the core thing like blacks are killed in far larger number in the thousands, by other blacks because of gangs, or why such a high percentage of the black population comes from broken families, normally the father is missing in action. They keep perpetuating the myth that blacks are victims and they are not. Have they been? Yes, and they should learn the history and see or hear by their parents what they had gone through during those times. But as of the year 2014 if your a victim is because you want to be a victim. I can give you countless examples of black people who I consider to be good friends that have grown up in the “getto” which really is term that will make a Jew cringe, and have gone against the current of their social circle through hard self discipline, and hard work. Not that they are rich, but they make good living and can provide for their family, maybe not gold but food on the table, a roof, and some money to spare. So if you are black and you consider yourself a victim is because of your own choice, I can guarantee you that if a company sees an applicant one is white and the other is black and the black makes more money for the company than the white they will get the black person.

    And talking from personal experience, I grew up in a poor town in Spain where drug dealers where right out of my house, fights and knifes flying day in and day out and I managed to get out of here. Then I screwed it up but that´s a whole other story. So I believe in the individual, and self responsibility.


    1. Most certainly you have the right to have a different opinion than what I do. I do totally disagree with you on the issue. It appears that you are a person who ALWAYS puts race first, that is a very ignorant racist view without any doubt. A long time ago I was an Illinois State officer, I have known several officers from all around America and I know for absolute surety that your racist views are both evil (as all racism is) and lacking in knowledge. The things that have happened to you to cause you to feel this way are sad events. All people must take extreme care not to become that which they hate, it does appear that you have steeped over that line. Before you die I do pray that your Soul changes it’s views about race and hatred. Either way, I do wish you the best in life, and after this life, God bless.


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